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Yes, as I have mentioned before that we are acidity prone Individuals hence food that require lots of acid release (Red meat, it must be banned for life for acidity prone persons) must be avoided. I had avoided it (Red meat) for more than2 years but recently gave in to temptation and started eating 2-3 portions whenever I had chance. Eventually I had a lot of Red meat one day (7-8 pieces) and that did it. I was back to same feeling of burning pain in abdomen and it became reality that DEVIL had caught me again and I must now pay the price. But since I had the program ready I instead caught the devil by head and came out of it in just flat 2 weeks, which was the fastest recovery time knowing fully well that it took months last 2 times to recover. But I am a man of 100% discipline so that always gets me out of trickiest situations that I face in life.

What Happened


I knew that I had done wrong by eating too much red meat so kept a watch. By 5-6 hours after meal burning pain in stomach started which was a sign that the sensitive area (leaky gut area) in my stomach has opened up again and is now signalling a coming ACIDOSIS.

The symptoms were clear, first thing it did was to consume electrolytes (alkaline reserves) to maintain PH level, which made me feel fatigued and drowsy and also the resulting stress slowed the stomach down signalling I cannot eat heavy foods. The stomach that is slowed will cause acid release as soon as it senses that the food is NOT MOVING and if you had no meat and just carbohydrates and fats as meal, entire load of acids will need to neutralized which will consume ELECTROLYTES from your body making you feel weak and fatigued.

Remember, acids are needed to digest PROTEIN but if your food did not contain PROTEIN (Meat) the acid release (which would not have happened if stomach was NOT SLOWED down) will cause ACID INDIGESTION meaning Acids have got released in absence of protein (meat) thus to neutralize so much acids (which would have otherwise be consumed by meat in normal situations) alkaline reserves (electrolytes) are consumed on daily basis making you fatigued and weak all along.

So if you think why NOT HAVE meat with all meals? Well this is a Paradox situation for you. Your Leaky stomach will not survive if acid is released frequently to digest the protein and hence you must avoid eating meat. And to avoid acid release during other meal you must EAT MEAL that is LIGHT, VEGETARIAN and is cooked on slow flame for less than 8 minutes or just eat boiled meal so that it is light to stomach and can move easily.

Then why do people with NO LEAKY GUT also suffer with high acidity? This is because of ACID REBOUND effect of PPI (ACID BLOCKER medicine) that you took that has created a lot of ACID WASTE in your body system thus slowing down stomach. Once stomach slows down it causes ACID RELEASE after meal because it assumes that since FOOD is NOT MOVING acid must be released to destroy the food.

In fact when ACIDOSIS struck; the first one week the meal shall be just boiled without even a TRACE of oil, with lots of CAYENNE pepper to heal the burned part of stomach. Also L GLUTAMINE powder along with MULTIPLE AMINO ACIDS powder to heal the gut which would take at least 7-10 days.

Steps I took to immediate remedy


  1. 2 TSP of baking soda dissolved in water immediately after sensing burning pain in stomach. Also drink COLD MILK WITHOUT SUGAR to sooth stomach.
  2. Next if you are NAUSEATED and cannot eat food despite hunger, HAVE CAROM SEED’s boiled water. This shall take away NAUSEA soon.
  3. A quick dosage of ELECTROLYTE to cure fatigue and drowsiness.
  4. Stopped all intake of tea coffee or anything that will stimulate stomach.
  5. Immediately switched to BOILED VEGAN FOOD (boiled RICE/plain yogurt MOSTLY avoiding all kinds of flour).This Veg food must be prepared on low flame and shall not contain even a trace of cooking oil for first one week. Avoid curried food here.
  6. Take steps to cleanse the ACID WASTE by having daily twice Wheat grass powder in water , Black Raisins soaked water (Soaked for 8-10 hours) , 1 TSP Cayenne pepper water to heal the stomach of all ACID WASTE.
  7. All snacking MUST BE ALKALINE only beet, carrot, cucumber etc.
  8. L GLUTAMINE Pure powder and also MULTIPLE AMINO ACIDS powder in water TWICE A DAY to enable fast healing of stomach along with cayenne pepper with water.
  9. Sprinkle ORGANIC SALTS like Black salt/ Pink Himalayan salts and Red Chillies powder on all meals for faster healing and drain acid waste.
  10. TRIPHLA (HIMALAYA brand is my choice) AFTER EVERY MEAL to cleanse stomach of acid waste and support MOTILITY which is now affected as stomach is stressed after a lots of burning due to acids. The TRIPHLA is initially hard on stomach and you may feel that it is causing acidity but that is not the case.
  11. After 7-10 days you would have started on regular Vegetarian meals slowly increasing STRONG food contents. You must gradually add strong content in food.
  12. Food can now be cooked with 1-2 TSP oil if required after 1st week of eating light food.
  13. Strictly avoid SUGAR, MEAT, PROCESSED FOOD, and FRIED FOOD. All other strong food like white flour must be gradually added to meal. Fried food shall be tried one BITE at a time till your stomach is able to accept it without any stress.
  14. MEAT to be avoided for next 8-12 weeks. RED MEAT MUST BE BANNED FOR LIFE. I have learnt that sticking to moderate eating of RED MEAT in real life IS NOT POSSIBLE and you do not want to take chance of ACIDOSIS RETURNING again.
  15. For me after 3’rd time I have learnt my lesson and have banned the RED MEAT FOR LIFE.

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  1. Seeme says:

    Hi Sunil

    Thanks for writing this. I wonder is it okay for you to eat chicken and fish still? Can you have tea, coffee? Alcohol? Can your digestive system handle those foods? Also, I think it is great that you write about acidity/acidosis as there is so little written about it on the internet, in general.

    I tired your ‘lemon detox’ yesterday (lemon juice + cayenne pepper + warm water). It worked like magic though I felt my stomach burnt a little after taking it – which scared me at first, but then it passed.

    Many thanks


    • Sunil says:

      Seeme, All types of meat shall be avoided during recovery. Also anything that stimulates stomach shall be avoided too. So if you have sensitive stomach you must avoid tea coffee alcohol till recovery. In general if you followed the program 100% you would be able to eat everything in say 12-16 week but meat must be had with few days gap and only in grilled, roasted or boiled form only strictly avoiding red meat for ever.
      I would suggest you to read blog multiple times and then decide what is the best recourse for you. I am sorry I can not answer your several queries as it is in practice not possible for me to respond to so many queries to so many people as this is just an extra burden I have taken up apart from my regular busy life. Please take your decisions and be responsible for them. Thanks

  2. Sunil says:

    *** How to survive without PPI when prescribed by DOCTORS ***
    Okay; Whether you like it or NOT your doctor may prescribe PPI /H2 Blockers(Acid Blockers) along with Pain Killers drugs or whenever there was some sort of surgery etc. But; as we know that they (PPI) are the worst kind of drugs and cause Acid Rebounds and worst type of acidity issues along with slow stomach (Gastro Paresis); so How do we ask Doctors NOT to PRESCRIBE THESE?
    Look; If you fight with your doctor or argue with them, they may find an excuse NOT TO TREAT you any-more.
    So the best way to handle this situation is as follows:-
    1) You may REQUEST your doctor NOT TO PRESCRIBE PPI/H2 Blockers and INSTEAD ASK THEM to prescribe ANTACIDS; and your excuse would be that your are ALLERGIC TO PPI & H2 Blockers or they don’t suit you.
    2) Let DOCTORS prescribe PPI & H2 blockers but you would either ignore purchasing them or have option NOT TO USE. This way you avoid all sorts of fights or differences on this subject with your doctor. You may use ANTACIDS INSTEAD.
    3) But NOT TAKING PPI or H2 Blockers does NOT MEAN that you do not need to take care of your prevailing situation. Look; Doctors prescribed these drugs for a REASON and you are going to avoid these for certain reason and it does not mean that you do not take care of this situation through other means. Use of Painkillers may cause ACIDITY and that’s why these PPI are prescribed by doctors.
    YOU MUST USE NATURAL means to avoid acidity issues during this period (as prescribed for PPI) and use either or all of the method like having Coconut water, Organic Sea Salt / Black salt /Himalayan salt WATER, Baking soda dissolved in water, (NOT BAKING POWDER), COLD MILK [without sugar] every few hours in a day.
    4) Also during this period when your are on Painkillers and antibiotics you must be ONLY ON ALKALINE FOOD (Quickly prepared VEGAN Food).
    Never consume MEAT & Sugar during this period to avoid acidity issues (duration as prescribed for PPI / H2 blockers).

  3. Sunil says:

    pH10Max Alkaline Water Drops | Infused with Natural Alkaline Trace Minerals & Fruit Extracts | Electrolyte pH Booster | Helps Neutralize Acidity
    About the product
    BOOST YOUR pH: Clean, Refreshing Taste. Add to normal drinking water to safely boost alkalinity. Shake well and add up to 10 drops (0.5ml) to 8oz glass of water or sports bottle for desired pH level. pH10Max can be added to your favorite beverage, and offsets the acidity in coffee/tea. Stir before drinking. Do not exceed 8 glasses a day without consulting with a physician.

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