Last Updated: 20 Feb 2016.



Following TEXT in this blog is basically collection of various information and important points related to rebuilding /preventing formation of tooth cavities with natural ways.  As always, I suggest that one must use necessary precautions and follow their own judgement when doing or performing some steps mentioned in this blog. I have only listed steps that I have performed for getting rid of sensitive tooth and rebuild tooth cavity. In Ayurveda we use FOOD as MEDICINE and most of time is able rebuild what was lost because of long time misuse of harmful food lifestyle.




Enjoy too many acid-rich foods and drinks and you could erode the outer covering of your teeth, called enamel, and expose the tender layer beneath, called dentin. Don’t want to give up these tart favourites? Cut the acid with a piece of cheese or glass of milk after eating. Decay, like this cavity, exposes the root of your tooth to a host of irritants: hot, cold, sweets, even air. The best ways to battle decay and keep your teeth in top form are to practice good oral hygiene, eat right, and see your dentist regularly.

Brushing regularly will clear away food residue and starve the bacteria, keeping its growth in check. In the absence of brushing, the carbohydrates that linger the longest can cause the most damage. The real cause of tooth decay is the deficiency of vital nutrients fat-soluble vitamins A D E K, calcium; phosphorus, potassium and other minerals. Also FLUORIDE may prevent RE-MINERALIZATION of tooth cavities that is why fluoride toothpaste must be avoided to enable REMINERALIZATION of tooth during the repair process.



Dried Clove seeds/buds, Black Sesame seeds (contain minerals required for remineralisation), HERBAL / AYURVEDIC / NATURAL TOOTH PASTE, Wheatgrass powder for swishing mouth for 2 -3 weeks, Regular MILK & CHEESE without sugars. You must avoid acid forming food like MEAT, SUGAR, and processed foods during repair process.



STEPS to recovery:


  • For next several weeks swish your mouth with wheatgrass powder added to water (1tsp added to water). If you are swishing then throw this water away after each swish. You may also use Apple cider vinegar added water for swishing.
  • It is SALIVA that will bring minerals to the teeth so chew or eat black sesame seeds after finishing every meal or snack. SESAME seeds are very alkaline and help create alkaline environment in mouth thus preventing DE-MINERALIZATION of teeth. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH ALKALINE DURING REPAIR PROCESS hence eating sesame seeds after every meal or snack is very important step for next few months. Always keep a jar of black sesame / cloves seeds handy to be used after every meal or snack. Just 1 small TSP of sesame seeds or 3-4 cloves is enough after every meal.
  • Also chew and eat Clove seed (3-4, at least 3 times a day) after every major meal for next several months. This is to prevent bacterial infusion of teeth’s.
  • You may also cut the acid in mouth with a piece of cheese or glass of milk after eating.
  • USE NATURAL toothpaste like Earth Toothpaste, vicco vajradanti or any other AYURVEDIC or HERBAL toothpaste which does not have fluoride as fluoride may prevent remineralisation as per available studies.
  • The idea is to keep environment in mouth ALKALINE after every meal so eating sesame seeds and cloves after meal is a important step in preventing demineralisation of teeth’s and preventing cavities in future.

Tooth Pastes I googled: natural brands such as Earthpaste, Desert Essence, Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste Dr. Bronner’s toothpaste line (please verify that they are natural toothpastes and do not contain fluorides). vicco vajradanti / Himalaya / Patanjali / Dabur from India brands toothpastes.

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