Following texts are copied from education series that I ran on some of websites to help understand the natural cure method mechanism and issues with widely used line of treatments using PPI/pro kinetic/constipation drug on ACIDOSIS/ACID REFLUX / GASTRO PARESIS / Leaky Gut



The Story of PPI, Gastro Gastroenterologist and GP /Acid Reflux/Acidosis Patients

The PPI have been proven to cause and start hosts of issues has been proved by examples live and logical. When PPI started to Jam /stop the stomach causing Slow Stomach and Gastro Paresis, pharmaceuticals came out with another miracle (Sic!) drug known as Pro Kinetics which would try to correct the errors or hara-kiri committed by PPI, i.e. they would help motility which has been slowed by PPI. And as Stomach emptying and motility slows down, Colon also slowed down. So now they (“gastroenterologist”) came out with a GENERIC PROGRAM which Included PPI/Pro Kinetics and host of constipation drugs to deal with Acid reflux/colon issues. And When after Long use Of PPI/Pro Kinetics/constipation drugs started to further slow down stomach and Colon they came out with G/J Tube, Feeding tubes, Gastric pacemakers. When pushed further they removed your gall Bladders, Cut your stomachs & Colons into half. When they (“gastroenterologists”) did not knew how to satisfy your queries they came out with further excuses like celiac disease, Gluten Intolerance, Vagus nerve damage etc. But did all of above measures have solved your problems? You still continue to suffer with nausea, nutrition deficiencies etc. Your PPI doses have increased to highest levels and you are struggling to make that one bowel movement which should be just a simple task otherwise.

But where did the problem start?? I have time again proved with documented research, with logical and theoretical example and also live cases like you and me, and said umpteen numbers of times that PPI are the one causing you not to get cured. But being citizen of first world , and just  because you guys have INSURANCE available, you continue to  ignore that THEY (gastroenterologist’s) IN FACT have already declared the Gastro Paresis as  IDIOPATHIC i.e. cause not known and the disease is progressive, although this is only TRUE in allopathic form of line of treatment and NOT when  you go natural. It is your Insurance that is proving to be BANE instead of BOON. What if you did not have Insurance? Without medical insurance medical fraternity would just leave your colon and stomach as it is and would not suggest you any such options as they know that they cannot make any money out of you, and Also without insurance you would save yourself from endless tests that you subjects yourself to just because you have that INSURANCE with you and you want to just make use of it. Also without insurance, you would then start to look for home remedies which are not happening at present. In my posts I have said that women are the one most suffering as they have frequent interactions with doctors and somewhere they are prescribed PPI and the story begins to roll further.. As MEN we most of time try to ignore going to doctors and would visit only when there is a serious injury or there are some problems because of age.

Already the medical fraternities have confused you by introducing to you hosts of reasons that could have caused the GP/Acid reflux (In fact they do not have any clue guys! Understand this and you will be saved), but what amazes me is that as patients instead of blaming the drugs and doctors, you come out with this “OH, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT AND THAT IS WHY SOME DRUGS work for SOME and some do not and that is why our so called Gastroenterologist’s are finding it difficult to manage this issue for us “. Do not several forms of tooth pastes work for all of us?! Come on guys, is this a STOCKHOLM SYNDROME I am seeing where the VICTIM continues to protect the TORMENTOR in the hope that by doing so the TORMENTOR would be less cruel to them.

Nowadays, I am seeing patients as young as 20 years coming to your forum with the same issues you are facing, and the only reasons they will not get cured or see their life get ruined is that because you guys continue to take time to understand the cure mechanism that I have listed. All of you are just continuing to re invent the wheel when all facts have been explained and it is clearly known that PPI/PRO KInetics/Constipation Line of treatment has never got anyone cured in the HISTORY of this line of treatment. So why not caution all new comers and let them go onto other path where there is a hope.

Look; once you have been Identified as Acid reflux /Gastro Paresis/ Acidosis with symptoms like Burning pain in abdomen after every meal, heart burns after meals , nausea, dizziness  after every meal & Severe weight loss, I would say just hope on to this mechanism in post below and save yourself from endless tests and Get ON with life after 8-12 weeks. It is now time for action and do not waste your time debating. Someone has already figured out the cure mechanism for you and you just need to go ahead and try it.

Here are my posts that I already started. Just get on to this post and start the process of getting cured.





GASTRO PARESIS and subsequent acid buildup will manifest following conditions :–>>

Constipation (1), sensitive stomach (2) (where intake of spicy food especially liquid curries, tea coffee causes further anxiety), (3)Functional dyspepsia (feeling of fullness even with small meals). (4) Also you cannot eat heavy meals at this stage akin to anemia. (5) Depletion of alkaline reserves causes further indigestion and result in delayed digestion & Acidosis. (6)  Acid buildup causes thinning of stomach lining/ mucosa which is symptom of leaky gut and causes undigested food and acid released for digestion to go directly into blood thus causing contamination of blood and subsequent acidosis.


Delayed emptying of stomach causes acid buildup resulting in nausea, dizziness, pain in abdomen, severe weight loss and indigestion. Also it causes Acid reflux in some people  if the valve at end of esophagus (neck) does not close properly.

THERE are 3 line of treatment that I came across and I will discuss all of these:-

The one and most practiced which is also a faulty line of treatment is generic program that included PPI class of drugs (e.g. NEXIUM, ranitidine, famotidine, omeprazole, RAZO etc)/Motility class of drugs (e.g. REGLAN, Domperidone, Erythromycin) along with antacids to manage the issue. Please know that PPI class of drugs is used for SUPPRESSING ACID While PRO KINETIC Drugs are used to push the digested food through stomach (Motility) for EVERY MEAL you take. So long, that you continue to suppress acids using PPI, delayed emptying will continue to persist. Read DISCUSSION section of article here: “   http://gut.bmj.com/content/42/2/243.full   “

Extract from From above url/link:

this study has shown that therapeutic doses of ranitidine, famotidine, and omeprazole, which suppress gastric acid secretion, affect both gastric motility and gastric emptying. All significantly delayed gastric emptying despite an increase in postprandial antral contractility as assessed using antral manometry, electrogastrography, and dynamic antral scintigraphy.

from above extract, When it is clearly established that PPI class of drugs cause and enhance further delayed emptying (Dysmotility) then why are these prescribed??

This line of treatment does not cure the problem but you just manage it on every day basis just like diabetes. As per Medical fraternity GASTRO PARESIS is non curable so they come out with line of treatment that eventually takes you to either G  Tube or Feeding tube or some type of surgeries as in long run because of side effects of PPI/Kinetic drugs the stomach slows down to such an extent that nothing can help it move further.

Being former gastro paresis and cured patient I know, that mechanism used by medical fraternity is faulty. I myself from 86 KG went on to become skinny and skeletal losing around 18 kgs because of gastro paresis and subsequent acid buildup causing acidosis; am now cured and back to being healthy and strong again just because I chose to follow different path which I will discuss later.

Thanks for reading

** By the way I am NOT a doctor but a former patient of gastro paresis who is just sharing his cure or possible better management of this

** Complex issue without any medicines but using only HERBS/ Right Food/ Supplements.


How did we become Acidity prone / delayed stomach emptying people?à

It looks like one of the thing came across common was that we have skipped the meals a lot.
When Living in San Francisco I used to have Buffett during lunch and would eat a lot and then skip night meals thinking that since I ate so much during lunch I did not need to eat at nights. When finding the PG accommodation I visited one house and informed Chinese lady how I was eating as I wanted to tell her that her kitchen has not much use to me.  She was surprised that I was skipping meal and cautioned me that it might cause ulcer if i did it for long. I laughed it away and look what happened. My stomach lining is now compromised (thinned, leaky gut) and is causing flare-ups when I eat food that required lots of acids to be released. There in fact is nothing wrong with my digestion but this weak lining is causing all the flare ups and subsequent slow moving digestion.
When you have a thin stomach lining or a leaky gut, the acid released for digestion may go directly in blood along with undigested food and that contaminates the blood and subsequently slows down the digestion.
Second reason for delayed emptying as per my understanding is when you diet consists of mostly acidic food and less or no alkaline foods.  When you eat a meal that is overly acidic, your body must neutralize the acid and regulate the alkalinity of the blood. Alkaline reserves (calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, zinc) are required to balance the ph level of your body fluid and blood. So when these reserves are depleted and you are eating acidic food, the food can not neutralized at speed that is required and so causes delay in digestion. It then starts to borrow alkaline reserves from your muscles and bones and hence the weight loss in some people.
Therefore one of thing we will do to recover fast is to Increase our alkaline reserves. Alkaline reserves are found plenty in seeds & unrefined salts like Black salts & Rock Salts, Celtic salts.
Just have a look at alkaline reserves (MINERALS) in these links:
Flax seeds:   http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/nut-and-seed-products/3163/2
Black/Rock salts: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/spices-and-herbs/216/2

What Food Cause Delay in emptying and How to avoid Acid Holdup/Buildup in stomach
Just as an earth’s OZONE layer protects us from Strong Sun Rays, Our stomach lining / Mucosa protects us from acid released for digestion. Now just imagine that the OZONE layer is fading away. What would you do in that case? There are two options, one is to completely avoid going out in Sun Light and go out in nights only OR otherwise try to go only in early morning when Sun Light is just minimal and not that strong. Once you have understood that what food cause delay in digestion what food because acid release you will be able to control flare ups caused my meals. The Journey from Lightly prepared food to strong food is slow but is going to ensure final cure in most cases as in mine.

Protein requires a highly acidic environment for digestion, while carbohydrates and fats require a more alkaline environment. The Acids are released for Protein Digestion (Meat) and Also when there is Undigested food remaining in stomach. Similarly White flour food (bread, flat bread etc), baked food ((Biscuits, cake, pastries etc)) , Fried food, processed food (chips, chocolates, Ice cream etc), fatty foods ARE the foods that take long to digest and thus delay digestion.

So now if you had a meat in grilled/ boiled / steamed form, there is not much issue as proteins are the most easily digestible than carbohydrates & fats. But If you consume meat that is now FRIED, it takes long time to digest it as fried food take long to digest and also there is a hold up of this type of food in stomach. The problem here is that it also holds up acid that was released to digest the meat (protein) and thus the prolonged acid buildup starts to affect the stomach if we have thin stomach/mucosa lining. These result in acids going into blood thus contaminating it. Same happens when we combine meat with white flour products as the white flour takes long time to digest. That is why you must never combine meat/strong protein like Red meat with white flour food, and also since acids are released to digest meat it is always better to have meat in boiled/grilled/steamed form to avoid acidosis and thus subsequent gastro paresis or delayed emptying of stomach and related symptoms. It is okay to have meat with rice foods instead. That is why we must have White flour, baked, fried foods only occasionally and with at least a day’s gap. Also since we are trying to increase alkaline reserves we must follow 80% alkaline & 20% Acidic food habits for the long time to come. Conversely depletion of alkaline reserves (calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, zinc) causes digestive acids not to be neutralized properly thus hurting the intestinal lining and increased/prolonged acid buildup increases the PH causing delayed emptying of stomach. Once delayed emptying has started it goes in loop and thus makes it difficult to recover unless you have understood the mechanism to deal with it as mentioned in this blog.


Let us see if I am able to explain why you are stuck and where you are stuck. And WHY GP cannot be cured, is a FALSE statement.

Yes it cannot be cured in Allopathic method of cure probably but if you cannot reach your home by taking route XYZ then you must look for some other route to reach home. You never say to yourself that reaching your home is not possible just become someone told you so.

Following example (ACDOSIS CASE) tells you how and when GP was created and also why and where you are stuck. Also let us ignore some small error in explanation but you must see the larger picture of how you can come out of your situation. An ostrich like attitude where you refuse to see the reality will not help anyone, and you will be stuck getting INSPIRATION on drugs that you do not need and drugs that do not cure.

We travel from Step 1 to Step 9 in this example below:–>> You shall read it as; Step1 causes step2 and step2 causes step3 and so on…
(REASON X causes Acidosis; Acidosis causes Blood PH lowering……)
1. REASON-X OR one example: Leaky Gut/Thinning of mucosa or intestinal lining (Caused by: uncontrolled use of NSAID painkiller drugs, Frequent skipping meals, Eating Acid forming food lifestyle, surgeries etc.)
2. Acidosis (Undigested food & acid go into blood causing blood contamination)
3. Blood PH goes down. (Acidic blood state, causes depletion of alkaline reserves as blood must be restored to proper pH levels, borrows alkaline reserves from Bones/Muscles etc causing weight loss)
=>>4. Start of Gastro paresis or Delayed emptying of stomach (GP itself Manifests more issues like:-Sensitive stomach, Constipation, acid buildup , acid reflux in some people, cannot eat strong/heavy food ,depletion of alkaline reserves, Having acid forming meal cause more stomach anxieties and flare-ups)
5.Doctors now prescribe PPI (PPI drugs suppress acid but as a side effect cause further Delayed emptying or Gastro Paresis as per research already provided in my previous posts, and also thousands of live people like you stuck and not getting any results prove this)
6. One Expects to be cured since you are on prescriptions but that never happens. What is the point in having prescription drugs if they are not going to cure you!
7. Loop Back to Step 4 as now Instead of curing GP, PPI’s are now causing further delayed emptying (more GP!!) i.e. step 4.
8. So now you travel from step 4 to 5 and back to step 2 and you never ever come out. This is a LOOP.
9. If Cure is STEP 6 you never reach it as use of PPI drugs cause you to go backward to step 4.
10. To exit or break the LOOP you must first remove step 5. Similarly Pro-kinetic drugs have their own side effects. They work for some time for some people and for others they do not work at all. Hence the need to avoid this class of drug too. We do not want any drugs that interfere with logical functioning of stomach.

So now as per my experience (and I have done it guys) if you can take care of step 2 & Step 3 GASTRO PARESIS would be resolved, RIGHT? It is the Root cause in Step 1 that will take some more time to resolve or even if did not, and then also by taking care of Step2 & Step 3 Gastro Paresis can be avoided. So now who says GP cannot be CURED ??!!!

So now your new step 5 onwards can be as follows (as Per my research, and guys it is all tested on me)
1) Studies have found that L-glut amine supports the regeneration and repair of cells lining the intestinal wall. I have used L glut amine for Intestinal repairs (leaky Gut). I have myself used 2 products, Pure L Glutamine powder and British Nutrition’s Glutamine recovery formula. Trust me guys it has made a major difference. I got 3 benefits in just one month. Found that I my neck crackling sound was gone (arthritis of neck), Found that frequent bouts of cold was gone and off course the GUT has become more powerful and I have become more stronger.
2) Stop further acidosis (step 2) by having more of alkaline forming food and lightly/quickly prepared food and ignoring acid forming food during recovery period.
3) Restoring alkalinity of Blood by following blood purification (e.g. Wheat-grass powder and also drinking Black raisin soaked water)
4) Control acid indigestion (Lower PH of chyme or digested food, causes delayed emptying as food must be neutralized before passed to next stage of stomach) by using one or combination of ORGANIC Sea Salts, Rock salt, black Salt, Celtic salt and Himalayan pink salts which ever you can get hold of. These ORGANIC SALTS are capable of absorbing heat and very necessary as every meal causes digestive fires to go up. I normally would sprinkle these salts with every meal. Trust me Acid Indigestion will feel like a myth if you did this with every meal.
5) The one MOST IMPORTANT HERB we use is TRIPHALA capsules. This herb has many benefits and recovery without this one herb may not be possible. This herb will help cleanse Intestines, Blood purification, Motility etc. This herb will also help cure sensitive stomach which is result of acute acid buildup causing stomach to become soggy and sensitive.
6) CONSTIPATION is one major issue which can be resolved by having mucilage food like Grounded Flax seeds, Fenugreek seeds, Chia seeds and Clarified butter (Ghee) On every day basis.
7) Also there is a method to stop PPI class of drugs which is mentioned in my blog. You must neutralize acids as sudden stop of PPI will cause acid rebound effect for 3-4 days but as long as you know how to neutralize acids using antacids or other methods you will be fine and on way to recovery in few days. Some people who tried stopping PPI without knowing the method got panicked as acid rebound effect of sudden stop of these drugs will cause more anxieties if you did not take care of neutralizing acids on more frequent basis. Just read the section on how to stop PPI in my blog and you will know.
8) All that is needed is to follow journey from lightly cooked (Quickly prepared) diet to Strong diet gradually, ignoring acid forming food like White Flour, Red meat, all type of Process food etc. The mechanism of Blood Cleanse/Intestinal cleanse along with building alkaline reserves , Blood purification and L Glutamine based intestinal repairs shall help manage problem for good.


A Note on LOW Stomach Acid queries, Apple Cider Vinegar V/S Organic Salts, PPI’s
1) LOW Stomach Acid queries:-
I have come across many people raising queries on whether it is low acid that is causing the issue. As far as my knowledge goes this is not true. Acidosis or Acid Indigestion leading to Acid Reflux is caused by Acid buildup. The fact that we are using acid suppression (PPI) and acid neutralization (antacids) means that we have more than required acids present. In fact all our problems have started because of Acidosis or Acid Indigestion which is because of LOW PH of body fluids and blood.
Look; Acids are released only for protein digestion and more stronger the protein (meat) More acids are released. But if you are having a Vegetarian meal, not much acids are required as protein content is very less in this case; so where is question for low acid here? If you supplied HCL supplements while having alkaline or vegetarian food it would actually cause acid indigestion as no acids are required first of all to digest this type of meal. What is required in fact is a steady supply of Alkaline reserves to bring back PH to normal level for every meal and hence I use Organic salts with every meal which not only supply much needed alkaline reserves but also help bring pH to normal.

2)  PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor class of druds used for Acid Suppression) :-
The reason these acid blockers (PPI’s) have caused havoc is because they are designed poorly and are thus causing more delayed stomach emptying (GP) when taken for long time. So now, If you had GP for Reason X, and once you have started on PPI drugs to suppress acid, your GP is now caused by Reason X + PPI’s (as their side effect caused more GP). That is why we must first make all efforts to put a stop to this class of drug as now even if you have resolved your Reason X which cause GP originally; you can still never come out of GP as there is now EXPLICIT or DELIBERATE GP caused by PPI class of drugs, and your GP will persist so long you continue to take them. Remember that Acid Neutralizing is always preferable than acid suppression as we do not want to interfere with logical functioning of stomach which is what these PPI class of drugs do. I have said in so many voices in last several months that you can never ever recover until and unless you get rid of this class (PPI) of drugs.
But you must take care of acid rebound effect when stopping these and also understand what type of food must be ate when you are off acid blockers. See if you ate food that does not require ACID RELEASE; then automatically you are making acid blocker redundant. If you have learnt food behaviors you would be able to understand what to eat and how to eat and eventually your stomach would restore back. You must read my blog on WordPress to understand mechanism first.

3) Apple cider Vinegar (ACV) V/S Organic Salts:
Those with Acid Reflux  have benefited by taking ACV (Apple cider Vinegar) just before meals. Apple cider vinegar although very acidic; is ALKALINE forming food there by helps regulate PH of Digested food. The Digested food must be neutralized before it can be passed on to next stage in stomach for digestion. If the PH of digested food is low it just sits there along with acid released for digestion and hence causes acid reflux in some people.
But ACV is very strong, and unless diluted properly cannot be used if you have a Sensitive stomach, and so in that case better alternative to use is ORGANIC SALTS like Black salt/Himalayan Pink Salt/Celtic Salt/Sea salt (Impure Crystals). I normally combine all of these salts and sprinkle these on all my meals after they are served. These salts are capable of absorbing heat and also help regulate PH of digested food. So, it is safe to say that instead of ACV these ORGANIC SALTS can be used instead to avoid acid indigestion.

Let Thy Food Be Thy Cure! This is the IDIOM we use to manage or cure GP and all its manifested issues. The mechanism of Blood Cleanse/Intestinal cleanse along with building alkaline reserves through Organic salts and seeds , Blood purification and L Glutamine based intestinal repairs shall help manage problem for good.



** A NOTE on How to Stop PPI/H2 Blockers **
Getting off Pro Kinetic/Constipation drugs, Acid Blockers & Proton Pump Inhibitors (Nexium, ranitidine, famotidine, omeprazole, Razo etc) is very important first steps in managing this issue. Being on H2 Blockers/PPI class of drugs for long time and then stopping suddenly will have acid rebound effect for first 3-4 days. You must follow soft/grilled/steamed/Roasted ALKALINE only diet when stopping PPI for first one week.  We do not want to use any drugs that interfere with logical functioning of stomach and so getting off PPI/Pro Kinetic class of drugs is very important first steps towards dealing with this complex issue.
Easiest way to do switchover without getting affected by acid bound and other withdrawal effect of PPI’s would be to use TRIPHALA capsule after every meal along with Organic Salts like Black Salt/Himalayan pink salt with every meal. TRIPHALA HERB is an excellent intestinal cleanse and motility herb and is very important part of managing the GP and subsequent issues.
I have also used  Cold milk(No Sugar), Baking soda dissolved in water (Not Baking Powder) to sooth  stomach when I felt it turning acidic because of acid rebound effect of stopping PPI for first 3-4 days. Acid neutralizing is always preferred than acid suppression. PPI’s also feed delayed emptying making sure that gastro paresis never goes away. No doubt that they (Doctors) call Gastro Paresis as progressive as the very drug they prescribe (PPI class of drugs), make sure that delayed emptying never really gets cured.  While struggling on my GP issues I understood it soon that these drugs (PPI/Motility) were actually making the problem worst, but I found this research only recently because I needed to convince others why one should be wary about using them. Read Discussion Section here: http://gut.bmj.com/content/42/2/243.full

if one can survive on soft /grilled/steamed/Roasted diet for one week not taking any medicines then you surely will get benefited if you followed steps in my blog


Okay guys; let’s understand how PPI class of drugs can cause the acidity issues
I have seen that women are the most suffering from this issue as I guess they seems to have more interaction with doctors because of women related issues.
In a typical scenario this is what happens :–>>

1) A Person goes to Doctor for some issues for which a small surgery was performed.
2) A Person is now prescribed Antibiotics, Painkillers, and PPI class of drugs for acid suppression as Painkillers & Antibiotics cause acidity issues and hence Doctors now as per latest technology use Acid Blockers and NOT acid neutralizing that was done before Year 1989.
3) A person is asked to continue this prescription for 1-2 weeks or more; till the surgical area can be healed.
4) A Person has completed the duration of prescription and now discontinues the drugs prescribed including PPI class of drugs
5) Doctors have probably forgotten the ACID REBOUND effect of PPI class of drugs so they never asked patient to do acid neutralizing for the acid that was released after stopping of PPI class of drugs.
6) A Person now feels more bouts of nausea, heaviness etc that are symptoms of acid released because of rebound effect of Stopping PPI.
7) So now if you did not have a leaky gut and you did not have a time; you will just ignore these symptoms and so you are saved for the rest.
8) But now if you panic and go back to doctor and Inform that you now have  nausea ,  heaviness etc that are symptoms of Acidity, what happens is that Doctors now put you back on PPI class of drugs to manage your acidity issues.
9) This is now a case where PPI stop acidity for a time , but when you stop them there is a Acid rebound which causes more acid release and since no acid neutralization was recommended upon stopping of PPI you start to get acidity issues.
10) A person can come out of this LOOP if they did acid neutralizing after stopping of PPI class of drugs. But did your doctors inform you this??
11) A study has already been published that PPI cause and enhance delayed emptying issues (Gastro Paresis) . What if we went back to old ways of acid neutralizing and stopped using acid blockers? Will not the problem go away then !!!. And what more proof is needed?
A simple problem of Acidity has become Frankenstein monster in the form of Gastro paresis and most of your are the living proof of how Pharmaceutical are playing the game so well by creating the customers and not providing the cure!!.

Okay I just saw a preview of FIRE IN THE BLOOD movie. Seems like they confirm what most of us already know.




Just picture this that you are in the Year 1988 when PPI were not yet Born (Thank God!).
Those days; instead of ACID BLOCKERS, Acid Neutralizer like Gelucil or any other Good Antacid was used to treat acidity issue that arose because of use of painkiller & antibiotics. The only difference here is that Acid neutralization is done on frequent basis where as acid blockers were just taken once or twice a day.
In that case in previous example when the duration of prescription was over (step 4); you should be sitting pretty and life just went on. Since Acid blockers were not used; there was NO ACID REBOUND and also No Side effect of Delayed Emptying of stomach (Gastro paresis).
In previous example I took you back to days when the problem was just ACIDITY, but because of prolonged use of acid blockers and pro kinetics now it has been GRADUATED to more complex Gastro Paresis and Acidosis. Look at the number of loops created.
1) PPI Loop (Remember that Hotel California song, you can Check Out anytime but you can never leave!!)
2) Gastro Paresis LOOP which manifests more issues  (Acidosis, Constipation, functional dyspepsia, anemia  etc )
3) and then Once you have all those devices in your stomach & Neck (G Tube , Feeding tube ) then this is  another loop that is created.
The only way out is to break these loop’s. But remember that your first loop is PPI Loop and  I am here on  this website since almost 4 months and most of you have not yet accepted the fact that why you are stuck  and what is not causing you to get cured when you guys are doing practically everything right , right from  eating food that suits you, providing external nutrition’s (TPN) etc. You can never ever reach home by driving one KM forward and then One KM Backward.



Okay; before we understand how to Break PPI Loop I would like to touch a very important problem that we all face when coping with GP/Acid reflux issues; and that is how to resolve CONSTIPATION issues?

I have used Cayenne Pepper Detox (Lemon Detox) mostly to deal with constipation and it works always. Just Squeeze lemon + Add very Hot cayenne Pepper (Hot red chilies powder) ¾ spoon + Luke warm water in a glass, and drink this every two hours 2-3 times a day. The lemon detox also talks about adding maple syrup but we will skip that as sugars will cause more acidity and we do not want to allow that. Drink plenty of water also in between to help detoxicate well.
At the outset it may look very scary but trust me guys, I have done it several times when dealing with my GP issues and it will only hurt for 3-4 seconds only. I have used this technique once or twice a week to clear all my stool buildup. Usually if you ate Soft diet you could avoid the stool buildup.
Having healthy salts (NOT Table Salt) like Unrefined Sea salt (Impure crystals), Black salt, Celtic salt/Himalayan pink salt also helps digestion as these salts are also laxative. I would sprinkle these salts on all my meals after they are served and YES these healthy salts do not cause any BP issues. Similarly mucilage food like Fenugreek seeds grounded, Flax seed powder, marshmallow root powder helps create slippage on intestinal walls which helps proper bowel functioning in long run. Have 2-3 spoons of these seeds powdered daily and see the difference.



Okay Guys,
The easiest way to do switchover is to just stop the PPI/Pro Kinetic drugs, Eat Boiled Light meals Followed by a TRIPHALA Capsule after every  meal, and Sprinkle healthy Organic salts like Sea Salt(Impure crystals, Black , Rock salts) on every meal to avoid acid indigestion.
But since I want the switch over to be more resourceful and also that will also help us when we go in for breaking the Gastro Paresis LOOP which will be our next action, I would ask you to understand these point first below:

We will use antacids and natural antacids to break the PPI loop, but we will also do everything to avoid even antacid use by having the food that   does not cause acid buildup. It is very important for you and your stomach BOTH to forget that pills are needed to lead a normal eating life. And   for that we must be away from all kind of medications required to eat food. But how do we do that ?
We have to eat food that does not cause much acid release and also the food that does not sit in stomach for long time. For that you must understand the FOOD BEHAVIORS. If you start  to take a count of each food then it will be difficult for you to understand what food causes  problem and what food not. Therefore what we do here  is to look  for a CATEGORY of food that cannot be had at present till recovery takes place.  Our journey from Soft food (Quickly prepared) to Strong food is going to be slow one but will ensure final success. I would say that in just 8-12 weeks you would be eating away more than 50% of your favorite foods when not on any medicines, but keeping in mind food behaviors and gaps required.

In a nutshell :
1) you will avoid white flour foods, Baked foods, Food that is strongly cooked, Sugar,Fried food, all type of processed/canned food, Fatty food.
2) Or in other words you can have all type of green vegetables, lentils which are quickly prepared, Rice (boiled), when using oil for preparation never   use more than 1-2 tsp so that food is light to stomach. Look for more non-meat but un processed food list as per your country.
3) I have also used Chilled/cold Milk (No Sugar) with Kellogs product 19/Muesli (Oat clusters with banana, papaya, apple, and dates as some of ingredients).
4) Only ALKALINE food snacking with dried raisins, Figs, Dates, cucumbers, carrot, papaya, mango, banana, water melon etc as you do not want   to build acids during snacking. Make Beets, Spinach, cabbage, broccoli as part of all your meals.
Is this too difficult to remember?  —
Trigger food for acidity means combination of meat + food that delay digestion or take long to digest. If you know what type of food delay’s   digestion you will know how to eat it and how much gap is required. White flour, baked, Rich oily curries, Fried food cause delay in digestion and   that is why they must never be combined with meat to avoid acidosis in future. Meat is safe when had in isolation or with rice in   grilled/steamed/boiled form. But you must avoid meat at least during recovery period or have it in moderation once a week. Red meat to be avoided  at all costs as it takes longest to digest.
Similarly Red meat, White flour food (bread , flat bread etc), baked food ((Biscuits, cake, pastries etc)) , Fried food, processed food (canned  food, chips, chocolates, Ice cream etc), fatty foods ARE the foods that take long to digest and thus delay digestion and so to be avoided.
If we ate mostly vegan food that was not strongly cooked, and is not fried; less acids are produced and hence stomach can empty faster. Boiled food   is safest form and whenever I ate a meal that caused me stress my next meal would be just boiled food to let stomach rest and recover. Always had a TRIPHALA (Himalaya) capsule when I ate meal that would give me anxiety.
Getting off Constipation Drugs, H2 Blockers, and Proton Pump Inhibitors & Pro Kinetic drugs is very important first steps in managing this issue. Being on H2 Blockers/PPI class of drugs for long time and then stopping suddenly will have acid rebound effect. I have followed soft/grilled/steamed/Roasted diet or these example steps below when stopping PPI for first one first 3-4 days when putting a stop to PPI class of drugs:

Okay this is what I followed to break the PPI Loop:-
0)  3-days Before stopping the PPI/Pro Kinetics start taking TRIPHALA capsule(Himalaya) after every meal .
Also start using healthy salts with all meals.
1) Stopped all medications of PPI & Pro kinetic drugs.
2) Have Boiled /Soft diet (Quickly prepared food mostly vegan) for all 3 meals.
3) I have also used Chilled/cold Milk (No Sugar) with Kellogs product 19/Muesli, Followed by a TRIPHALA Capsule.
4)  Have only 3 meals. For snacking just use following: Raisins, Figs, cucumbers, carrots, Dates, apple juice or banana, papaya, mango, water  melon  alongside for moderate ALKALINE Food only snacking (only 3-4 hours after lunch).
5)  Triphala is an Excellent intestinal cleanse and Motility HERB. this herb has many benefits and a recovery without this herb may not be  possible. To see what else this herb does you can click on link below:
http://www.iherb.com/Himalaya-Herbal-Healthcare-Triphala-60-Caplets/3743  (this is what I have used)
6)  Also sprinkle Organic salts  (NOT Table Salt) like Unrefined Sea salt (Impure crystals), Black salt, Rock salt , Celtic salt  on all meals.
The use of TRIPHALA capsule and  Organic Salts will make stopping PPI /Pro Kinetic drugs painless and you may not even know that you are off  them. There is more info below on triphala here:
http://www.iherb.com/Himalaya-Herbal-Healthcare-Triphala-60-Caplets/3743    (this is what I have used)
7)  Last but not the least I have used otc Antacids, Sea Salt added water, Cold milk (No sugar), coconut water, Baking soda dissolved in water  (Not Baking Powder) to sooth stomach  when I felt it turning acidic because of acid rebound effect of stopping PPI for first 3-4 days. Acid neutralizing is always preferred than acid  suppression. You may not even need to use any antacid if you took triphala.
8) After the PPI loop is broken and we are off these medicines, we will continue to have right food with Triphala after meal for next 4-6 weeks.
9) In just 5-7 days you would have seen the difference and understood whether you are on right path or not.
10) we will break the Gastro Paresis loop next once you have understood the PPI Loop break mechanism
11) If you are confused then just use triphala capsules  after all meals along with healthy salts with every meal and you will still be fine.
12) We can go to Gastro paresis LOOP break next but I will wait for the responses to carry on further or not.



Couple of points:
1) For Food, It does not matter whether it is Indian or American. Let us understand this way. It is the method of preparation that holds the key here. So I wrote all food must prepared in less than 7-7 minutes so that alkaline reserves in them are not lost. Similarly If oil is required for preparation then, never use more 1-2 tsp so that food remains light to stomach. Similarly we need to eat food that is more of alkaline forming and hence avoiding meat for now will help. This applies to all type of food whether Indian or American. Similarly we must avoid food or products that are made from white flour, are baked, fried, contain sugar, are canned or processed. So you see my point, it applies to all foods.
2) Good that you bought Himalayan salt, I could not get it here in India so I have used instead black salt, Sea salt (Impure, organic form), and Himalayan pink salts. And just to make sure I was sprinkling a pinch of all these salts on my food.
3) Stopping PPI shall be done as I prescribed above. at one go.
4) If we continue to mix cure mechanism by going to different doctors I think we will confuse it only. Since our mechanism is only about natural products one could just give it a try and not mix things up. If everyone is going to try and mix up things then how will you blame me it it went wrong, because then I can always say that you did not follow steps as I asked you to.
5) My point is that just trust the steps as they are, and there is nothing difficult here. Just stop PPI and use Triphala and Salts along with rightly prepared light vegan food and you are good

Hope this helps.



Let us consider this example to understand how we are going to eat:
The water  has reached its boiling point and now continues to simmer and boil. But as you increase the heat, you will see that it starts to boil with force and also spills out, as more and more heat is increased. Now in a scenario where the heat is increasing but at the same time we have to make sure that water does not spill out what you will do? Yes; you will add a small amount of cold water as you see increase in the heat. So, along with increasing the heat you will also continue to add cold water. This is a case where we stop the spilling of water by adding more and more cold water whenever the heat is increased. But a more desired scenario we need to achieve would be to add cold water and make sure that heat is at lowest level possible.

Similarly our Body heat(acidic state) is at highest level as of now. When we eat food the heat increases further because of acid released for digestion of food. The food just sits there waiting to be neutralized. So as we provide alkaline reserves with every meal we make sure that PH of digested food is brought to optimum level so that it can empty. That is why when you take that ACV (or Organic salts) before meal it helps neutralize the digested food and you do not feel acid reflux as food has now moved to next stage. ACV is an alkaline forming food.
But the more desired scenario we need to achieve is; by having food that do not cause much of acid release, food that are alkaline forming and can empty faster (by avoiding having food that take long to digest). Most of our food, Vegan or Meat already has alkaline reserves in them but as we cook them strongly for long times or fry them the alkaline reserves are lost and hence the need to supply alkaline reserves externally along with every meal. That’s why the need to cook the food quickly (less than 7-8 minutes with least oil) so that it’s light to stomach and has alkaline reserves which are not destroyed because of strong cooking or too much oil. Because of acute acid buildup all our alkaline reserves are depleted and hence what we do now is to make all efforts to increase alkaline reserves but at the same time make sure not to continue eating Acidic food lifestyle. Since our body stores alkaline reserves in the form of salts what better way but to provide the reserves through salt themselves to speed up boosting these reserves. And the added advantage is that these healthy salts (Himalayan pink salt, black salt, Sea salt, Rock salts all in ORGANIC form) are also capable of absorbing heat.



Consider this example of role of COOLANT in a CAR. The job of coolant is to absorb the heat generate by the engine and transport it away, thus keeping the engine cool. Coolant, If left unchecked, the heat in the engine will build and reach a tipping point, after which the engine is liable to overheat and break down. This is why cooling systems are necessary.

Very similarly the ALKALINE RESERVES (calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, zinc) are required to neutralize excess heat or PH of digested food so that it can empty faster.  Have a look at alkaline reserves in ACV, Flax seeds, Raisins. Look at mineral sections as these are your alkaline reserves:-

http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/spices-and-herbs/217/2    (ACV)
http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/fruits-and-fruit-juices/2051/2   (Raisins)
http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/nut-and-seed-products/3163/2 (Flax seeds)

Since the digestion is impaired at present and stomach is not able to bring nutrients out of food, we soak the Raisins in water for 8-10 hours and when we drink this water and eat raisins;  helps restoring alkalinity of blood and also provides necessary Iron (This is same as TPN in medical terms).
This explanation also breaks your myth of ACV being regarded as test for low stomach acid, as in fact ACV is alkaline forming and helps increase PH of food because of its alkaline forming properties. Look Guys, even if LOW STOMACH ACID problem exists in some cases, all OUR problems at present are only  because of more acid and certainly not low acid so I would stop going in debates and getting confused on this aspect for now. But we will avoid ACV for others reasons and instead use Organic salts.



JUST A QUICK REMINDER; You will fail the objective of this forum/program if you continue to use PPI/Pro Kinetic(motility) & Any Constipation medicines. Please know that Stomach and Colon are two sides of same coin. We shall take care of both of them by going totally natural. If you followed exactly by understanding the steps listed above you will be looking at a different life that is devoid of any medicine at least for acidity and Gastro Paresis, in around 8-12 weeks, the life that you have been only dreaming of till now. My request is to understand the post thoroughly by reading them several times. It would help you more if you first read my recovery blog on Word Press with same id as inspire Id (sunild1204). Similarly Our problems are because of More Acids and NOT low Acid therefore I request all those here on this website to discontinue taking HCL supplements as by doing that they are only causing EXPLICIT ACID INDIGESTION thereby aggravating the problem.

Since we apply holistic approach to solving the problem, we have to take care of entry (stomach), Exit (colon) and Fuel (Blood) all together to achieve greater results. That is why Flax seed powder, Fenugreek seed powder, chia seeds powder must be consumed daily to take care of bowel and constipation issues. I have used Cayenne pepper to clear acute poop buildup once a week. Yes Cayenne pepper and turmeric are healers and you do not need to be wary of these spices. If you read my recovery blog on Word Press you may get more clues on how to manage all these 3 factors.
Similarly Raisin soaked water , wheat grass powder are need to clean up the blood and provide minerals and necessary iron. What will save the day for you is organic Salts, so I would say buy Black  Salt (this is pink or grey in color), Himalayan salts, Sea salt that is impure or organic and use them several times  a day with all meals , fruits.
Yes all Snacking must be 100% alkaline so as to not promote acid buildup during extra food that we have between meals. White Flour takes long to digest so you may either avoid it at least during recovery or have it with gap of 24 hrs. You may use other type of flour instead which can be digested quick. All type of meat since, they require acid release for digestion can be avoided for now but can be had once a week in small portions in grilled/roasted or boiled form. Red meat and fried food is completely no for now. Yes, on this diet another thing that will happen is that you will see blood sugar getting controlled. I had borderline Diabetes but was completely gone when on this diet. Fenugreek seeds are known to regulate blood sugar level when consumed for long time.
When we go natural the cure is permanent but takes long time to come. Usually in around 8-12 weeks you would have noticed great progress when on this diet along with triphala and salts. We must continue to build alkaline reserves and follow 80% alkaline & 20% Acidic food habits to make the cure permanent in long run.



I have only covered 40% of the story but was waiting to see more updates. We still need to cover the second cause of Gastro Paresis which is because of Leaky Gut and subsequent acidosis. This is a different scenario and is more closed to what I suffered. This is a scenario where use of L – Glutamine is required at end to resolve the issue from Root. This is also a case where we start to lose lots of weight as blood acidity are at highest level and body tries to neutralize or bring back the PH level by buying minerals from bones and muscles. I remember I had lost my entire stomach during that time with only bones visible and virtually no belly. In this case immediately after every meal our stomach starts to burn as if its on slow gas/fire and you start to dread every meal. For now, I want those to come forward who are losing a lot of weight because of the issue and have shrunk in size. For these people, having food without Acid Blockers (PPI) is not imaginable as the stomach immediately goes on fire after every meal. They feel burning abdominal pain and dizziness after every meal.



So we understood following:->
1) We must avoid Acid Buildup by eating more of alkaline foods (e.g. avoid Sugar/meat for now)
2) We must avoid Food Buildup by eating food that do not take long  to digest (e.g. avoid White flour &  Fried foods for now). Your stomach is slow at present, so eating food that take long to digest only causes  more stress to stomach and therefore skip this type of food for now.
3) We must supply alkaline reserves with each meal by having quickly prepared food and Organic salts like Black salt/Himalayan pink salt.
4) We must take care of constipation issues by eating mucilage food every day (e.g. Flax seeds powder, Chia seeds powder, Fenugreek seeds powder, Clarified butter).
5) We must cleanse blood using Raisin Soaked water (raisins soaked for 8-10 hrs), Wheat grass powder or all such products that help cleanse blood.
6) Triphala is an excellent intestinal cleanse and motility HERB and can be easily replaced in place of PPI/Pro kinetics.
7) To help this method work you must not be using PPI/Pro Kinetics / Constipation drugs at all.

In fact we must start at first with lemon detox to make sure that there is no poop buildup because of prolonged slowing of stomach and colon. Just Squeeze Lemon + add 1/2 tea spoon of red chilies powder (Cayenne Pepper) + add water and drink this 2-3 times a day. This can be done at least one day a week to make sure that no poop buildup is happening till we have controlled the issue by going natural for few weeks. This method may look gross but is very effective, and remember that Cayenne pepper is a healer so you do  not need to be vary of this method. I have done this several times when struggling with my bowel issues. But usually after you start to take mucilage foods like Flax seed, chia seed the constipation problem is resolved and you do not need this method unless needed once a while.


there are two types of problem faced w.r.to Acidity. One is Acid Reflux where acid goes back to neck area and caused heart burn. Second is Acidosis (My case) Where after every meal you start to feel burning pain around abdominal area as if stomach is put on slow fire after every meal you consume. this causes dizziness, fatigue and also you start to lose lots of weight with each passing day.

Now my cure mechanism works for both cases. Only if you belong to second case that is Acidosis, the food habits must be adhered to tightly on 100% basis and you can not take any chances on food that must be avoided during recovery period.

Look once you are having acidity issues, two things happen. 1- Your stomach is not able to bring out nutrition from food that you eat making you nutrition deficient in long run. This happens because of Acid indigestion meaning that, acids are present to digest food when they should not be; for e.g. acids are required for protein digestion but carbohydrate and fats require more alkaline environment for digestion  and hence presence of acids during carbohydrates and fats makes the food get digested without getting nutrients out of it. 2- Another thing that happens is that because of acid indigestion stomach is not able to produce required quantities of amino acids that are essential for internal repairs.

That is why my mechanism takes care of both Nutrition deficiency and provide externally glut amine amino acids required for internal repairs. But you must understand food behaviors and eat accordingly so as to not cause further ACID BUILDUP & FOOD BUILDUP.

Read my blog several times and you will know how this method can resolve the issue just in few months but you must continue to adhere to safe food habits to make this cure permanent in long run.
TRIPHALA is a natural pro kinetic HERB which helps not only stomach motility but also helps detox and other benefits while you are on this herb for few months. Similarly BLACK SALT or HIMALAYAN SALT will help cool down your stomach system and regulate digestive fires which go up with every meal. Here in India I use BLACK SALT with every meal which also has laxative properties.


A Slow traffic will cause traffic Jams even if you create new lanes and new highways.
In same way slow stomach motility will continue to cause GP and that’s why you must get on to triphala for at least 2-3 months just after every meal reducing dosage every 4 weeks finally bringing on to one once a while.
SOME OF YOU have been skipping this important step in the misguided knowledge that triphala will cause diarrhoea. Look; Triphala acts like laxative only till the time there is some waste stuff to expel otherwise it will provide much needed stomach motility and detox. Hope this is understood once and forever.
I know lots of you are trying to come out with your own discovery and mechanism, but I am afraid in doing so you will only be one step away from cure.
There was this man who thought when a Kid could swim so well , so CAN he, despite he did not knew how to swim. He jumped into the lake, and look what happened, he almost drowned!!
I hope you get the idea and stick to what is tested and can be trusted. NOT everyone has research capabilities. I would rather first try what is tested and then jump on to do more discoveries side by side if I wanted to. What is important right now is to get rid of GP and not try to do research.


Acid Blockers cause Acid Rebound as their effect wears or they are stopped. This extra acid causes acid indigestion meaning acids are present when they should not be to digest food.
acids are release for protein digestion but if you have acids present when the food is either carbohydrate or starch which require alkaline environment for digestion…food just sits there as there is not such stomach environment present and thus causes slow down in digestion process.
As you continue to eat food and this food is also in queue for digestion but since acids are present when they should not be causes further delay and so on….
THIS IS GASTRO PARESIS as now accumulated acids further cause bloating, nausea, heaviness etc etc causing further breakdown in stomach digestion slowing it more and more….
So now you are in a LOOP where you can not get out.
AND YES PPI contributed to this ordeal making sure you never come out of it.
Remember acid blockers were essentially created to cure you of acidity issues but are actually giving you more acidity if you stopped them….This is a vicious loop…..
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On Monday, June 9, 2014 11:47 PM, Kak <kak109@comcast.net> wrote:
I loved your wordpress article. Doctors want me to take acid suppressors but they cause severe gastroparesis. Do you know why they cause it?


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  1. Seeme says:

    Hi. Many thanks for your article. I have been diagnosed with functional dyspepsia. I want to use the herbs/salts you recommend to get better NOT PPIs.

  2. Sunil says:

    Never used DGL Licorice and PepzinGI; so no comments on these.

    • Seeme says:

      Ok, good to know.
      I bought L- Glutamine, Triphala and Himalayan Pink Salt today. I eat very plain and simple food but don’t want to take out fish. Do you think that is ok? Fish has never created a problem for me, you see. Especially as I cannot eat dairy. Tried it two days running – got terrible acidity so it’s back to no dairy.

      • Sunil says:

        Hi Seeme, If you are not able to follow the blog and guidelines then it will not help you resolve the problem. Acids are released for protein (meat) digestion so this is a preliminary requirement to avoid meat during recovery stages. The problem arises when those following cure mechanism are not able to understand even basic requirements of the cure mechanism as listed in blog, because either the blog was not read properly and the follower does not have understanding required to read and understand the cure mechanism.
        Just think like this; if evey one is going to come out with their own suggestion on why they are not going to follow a specific requirement written in blog how am I going to explain why they did not get cured which I claim in my blog.
        Please follow and make changes under recommended GUIDELINES only or else I would be wasting my time exlaining why the blog is not working for you and any other such patients who is trying to make changes not following the guidelines.

  3. Sunil says:

    Okay Seeme ,
    My suggestion is read the blog multiple time and understand it before you start following it.
    Good Luck.

  4. Nikki says:

    Sunil, thank you for this wonderful information. I’ve read it over several times. I’m following it. I’ve been eating vegetarian for seven days now. I’m taking triphala after meals and doing sea salts each meal. Using l-glutamine and hydrolised collagen to heal. The only thing I’m unable to do is the raisins—due to candida. I cannot have high sugar.
    Overall, I can feel the cycle you speak of happening. Food just sits and then I get way too acid (reflux, intestinal burning). I understand from what I’m reading that I have to heal my stomach (I’m taking cayenne) in order for things to start processing/digesting right. My insides are badly, badly burned. I’m taking slippery elm, dgl, aloe, but they’re just not really healing me yet. I just cannot see a break in the vicious cycle yet. I’m doing baking soda as I have to but not always. The one place I can see a diffeneev is my joints—they don’t seem as painful after the week. Any further suggestions? I’m 100lbs and in so much pain. I took nexium for over ten years and started realizing my mjneral imbalance—I’m so acidic. Need any help you can provide. Thank you!!!

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Nikki;
      The Acid waste that has accumulated over the years because of acid rebound effect of using acid blockers (PPI) has caused the stomach slowdown. You must use wheat grass powder twice a day , Black raisin soaked water (soaked for 8-10 hrs) twice a day along with Triphla and vegetarian food till the recovery takes place. In meanwhile strictly avoid meat, SUGAR , fried , baked and white flour foods strictly till the recovery happens. Once the acid waste accumulated inside body is cleaned by continuous use of wheat grass powder, Black raisin soaked water & triphla you will be able to eat most of food strictly avoiding red meat for ever. You must also use MULTIPLE AMINO ACID Powder (e.g amino lift) minimum 5 gm every day for speedy recovery.
      Also it is important to stop using PPI otherwise all your efforts will fail to recover. The black raisin can be used as since you have stopped the acid blockers the free flow of acids will take care of your candida problem automatically. Use rasin water as directed daily please as this will alkaline you body fluids which are way acidic now.

      • Sunil says:

        1) The reason you are still struggling is because you have not cleansed ACID WASTE from your body which has slowed down your stomach in first place.
        2) There are safe food which do not cause acidity and there are foods that would CLEANSE ACID WASTE and cure you of motility issues for good. IF you are only following safe food protocol there by preventing further damage but THIS WILL NOT CURE YOU for good.
        3) You must follow ACID CLEANSE FOR around 8-12 weeks:–
        a) Wheat grass powder 5 gm twice every day with water.
        b) Black raisins (8-10) soaked (soaked for 8-10 hrs) water twice a day
        c) 1 Triphla capsule (Himalaya brand is my choice) after every meal
        d) eating vegetarian slowly cooked food cooked for less than 8 minutes till recovery.
        e) eat grounded 1 tsp of fenugreek seeds, sesame seeds every day with water.

  5. Nikki says:

    Hi Sunil,
    I’m following you exactly. So far my acid reflux is so out of control, and I can’t get it to be calmer. I can feel huge releases of it at times and take baking soda in water to help. My sinuses are burned as well as my intestines…it’s quite severe. Can you see my email an possibly email me back/forth and let me know if there is anything else I can do. I believe my stomach has to be calmer/less acidic to heal, and I’m just not sure what else to do to get it under control. I’m also getting cramps the throughout my body after eating.
    Following all steps
    Eating vegetarian
    Taking l-glutamine and amino acids
    Wheat grass, raisins, coconut water, etc.
    I tried cayenne already, and it kept coming back up and burning my sinuses. Any thoughts are welcome…I’m not giving up.

    • Sunil says:

      Nikki, You can start Glutamine after few weeks of being without PPI and after your reflux is in control. Are you taking Triphla which is the most important herb when following this protocol?. In absence of motility agenet like Triphla the acid reflux will not be in control as food will not move and causes acid build-up. So Triphla after every meal is required. The reason cayyene or acid refluxing back is because your stomach motility is compromised because of so many years of usage of PPI. I would suggest you to have very very light boiled vegetarian meals with rice till the reflux is controlled. Then slowly things will take right turn. Have triphla after every meal.
      Continue to use Cold Milk without sugar , coconut water , baking soda dissolved in water for soothing your stomach in case you feel it is turning acidic. But if you are having slowly cooked vegetarian boiled meals along with triphla you should get rid of reflux soon. Continue to use wheat grass & raisin water daily twice basis.

      • Nikki says:

        Okay, maybe I’m expecting too much too soon? I’ll keep with the foods, and yes, triphala after every meal. Thanks so much!

  6. Sunil says:

    • L GLUTAMINE Powder (Unflavoured no sugar) and Multiple Amino acids powder (BCAA unflavoured no sugar) for GUT REPAIR.
    Caution: L Glutamine not to be used while you have a sensitive stomach or stomach lining inflammation; to be used only in later stages (2-3 months after recovery). Stop it if you get burning pain or feel that Glutamine is causing the damage/uneasy stomach, as this means the stomach is not yet ready for this supplement.

  7. Hello Sunil,
    Is there any chart available to follow, I see lot of text but not able to find summarized chart to follow.

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