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** You may exercise your own judgement in following some of cure mentioned in all my blog posts **




In the end of 20th Century, the healthcare politics became uglier. When they saw people going to NATURAL or ALTERNATE METHODS of cure; they got worried about losing PATIENTS and thus business. Normally when going to alternate methods of cure, patients are advised to follow both natural methods along with allopath meds so that drugs or meds are removed gradually as patients progressed during natural cure methods. It looks like the only way to prevent this was to invent drugs that would not let patients go away even when they followed other forms of cure. So they came out with this INHIBITOR CLASS OF DRUGS which would block certain action of logical functioning thus causing REBOUND whenever the meds were stopped. Thus in case of ACID BLOCKERS when the meds stopped it caused ACID REBOUND. Similarly in case of DIABETES the meds like DPP-4 caused BLOOD SUGAR ROLLER COASTER when the diabetes meds were stopped. What this means is that the drugs were causing the VERY PROBLEM for which they were being administered whenever someone tried to quit them. These REBOUNDS (acid rebound in case of GP/acid reflux, sugar rebound in case of diabetes, common cold rebound in case of cold medicines) made sure that the disease went deep inside to the cellular levels thus making it difficult to quit these meds.

This REBOUND worried the patients who were trying to follow the alternate form of cure and most of patients chose to come back to good old allopath way of treatment as meds made sure that these patients cannot quit them thus serving the very need for which purpose these types of meds were created.

With GASTRO PARESIS they created business for installing G/J tube, Gastric pacemakers, feeding tube, NISSEN fundoplication surgeries to tighten the valve at end of oesophagus, Total Parental Nutrition administration, and finally major surgeries involving shortening of stomach and colon. Also regular doses of very costly motility & PPI class of drugs which do not work. None of this was required if only ONE COULD STOP ACID BLOCKERS CLASS OF DRUGS (PPI).

Same is with DIABETES and Common Cold meds. The disease is MANAGED till they have graduated to more complex ending in either kidney failure & amputations in case of DIABETES and ASTHMA in case of common cold.

Also one shall ask a VERY COMMON SENSE question to oneself. Why do the Pharmaceuticals come out with DRUGS THAT CURE when the DISEASE IS LIFE THREATENING? They came out with cure for POLIO, CHICKEN POX, and SWINE FLU etc.  This was probably for reason that if the patients die then they do not get benefitted, similarly with chicken pox and polio they did not want to see entire generation either deformed or ugly looking so they decided to come out with cure for these. But when it came to COMMON COLD, DIABETES, GASTRO PARESIS the pharmaceuticals decided to come out with MANAGING THE DISEASE type of LINE OF TREATMENT. The evil logic behind this is easy to understand. If mankind can survive with just a management of disease it makes a good COMMERCE SENSE to them (although very EVIL). As long as you are deformed from inside due to bad drugs it was okay to them. For PHARMACEUTICALS it is all about where to PROVIDE CURE and WHERE NOT TO. Yes; THE PHARMA’s are capable of providing CURE but choose NOT TO in the name of commerce with certain diseases.

Doctors are taught to follow LINE OF TREATMENT for a particular ailment as decided by medical system; which in most cases is faulty and designed to progress the issue. It is probably difficult for doctors to go against the medical program they are supposed to follow, when dealing with an ailment. My belief is that doctors know the perils of the treatment they are executing but cannot do much about it as they must follow medical ethics as decided by their system rather than what their conscience tells them. Medical care is designed in most cases to progress the issue by managing it till it became chronic and leading to surgeries which benefit the system.

So how do you survive this evil? I suppose only way out is to be an INFORMED PATIENT and take a bold step to come out of these drugs by following rigid detox methods that are created for each of the disease mentioned above (Acid Cleanse for GP, Sugar Cleanse for Diabetes). Follow a very rigid HEALTHY EATING lifestyle along with NATURAL or ALTERNATE methods of cure. If you are persistent and disciplined you would be still able to quit these meds. While in AYURVEDA, PRANAYAM or YOGA of BREATHING EXERCISES is very efficient method of curing MOST CHRONIC diseases along with healthy eating lifestyle.




For now I am a Graduate in BSc. (Major in Chemistry) and have a Post graduate diploma in computer science. This is just to inform you that I do possess a LOGICAL mind and when struggling through my Gastro Paresis (GP) where I almost lost my entire stomach but could recover back only because of my research and trace back abilities.

At the Age of 43 I went through lots of changes that included entering in to arena (Medical Issues) which was unfamiliar to me. I understood how it feels to have to go through intense pain caused by medical problems that one faces. Till age of 43 I had never been even through a simple blood test, but now was facing several issues at one time causing my health to deteriorate. The internet did come to my help and I decided to return back the favour by putting my own experience and cure that I could find on all my issues. I have resolved most of my medical issues with some help from doctors and most by some self-therapy and lots of help from Internet on similar issues. Most of these issues were caused by sudden change in emotional response to particular situation, as if I had suddenly forgotten to give a regular response to a ordinary issues. I also realized that our body has several subconscious processes like Breathing, gulping etc. which we would do subconsciously without even thinking about it, but when these processes were brought in consciousness they started becoming   a big issue. Off course i brought them back to subconscious state to get rid of issue. I have listed   what all i went through and how i overcame them. Hope this helps those who are still going through the pain of dealing with them. As of now I have Zero (0) issues.














** You may exercise your own judgement in following some of cure mentioned in all my blog posts **



11 Responses to About Myself

  1. sammi says:

    need help regarding this dysmotilitty….i m continously taking prokinetics….need to chat with you on fb or smewhere else….my email id is sammiyusuf@mail.com
    plzz contact.thankyou!

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Sammi
      As you know I am not a doctor but a patient who just happen to shared his story. Triphala is a good motility herb and I have used that instead of Allopathic kinetic drugs. I found that It is very important to go off PPI class of drugs for the cure to work. Instead use light vegan diet to bring the cure in long run. Please read my blog and try to understand mechanism right.

  2. sammi says:

    do add me thr

  3. Bob Boyer says:

    I just posted an update on my progress to your blog as you asked. I signed with my actual name Bob Boyer.
    but I was thinking you know me online by my screen name which is Steve1070.
    hoping to avoid confusion. thanks

  4. Sunil says:

    The PPI you took has causes stored acids in your system and they need to be cleared to get permanent relief. One of the things these drugs for diabetes, acid reflux, pain killers do is that they slow down your stomach and if you have acidic food lifestyle then the released acids for digestion get accumulated thus causing acidosis or stored acids. You must try to get off these medications as soon as possible to get permanent relief. Diabetes, Gastro Paresis is curable in AYURVEDA so I would suggest you to find nearest Ayurveda center. Or otherwise JUST FOLLOW MY RECOVERY POST Thanks

  5. nitin says:

    Dear Sir
    Great to see you ,
    Even I suffered from lpr ,joints pain , and host of other diseases at the same time. I went to all sorts of allopathic doctors , but they were not of much help , until my uncle , himself a doctor , asked to do stomach toning exercises , ultimately , I was saved by Baba Ramdev Yoga , symptoms started getting better with a week , and soon It was the turning point of my life,
    I knew about kapalbhati since last 15 years , from high school , Solution was so close to me , yet I didnt adopt it .
    Today , I realize that thousands of years back , our ancestors knew more about physiology , then modern doctors of western medicine .
    The western medicine success in polio , antibiotics etc is because of noble scientists efforts of universities, and state govt laboratories , to benefit mankind , but the modern medicines of diabetes , acidity , cancer etc is through corporate pharma laboratories , whose topmost objective is to make money even at the cost of human health , Very senior doctors know this , they would not give those medicines to their children , which they give to their patients .
    Great to see you , i shall study all your blogs , which would be great learning ,

  6. vijay says:

    Hi Sunil,

    This is Vijay, I have been reading your blog and found it extremely useful. I need your guidance and it will be really helpful for me If I can discuss with you and you provide me your contact details ..email … contact no should be fine. Waiting for your reply.

  7. Sunil says:

    OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) is nothing but a repetitive action performed under stress of a particular anxiety and panic situation). OCD are a perceived (I call them as fake actions) symptom of an underlying problem that causes anxiety and thus subsequent OCD; meaning OCD actually DO NOT EXISTS IF YOU DO NOT PERFORM THEM.
    One way to deal with this logical OCD is to cure underlying cause but what if that underlying cause is Untreatable or takes long time to resolve?
    Does it mean you have to live with perception or fake actions (ocd) created by underlying cause forever?
    Fortunately we can separate OCD that are performed under any physical or logical trauma. So although that physical or logical trauma will remain BUT WE WILL train our self NOT TO PERFORM that OCD under any cause.

    AGAIN OCD are of 2 types:
    1) PHYSICAL OCD (where OUR BODY perform a physical [any part of body is used to perform this action] repetitive reaction under stress)
    2) LOGICAL OCD (Where BRAIN performs some repetitive action)
    When dealing with anxiety and Panic attacks I have come to following conclusion on how to resolve them. Following happens when we go through anxiety and panic situations:

    1) Any occurrence of a continuous trauma causes OCD; meaning we begin to perform an repetitive action (OCD) which is harmful to us.
    2) It is this OCD that keeps the underlying problem not only alive but also threatens our daily life.
    3) Any anxiety issues could be resolved if you were able to CURE THE UNDERLYING CAUSE that causes anxiety issues.
    But what If underlying cause is untreatable or not known? Does it mean you live with problem for life?
    4) The only way to RESOLVE THIS OCD in case of unknown underlying cause or resolution of underlying problem that causes anxiety is to do exactly opposite of what it is making us do.
    OCD are resolved when YOU STOP PERFORMING THAT OCD.
    4) What this means is that you RESOLVE THE OCD despite the underlying problem of anxiety still present as form of some health issue.
    5) PHYSICAL OCD are easy to resolved as all you have to do is NOT PERFORM that PHYSICAL ACTION that underlying stress or anxiety is asking you to perform. Just few cancellation of that OCD under rigid self-resolution that “I WILL NOT PERFORM THIS OCD NO MATTER WHAT” will resolve the trauma.
    6) LOGOCAL OCD are different as in this case YOUR BRAIN IS PERFORING SOME ACTIONS as a result of some underlying cause for example in case of tinnitus the OCD in the form of continuous buzzing sound which takes different shapes is performed by BRAIN. No matter what but this is a LOGICAL OCD ( no body part is used to perform actions) performed by brain which is perceived or fake as I call it which is the result of underlying cause which is either hearing loss or a hyperacousis caused by loud noises.

    IN case of TINNTUS any CONTINUOUS AUDIO or LOUD NOISES TRIIGER THE LOGICAL OCD (continuous buzzing sound).
    One way to deal with this logical OCD is to cure underlying cause of hearing loss or hyperacousis, but what if that underlying cause is untreatable or takes long time to resolve?
    Does it mean you must live with perception or fake actions created by Brain forever?

    Fortunately we can separate OCD that are performed under any physical or logical trauma. So although that physical or logical trauma will remain BUT WE WILL train our self NOT TO PERFORM that OCD under any cause.
    LOGICAL OCD are resolved using a formula “LOOK AWAY METHOD”, meaning that you have to look far away from your body and start looking at any physical objects that you see around you. Normally when we tell people to “IGNORE THE REPETITIVE trauma that is produced by BRAIN” and we achieve this “IGNORING” by “LOOK AWAY METHOD”.

    So now in a particular situation that you will start to look away from your body and any object that surrounds you. Look at FAN. Look at any corner of wall. Look at any trees that you can see outside windows.
    That means in case of tinnitus when a continuous buzzing sounds starts there are 2 ways to resolve it:
    1) Use a voice cancellation EARMUFF and cover your ear with it. You will NOTICE that feeding silence lowers the continuity of sound finally stopping it after a while.
    2) Apply LOOK AWAY METHOD as described above.

  8. Sunil says:

    Healthcare Industry and their EVIL MODEL
    I respect this profession but my personal experience says that people are being poisoned to create ailments. Recently I went for a ear wax removal and in return have got TINNITUS which is NON CURABLE FOR LIFE. 5 years back I went for acidity issue and in turn was prescribed PPI which made my acidity permanent and was told by doctors that these pills are now my friends for life. Only after lots of research and taking help of ayurveda I got cured of this hyper-acidity or gastroparesis which was brought about and made permanent by use of acid blockers.

    The profession of healthcare however sacred has been designed to manage the symptoms and NOT PROVIDE cure. I have ample proofs of this if anyone want to debate.Sorry I have respect for this profession but at the same time EVIL lurking in this profession is clearly visible to me.

    For last 25 years they blamed my cold cough issues on POOR IMMUNITY. After I came to know about breathing exercises and following them, now it turns out that it was a wrong breathing pattern that was causing this cold cough issues. I do not cold cough now for several months. Before I used to get cold cough once every week. All i had to was follow a particular breathing exercise and I was cured. THE BULLSHIT ABOUT IMMUNITY was used to brainwash or to put people like us on PILLS for life.
    I used to look at beggars and homeless people who had no food to eat but had better immunity 😦 I knew then that immunity was never the reason for my cold cough issues. MY point was that a homeless person who does not have good food to eat and does not have cold cough issues can not have better immunity than me. In fact NOW I DO NOT BELIEVE anything they(doctors) say to me, I just follow my research.

    Similarly there are few other ailments I have researched and got rid of completely. This profession by and large has turned into evil and I have enough data to prove that.

    For me, I follow a clear thumb rule. Go to doctors for immediate relief only, but then I take help of Ayurveda and personal research to take care of issue in long run.

    In fact several times I have pointed out that apart from LEGAL TERRORISM, and other terrorism that engulfs us …we still have not even raised this issue of MEDICAL TERRORISM yet and once that is taken up and dealt with the WORLD WILL BE REALLY a beautiful place to live. All their LINE OF TREATMENTS are based on MANAGING THE SYMPTOMS and NOT PROVIDING CURE and this is being done deliberately in the name of commerce.

    Metformin is your boarding pass to DIABETES and subsequent kidney failures. Acid Blockers (PPI) are your boarding pass to Hyperacidity and subsequent gastro paresis. More recently I have learnt that drops that they give you to soften up ear-wax are actually designed to bring hearing loss and and subsequent wax removal may cause HYPERACOUSIS and further hearing loss and TINNITUS. Just ask them(medical fraternity) that of all the healthy oils available WHY THEY USE TURPENTINE OIL in wax softening drops which have side effects of causing spasm, airways blockages and many other symptoms.
    Like I said they are trying to create medical customers and their model is evil.

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