Gastro Paresis /Hyper Acidity / Delayed Stomach Emptying (DYSMOTILITY) RECOVERY PROGRAM

Gastro Paresis /Hyper Acidity / Delayed Stomach Emptying (DYSMOTILITY) / Acid Reflux/ Acidosis  RECOVERY PROGRAM

** It is advised to also refer to parent blog for more details on this program below **

Before you start this program


  • Hyper Acidity / Acidic Stomach and subsequent Gastro Paresis is cause by STORED ACIDS due to SLOW STOMACH caused by certain medicines/Drugs (Mostly NSAID painkillers or Acid Blockers [PPI/H2 Blockers] class of drugs or any other medication that slows the stomach). Once Stomach has slowed down due to certain medicines, Acidosis occurs and accumulated acids in turn cause MORE SLOW STOMACH and thus the LOOP. The CURE mechanism involves cleaning up stored acids first along with providing motility (STOMACH) on regular basis till the problem is reversed. The extra ACIDS released for digestion are neutralized on every meal basis by providing sustained ALKALINE RESERVES WITH EVERY MEAL IN FORM OF ORGANIC SALTS & QUICKLY PREPARED FOOD that does not required acid release avoiding sugar & meat.
  • First Thing you must do is to STOP ALL MEDICATION of Proton Pump Inhibitors / H2 Blockers Class of Drugs (e.g. NEXIUM, ranitidine, famotidine, omeprazole, RAZO etc) that you are used to for suppressing Acid. It is proven that these drugs although help suppress acids but as a side effect enhance DYSMOTILITY or slow stomach emptying making sure that you never get cured. You must also STOP all Pro kinetic / motility class of drugs (e.g. REGLAN, Domperidone, Erythromycin) as these have many side effects and are mostly ineffective in long run. FOR THIS PROGRAM TO SUCCEED YOU MUST BE OFF PPI/Pro Kinetic/Constipation Class of drugs. Please know that PPI class of drugs is used for SUPRESSING ACID While PRO KINETIC Drugs are used to push the digested food through stomach (Motility) for EVERY MEAL you take.
  • All you need to do is to TRUST THIS PROGRAM (as most of what I write is already tested on me), and you will realize that what you were doing before was just a faulty line of treatment enforced upon you by the medical fraternity which has really not understood gastro paresis problem till now. All they do is to just enforce a generic program that included PPI/Motility class of drugs along with antacids to manage the issue and thereby make you all SLAVE to this faulty mechanism that only brings more problems later. So long, that you continue to suppress acids using PPI, delayed emptying will continue to persist. Read DISCUSSION section of article here: “   “. Look for how to stop PPI section somewhere in parent blog.
  • Instead what is required is, to follow a Leaky Gut Repair Protocol (Leaky Gut Prescription) that involves use of alkaline reserves (Seeds & Salts), TRIHPHALA capsule for Intestinal Cleanse & motility, L Glutamine for Intestinal repair and lightly cooked diet on slow flame that is devoid of Meat , processed food, white Flour foods & Rich oily curries; during recovery period. Your food is going to be your medicine from now on. We will use right food(quickly prepared); Intestinal & Blood cleanse(Triphala, Raisin water,Wheat grass powder), build alkaline reserves along with healthy salts(Himalyan pink salt,Black salt,Sea salt(Impure crystals)), Using Mucilage food like  grounded flax seeds, fenugreek seeds, chia seeds  with water to cure CONSTIPATION to get rid of this complex issue. We will also use L-Glutamine powder to help repair Intestinal Lining/Mucosa to resolve it from root.

 This is a HOLISTIC program and so all steps must be taken together as mentioned in this blog to get better results. You will fail the program; if you continued to use PPI/Pro kinetic/constipation drugs when following this program. You must take up this program with CLEAR INTENT to get cured and NOT JUST follow it in an ad- hoc manner. Please put in your comments & queries only after you have tried this program for at least 2 weeks. ONE SHALL NEVER start this program without TRIPHALA / Black salt (grey or pink in colour) or Himalayan pink salt.  

What you will need


  • SEEDS (Flax, Fenugreek, Alfalfa, Chia – these are all grounded and taken with water) as these contain Alkaline Reserves that your body needs to neutralize the acids that are released to digest the food and also for the acidic food that you consume. These also contain Mucilage that will help cultivate the right surface moisture and slippage on intestinal walls to protect stomach from acid secretion that takes place during digestion and will also help resolve CONSTIPATION Issues. In addition 1-2 spoon Pure cow ghee / Clarified Butter before sleep every night for easy bowels . Flax seeds:    “  “
  • SALTS    ORGANIC Sea Salt(Impure crystals)/ Black salt /Rock salt /Celtic/Himalayan Pink salt. These healthy salts contain minerals that would help stimulate better digestion. These ORGANIC SALTS are capable of absorbing heat and very necessary as every meal causes digestive fires to go up. Our body stores alkaline reserves in the form of salts. These SALTS also provide much needed alkaline reserves. We will sprinkle these salts on every meal that we have. At least one table spoon of these salts to be consumed daily.
  • RAISINS   (10 Black raisins), these are soaked in water overnight and when we drink this water; helps bring ALKALINITY & Iron to blood thereby helps us eating heavy and large amounts of food speeding up the digestion in long run. To increase absorption of Iron Rich food like raisins, cereals like Kellogg product 19/cheerios, wheat flour you must combine these with Vitamin C rich food like Oranges, Lemon etc.
  • For any stomach anxiety after meals;  Carom seeds boiled water (It controls nausea and vomiting, and increases appetite.), Antacids like Baking soda (NOT baking powder) dissolved in water, Chilled milk (No Sugar), a TRIPHALA capsule after meal or OTC antacids can be used. Remember that Acid neutralizing is always preferred than acid suppressions. Mostly I used TRIPHALA capsule for any type of anxiety after meals.
  • LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, a soft/Lightly prepared (Quickly prepared and on slow flame) diet(80% alkaline 20% Acidic mostly vegan) till recovery. We must increase alkaline reserves by having vegetable diet avoiding meat at least during recovery periods. Food at this stage can never be strongly cooked/processed/baked/fried (slow digestion) or acidic (strong Protein, sugar, meat). All type of MEAT to be had in Boiled/Grilled/Steamed form only. The journey from soft/Lightly prepared(Quickly prepared) diet To strong diet is a slow one, but will ensure final cure. Also Triphala is very important herb in this program. Include / sprinkle (1/2 TSP) cayenne pepper [Red chillies powder] with all your meals if you have a sensitive stomach, this is required to heal the stomach which is now sensitive due to acids.
  • A Typical food list example that will not cause stomach anxiety is listed below:-
  • Breakfast : Cold milk without Sugars with kellogs/muesli and banana
  • Lunch: quickly prepared vegan food with Rice or any boiled vegan food
  • Dinner: Quickly prepared vegan food with Rice or Rice + Plain Yoghurt
  • For snacking any time of day use only  Alkaline foods   like dried raisins, Figs, cucumbers, dates, banana, papaya, water melon, Mango, Beet.
  • Sample One Day Alkaline Diet Plan: 



One thing you will strictly avoid is RICH CURRIES with lots of oil in them. Strictly AVOID NSAID Painkillers, skipping meals,Tea Coffee & Alcohol during this period. Tea coffee can be had once you have cured your sensitive stomach by taking TRIPHALA capsule for 7-10 days. If you feel anxiety after any food have one TRIPHALA capsule or cold milk (No Sugar) or coconut water or baking soda (NOT baking powder) dissolved in water. Avoid Green chilies, instead use peppercorn or cayenne pepper (red chilies powder). Strictly avoid canned food, White flour, baked food and hot milk during this time. That means you must avoid soft drinks, Sugar/fried/baked (Biscuits, cake, pastries etc)/red meat/flour (bread, flat bread/chapatti etc)/all type of processed food (canned food, chips, tomato sauce, chocolates etc), at all costs till the stomach is ready to take them back till recovery take place. No meat for next 2-3 months. Strictly avoid Red meat and deep fried oily greasy food and rich curries.  



  • 1 Spoon for each of grounded flax seed powder, CHIA Seeds grounded,  Fenugreek seeds grounded Marshmallow root powder (Althaea officinalis) along with Some Water. This is done to ensure healthy mucus growth and support slippery stomach lining to protect from acid that is secreted during digestion along with building alkaline reserves. This shall also help resolve constipation issues. I do this twice daily.
  • Carom seeds water if you have a Nausea. Nausea is something where you have hunger in stomach but can not take your food as you feel heavy in chest.
  • Add Wheat grass powder & alfalfa seeds grounded to Luke warm water added with pinch (1/3 tea spoon) of one or combination of Celtic Sea salt/Himalayan Pink salt/Black Salt /Rock Salt. Optionally add a pinch of Black pepper  & Lemon juice. This is done to purify blood & restore alkalinity of body fluids.
  •  Also L-Glutamine powder dissolved in water or shake (1 tea spoons ) to help gut lining / Mucosa repair. I took this for around 4 weeks, stopped for a week and restarted. This is to be done for 4-6 months.
  • For acidosis cure and to bring alkalinity to body fluids also drink raisins soaked water (10 black raisins soaked in water for 8-10 hours) and eat raisins twice daily. You may also prepare CHIA seeds soaked in water for 5-10 minutes and drink that along with CHIA seeds. To increase absorption of Iron Rich food like raisins, cereals like Kellogg product 19/cheerios, wheat flour you must combine these with Vitamin C rich food like Oranges, citrus fruits etc. I do this twice daily.
  • If you have functional dyspepsia (feeling of full stomach even with small meals) then you must perform KAPALBHATI or sit up Stomach exercises starting with 100 (give 10 second break for every 20 KAPALBHATI stomach steps) and gradually increasing it to 300-400 at one go. If your Stomach is feeling stressed (Full/Tight) even after small meal then you definitely have functional dyspepsia. Those with Blood Pressure (BP) issues must do this exercise moderately (around 50 at a time but repeat it 3-4 times in a day.). This exercise shall restore elasticity of your stomach back and will remove any stress caused by large meals later.



  • Boiled food is the lightest form of food to stomach, you can add lemon juice, black pepper, Black salts on top of it. Have soft diet or lightly prepared(Quickly prepared) vegan food (7-8 minutes of cooking, less or no oil). We shall avoid  acid build-up (avoid sugar,Meat) and Food build-up (Food that take long time to digest; Avoid white flour,fried & processed foods). If oil is required for preparation then never use more than 2 tea spoon of oil. Spices are welcome addition too. Always use Rice based food as they are very light to stomach during recovery stage. I have used Muesli with cold/chilled MILK (No sugar) and also Banana alongside. Alkaline foods   like dried raisins, Figs, cucumbers, dates, banana, papaya, water melon, Mango, Beet, Broccoli can be had any time in day or along with all meals. Sprinkle a lot of cayenne pepper on all meals if  you have a sensitive stomach. You will avoid Liquid curries, meat & fried food during recovery stages. Also the food that is prepared should not be curried and should not contain anything that is fried; also it should be dried food preparation (no liquid curries). If the food is with liquid curries just pick up dry content out of it leaving the curry for others. Meal like Curd + Rice and Rice + Spinach is very soothing to stomach and shall be reserved for nights mostly. Normally, an 80% Vegetarian and 20% Non vegetarian meal or sticking to MEAT in Grilled/Boiled/ Steamed form only would ensure life without acidity. We shall avoid meat during recovery stage. DO NOT FORGET to sprinkle one or combination of all of salts listed above on every meal you eat to help avoid Acid indigestion.
  • One TRIPHALA Capsules after every meal. We will do this for around 6-8 weeks or more depending upon recovery results.
  • Also L-GLUTAMINE powder (2 hrs before or 2 hrs after meal) dissolved in water or shake (1 tea spoons daily) to help gut lining / Mucosa repair. I took this for around 4 weeks.
  • Sample One Day Alkaline Diet Plan: 

WHEN YOU WANT TO THROW ALL PRECAUTIONS TO WIND FOR THAT ONE DAY IN A WEEK ============================================================ Okay so you decided to forget about all precautions. No worries, there is a way but you must do it only occasionally. Just pick up a very good quality digestive Multi enzyme tablet e.g. DIGEPLEX T and TRIPHALA CAPSULE. Now just before meal have one Digestive Enzyme tablet and after you have finished your food have 1 or 2 TRIPHALA CAPSULE. How it works is that, Digestive enzymes help break food thereby less acids are produced and TRIPHALA is an excellent Intestinal cleanse and motility herb, thereby makes sure that food and digestive juices are not hold up for long in stomach. Always keep TRIPHALA handy for occasions where you had food that starts to give you anxiety. Have one TRIPHALA capsule for all such occasions which give you anxiety after meal.



  • Trigger food for Acid Reflux / Acidosis means combination of meat + food that delay digestion or take long to digest. If you know what type of food delay’s digestion you will know how to eat it and how much gap is required. White flour, baked, Rich oily curries, Fried food cause delay in digestion and that is why they must never be combined with meat to avoid acidosis in future. Meat is safe when had in isolation or with rice in grilled/steamed/boiled form. One food that has always caused me issues is oily rich curries when combined with meat. I can eat everything but strictly avoid rich oily curries with meat in it. I have not found any issue when I have curries with vegetable food inside. As of now this is the only one combination that I avoid. As acidity prone individuals (thin stomach/mucosal lining is not able to protect us from excess acids produced for digestion) we can never afford to have food that would hold acids released for digestion for long time in stomach. That means all meats shall be ate in isolation and not combined with white flour foods and should never be fried. If you are going to eat food that would take long to digest e.g. white flour food, fried food then you must never eat meat along with these. Having a compromised stomach lining (thinned) the acids released for meat (protein) digestion would cause flare ups and would stress the stomach thereby promoting the delayed emptying.
  • Always remember that we are acidity prone individuals and so if you ever had food (Trigger food for Acid Reflux / Acidosis means combination of meat + food that delay digestion or take long to digest) that may cause delay in digestion especially when meat was consumed, have 1-2 TRIPHALA capsule immediately after meal to avoid return of acidosis.
  • I normally prepare myself for these occasions (when eating trigger food) by having one digestive enzyme tablet (e.g. DIGEPLEX T) just before meal followed by TRIPHALA capsule for fast motility, if I ever wanted to indulge in this type of food occasionally. How it works is that, Digestive enzymes help break food thereby less acids are produced and TRIPHALA is an excellent Intestinal cleanse and motility herb, thereby makes sure that food and digestive juices are not hold up for long in stomach. WE MUST continue to build alkaline reserves for the cure to become permanent.
  •  This is a HOLISTIC program and so all steps must be taken together as mentioned in this blog to get better results. You will fail the program; if you continued to use PPI/Pro kinetic/constipation drugs when following this program. You must take up this program with CLEAR INTENT to get cured and NOT JUST follow it in an ad- hoc manner. Please put in your comments & queries only after you have tried this program for at least 2 weeks. ONE SHALL NEVER start this program without TRIPHALA / Black salt (grey or pink in color) or Himalayan pink salt.

** You may exercise your own judgment in following some of cure mentioned in this blog ** ‘ *It is advised to also refer to parent blog for more details on this program below. *

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147 Responses to Gastro Paresis /Hyper Acidity / Delayed Stomach Emptying (DYSMOTILITY) RECOVERY PROGRAM

  1. Sunil says:

    Special attention should paid to glutamine, zinc carnosinate, B5 and EFA’s. Additionally, if your gut is inflamed you will benefit from DGL (deglycerated licorice), Aloe Vera, Slippery Elm, Mucin, Marshmellow (root), N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Quercetin. The best product out there hands down is Designs For Health’s GI-Revive which not only contains the aforementioned supplements but a few others as well (4). – See more at: –>>

  2. Sunil says:

    Sample One Day Alkaline Diet Plan:
    and this
    You must avoid everything that is made of white flour, meat,processed food,sugar or food containing sugar, baked food, fatty food, fried food. you can have All type of rice based food and vegan food that is quickly prepared.
    All type of snacking shall be 100% Alkaline foods as you do not want acid buildup during snacking.

  3. sammiyusuf says:

    i ll now add chia seeds in my routine and then get back to you…my main issue of fulness and heaviness is now better but still not gone…ll kp on updating here..thanks for such a wonderful blog!!

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Sammi
      This is a HOLISTIC program and so all steps must be taken together as mentioned in my blog. If you did one thing at a time you may not get good results. My Request to all taking up this program will be to follow all steps together as mentioned in blog.

  4. Kes says:

    Excellent! Just excellent information you’ve provided. I’ve been suffering from a mobility problem for over 12 years but didn’t figure it out until just a few weeks ago. Good thing came across your blog. Funny thing, I was researching the prescriptions and supplements that my Doc prescribed for my problem today when I stumbled across your site. The Doc prescribed Azithromycin, Iberogast, GI-Revive, and Similase GFCF (vegetarian enzymes). I just finished a round of Bactrim to clear what I believed was SIBO, even though the the Hydrogen breath test came back negative, and as I thought over the results, I couldn’t believe them because I suffer extreme bloating and distension and fullness even when eating tiny meals. Must be the dysmotility which botched the test. The lactose solution they give you for the test never had a chance to go anywhere past the stomach, especially not in the 2hrs the allotted for the test. Not to mention my intestinal track was already jam-packed with old meals…lol

    I’ve been searching for a completely natural way and will purchase all the supplements/herbs you mention that I don’t already have and see myself though, God willing, to a complete cure.That said. I will not take the Azithromycin (prescribed for SIBO and motility). I’m not sure what to do about the Iberogast though. What are your thoughts Sunil?

    Thanks for all the wonderful info. I enjoyed the read and undoubtedly re-read the info several l times over.


    • Sunil says:

      I have replaced Motility drugs with TRIPHALA which is a herb and does a better job of cleansing and motility in a natural way.Getting off H2 Blockers & Proton Pump Inhibitors (Nexium, ranitidine, famotidine, omeprazole, Razo etc) is very important first steps in managing this issue. Being on H2 Blockers/PPI class of drugs for long time and then stopping suddenly will have acid rebound effect. You must follow soft/grilled/steamed/Roasted diet along with frequent acid neutralizing for first few days when stopping these medications. Remember that BOILED food is the most safest food and initial 3-4 days will be tough when we suddenly stop prescription but if we are resilient and follow safe diet (Boiled) one should be fine.
      You must read section on ** A NOTE on How to Stop PPI/H2 Blockers ** in my parent blog to understand more. Also look for step 1-13 in my parent blog.
      Also this is HOLISTIC program so all steps must be followed together to get good results.

      • Sunil says:

        A Note on LOW Stomach Acid queries, Apple Cider Vinegar V/S Organic Salts, PPI’s
        1) LOW Stomach Acid queries:-
        I have come across many people raising queries on whether it is low acid that is causing the issue. As far as my knowledge goes this is not true. Acidosis or Acid Indigestion leading to Acid Reflux is caused by Acid buildup. The fact that we are using acid suppression (PPI) and acid neutralization (antacids) means that we have more than required acids present. In fact all our problems have started because of Acidosis or Acid Indigestion which is because of LOW PH of body fluids and blood.
        Look; Acids are released only for protein digestion and more stronger the protein (meat) More acids are released. But if you are having a Vegetarian meal, not much acids are required as protein content is very less in this case; so where is question for low acid here? If you supplied HCL supplements while having alkaline or vegetarian food it would actually cause acid indigestion as no acids are required first of all to digest this type of meal. What is required in fact is a steady supply of Alkaline reserves to bring back PH to normal level for every meal and hence I use Organic salts with every meal which not only supply much needed alkaline reserves but also help bring pH to normal.

        2) PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor class of druds used for Acid Suppression) :-
        The reason these acid blockers (PPI’s) have caused havoc is because they are designed poorly and are thus causing more delayed stomach emptying (GP) when taken for long time. So now, If you had GP for Reason X, and once you have started on PPI drugs to suppress acid, your GP is now caused by Reason X + PPI’s (as their side effect caused more GP). That is why we must first make all efforts to put a stop to this class of drug as now even if you have resolved your Reason X which cause GP originally; you can still never come out of GP as there is now EXPLICIT or DELIBERATE GP caused by PPI class of drugs, and your GP will persist so long you continue to take them. Remember that Acid Neutralizing is always preferable than acid suppression as we do not want to interfere with logical functioning of stomach which is what these PPI class of drugs do. I have said in so many voices in last several months that you can never ever recover until and unless you get rid of this class (PPI) of drugs.
        But you must take care of acid rebound effect when stopping these and also understand what type of food must be ate when you are off acid blockers. See if you ate food that does not require ACID RELEASE; then automatically you are making acid blocker redundant. If you have learnt food behaviors you would be able to understand what to eat and how to eat and eventually your stomach would restore back. I have replaced PPI with TRIPHALA, which is a herb to get final cure. You must read my blog on WordPress to understand mechanism first.

        3) Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) v/s ORGANIC SALTS
        Those with Acid Reflux have benefited by taking ACV (Apple cider Vinegar) just before meals. Apple cider vinegar although very acidic; is ALKALINE forming food there by helps regulate PH of Digested food. The Digested food must be neutralized before it can be passed on to next stage in stomach for digestion. If the PH of digested food is low it just sits there along with acid released for digestion and hence causes acid reflux in some people.
        But ACV is very strong, and unless diluted properly can not be used if you have a Sensitive stomach, and so in that case better alternative to use is ORGANIC SALTS like Rock Salt/Black salt/Sea salt (Crystals). I normally combine all of these salts and sprinkle these on all my meals after they are served. These salts are capable of absorbing heat and also help regulate PH of digested food. so, it is safe to say that instead of ACV these ORGANIC SALTS can be used instead to avoid acid indigestion.

        Let Thy Food Be Thy Cure!, This is the IDIOM we use to manage or cure GP and all its manifested issues. The mechanism of Blood Cleanse/Intestinal cleanse (TRIPHALA) along with building alkaline reserves through Organic salts(Rock/Black/Sea salt (impure crystals) and using mucilage food like Flax,Fenugreek,Chia seeds to resolve constipation , Blood purification(Wheat grass powder/raisin soaked water) and L Glutamine based intestinal repairs shall help manage problem for good.

  5. Sophie says:

    Hello, this is incredibly helpful. I have been having stomach issues and my specialist doctor thinks itmight be functional dyspepsia. it was so bad that i vommited and had severely painful attacks aFTER eating especially in the evenings, so i am currently taking nexium. I have to have some moe tests to rule out other things before i know if i have functional dyspepsia. Will this diet help me? is it likely that i will be in alot of pain within the beginning? can you exercise on this diet or do you lose weight? what is the possibility of developing nutrient deficiencies? Thankyou so much for this article. I was feeling quite hopeless until reading this. I hope you can answer these few questions.

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Sophie,
      The diet will help you avoid acid buildup but cure will happen through regular Intestinal cleanse/Blood cleanse through Triphala capsule after every meal, Avoiding acid indigestion by having organic salts with all meals, and using blood cleansing through wheat grass powder or other method on regular basis. within 5-7 days you would have realized that you are on a right path or not when following method as prescribed in my blog. Mostly you would have recovered in 8-12 weeks if you followed this strictly with discipline. The problem is complex but can be managed without any prescription and I am very very confident about it. All i did was to stop all allopathic medication and went natural. Go ahead and trust the mechanism in the blog to be happy later. If you took triphala after meals the switch over will not be painful, similarly nutrient deficiency can be avoided by raisin soaked water and all steps I wrote to be done in mornings. You can read my section on how to stop PPI to get more idea on how to do a switchover. Its not difficult and only first 3-4 days are tough but with frequent acid neutralization for first 3-4 days and having only boiled food diet during switchover along with triphala after meals would make this change peaceful.

  6. Sunil says:

    For Food, It does not matter whether it is Indian or American. Let us understand this way. It is the method of preparation that holds the key here. So I wrote all food must prepared in less than 7-8 minutes so that alkaline reserves in them are not lost. Similarly If oil is required for preparation then, never use more 1-2 tsp so that food remains light to stomach. Similarly we need to eat food that is more of alkaline forming and hence avoiding meat for now will help. This applies to all type of food whether Indian or American. similarly we must avoid food or products that are made from white flour , are Baked, fried, contain sugar, are canned or processed. so you see my point, it applies to all foods.

    So we understood following:->
    1) We must avoid Acid Buildup by eating more of alkaline foods (e.g. avoid Sugar/meat for now)
    2) We must avoid Food Buildup by eating food that do not take long to digest (e.g. avoid White flour & Fried foods for now). Your stomach is slow at present, so eating food that take long to digest only causes more stress to stomach and therefore skip this type of food for now.
    3) We must supply alkaline reserves with each meal by having quickly prepared food and Organic salts like Black salt/Himalayan pink salt.
    4) We must take care of constipation issues by eating mucilage food every day (e.g. Flax seeds powder, Chia seeds powder, Fenugreek seeds powder, Clarified butter).
    5) We must cleanse blood using Raisin Soaked water (raisins soaked for 8-10 hrs), Wheat grass powder or all such products that help cleanse blood.
    6) Triphala is an excellent intestinal cleanse and motility HERB and can be easily replaced in place of PPI/Pro kinetics.
    7) To help this method work you must not be using PPI/Pro Kinetics / Constipation drugs at all.

    For more on how to eat method please read following posts:

  7. Sunil says:

    Okay Guys,
    The easiest way to do switchover is to just stop the PPI/Pro Kinetic drugs, Eat Boiled Light meals Followed by a TRIPHALA Capsule after every meal, and Sprinkle healthy Organic salts like Sea Salt(Impure crystals, Black , Rock salts) on every meal to avoid acid indigestion.

    Getting off H2 Blockers ,Proton Pump Inhibitors & Pro Kinetic drugs is very important first steps in managing this issue. Being on H2 Blockers/PPI class of drugs for long time and then stopping suddenly will have acid rebound effect. I have followed soft/grilled/steamed/Roasted diet or these example steps below when stopping PPI for first one first 3-4 days when putting a stop to PPI class of drugs.
    Okay this is what I followed to break the PPI Loop:-
    0) 3-days Before stopping the PPI/Pro KIinetics start taking Triphala capsule(Himalaya) after every meal .
    Also start using healthy salts with all meals.
    1) Stopped all medications of PPI & Pro kinetic drugs.
    2) Have Boiled /Soft diet (Quickly prepared food mostly vegan) for all 3 meals.
    3) I have also used Chilled/cold Milk (No Sugar) with Kellogs product 19/Muesli, Followed by a TRIPHALA Capsule.
    4) Have only 3 meals. For snacking just use following: Raisins, Figs, cucumbers, carrots, Dates, apple juice or banana, papaya, mango, water melon alongside for moderate ALKALINE Food only snacking (only 3-4 hours after lunch).
    5) Triphala is an Excellent intestinal cleanse and Motility HERB. this herb has many benefits and a recovery without this herb may not be possible. To see what else this herb does you can click on link below: (this is what I have used)
    6) Also sprinkle Organic salts (NOT Table Salt) like Unrefined Sea salt (Impure crystals), Black salt, Rock salt , Celtic salt on all meals.
    The use of TRIPHALA capsule and Organic Salts will make stopping PPI /Pro Kinetic drugs painless and you may not even know that you are off them. There is more info below on triphala here: (this is what I have used)
    7) Last but not the least I have used otc Antacids, Sea Salt added water, Cold milk (No sugar), coconut water, Baking soda dissolved in water (Not Baking Powder) to sooth stomach when I felt it turning acidic because of acid rebound effect of stopping PPI for first 3-4 days. Acid neutralizing is always preferred than acid suppression. You may not even need to use any antacid if you took triphala.
    8) After the PPI loop is broken and we are off these medicines, we will continue to have right food with Triphala after meal for next 4-6 weeks.
    9) In just 5-7 days you would have seen the difference and understood whether you are on right path or not.
    10) we will break the Gastro Paresis loop next once you have understood the PPI Loop break mechanism
    11) If you are confused then just use triphala capsules after all meals along with healthy salts with every meal and you will still be fine.

  8. Sunil says:

    How to eat during recovery
    For Food, It does not matter whether it is Indian or American. Let us understand this way. It is the method of preparation that holds the key here. So I wrote all food must prepared in less than 7-8 minutes so that alkaline reserves in them are not lost. Similarly If oil is required for preparation then, never use more 1-2 tsp so that food remains light to stomach. Similarly we need to eat food that is more of alkaline forming and hence avoiding meat for now will help. This applies to all type of food whether Indian or American. similarly we must avoid food or products that are made from white flour , are Baked, fried, contain sugar, are canned or processed. so you see my point, it applies to all foods.

  9. Debbie says:

    You say not to eat meat during recovery. Could you provide a list of foods you could eat, like protein sources? Are beans allowed, for example? I don’t like the drugs they put me on. Raglan and PPIs. I’m scared and want to be normal again. I’ve lost so much weight.

  10. Bob Boyer says:

    I want to jump in with a quick review of my progress. I have had my diagnosis of GP for about 3 years and it is attributed to diabetes type 2 which I have had for at least 7 years. I am not on insulin. I experienced the usual bloated nausea feelings with occasional pain, retching, and vomiting. Also constant constipation and distress after eating with sensations of extreme fullness after eating only small portions.
    My symptoms led me in search of information other than my doctor who I felt was content with the slow progress of my disease. Online I saw how many were suffering most worse than myself. I also was able to observe through others the slow progress of the disease. I was both frightened at the prospect and determined to find answers to my questions about treatment. That is when I read Sunilds post on a cure for GP. It was if a light went off in my head and I saw my situation more clearly.
    Basically pharmaceuticals were poisoning me and if not the real cause of my GP they were a leading contributor to it. I began taking the steps to free myself from the loop of GP symptoms.
    I am so glad that I broke that loop and began the journey to recovery. Dropping the PPI’s is not fun but it is so worth the effort. I now barely experience the symptoms of GP,
    I am careful to eat foods I can digest during the day. and I follow the advice concerning salts and triphala. I also became interested in the acid alkaline balance in the body. Recently I bought some test strips so I could see what my PH is. Now after being on the program my PH is now in the optimal range. I feel much better in fact I am tolerating food much better and I can even occasionally stray from my diet without all the drama and discomfort I used to experience. I am even tolerating natural fiber daily and as a result I am more regular and I feel so much better.

    To those with questions or on the fence about all this I offer my own progress towards the hope of a cure. Personally I expect to make more progress and I have strong hope that I will cure my gut. Read The blog several times until you understand the mechanisms of the cure and decide if this is right for you.
    The first step is the hardest that is to stop all the various drugs that Big Pharma is poisoning us with. There is a simple plan for doing that and dealing with any pain.
    Next with dietary changes set the stage for the body to begin healing. Begin to build alkaline reserves and incorporate helping substances like Triphala and L-glutamine into our bodies.

    There is light at the end of the path.

    • Sunil says:

      Thanks Steve, for your comments on my recovery blog. This will help others to follow suit and that is the purpose of this blog, to help others to deal with this chronic issue.

    • Seeme says:

      Hi Bob
      How are you doing these days? I just read your comment here and you’re right it does give me hope. Especially as there is no offer of hope at the doctor’s. They say I probably have functional dyspepsia as my gastroscopy, bloods, and stool all came back fine. But, I don’t feel fine. I have acidity issues and motility issues. Today is Day One on Sunil’s programme for me and I would just like to ask you how you managed to be meat/fish free for 2-3 months as Sunil suggests. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Regards. Seeme

  11. Niraj says:

    Hi Sunil

    I am treting my stomuch related to intestine(dysplexia) and reflux (gerd) problem. Feels like squeeze in the stomuch and burning sensation. Always vomit sensation(Cureent in stomuch). I am checking with the Doc since 3 years. Not working. Please help.


  12. Alex says:

    Hi Sunil ,
    I have similar situation with you , which is hyperacidity after the endoscope procedure , now on Nexium for three weeks already , doc have prescribed me for 4weeks since I don’t like medicine , am I able to follow your method in treating my hyperacidity ? , I have researched that those ppi once you stop them ,your body will create more acid so I am worried that would happen in my case .


    • Sunil says:

      Hi Alex
      Look for how to BREAKING THE PPI LOOP somewhere in replies above and also from my parent blog. Yes you can jump onto this holistic program asap.
      Good Luck.
      P.S :
      Also look for my replies to others above to get more idea.

  13. Alex says:

    Hi Sunil
    Thanks for your guidance , I will look further on the article , btw may I ask you that if we stop the ppi , will our body acid level come back to normal ? I have seen from FDA website that those ppi can only be taken for 4 to 8 week only if not mistaken .


    • chloezub154 says:

      Hi Alex 🙂 makes you wonder why most doctors give a YEARLY prescription on my Prilosec, doesn’t it? I have now had two GI’s admit there ARE long term effects from long term use of a PPI. and My new GI wants me to get off mine…first doctor EVER to tell me to get off of a drug 🙂

  14. Alex says:

    Hi Sunil ,
    From your article , you said it’s better to neutralize the acid rather than suppressing it , I am agree with that but the question comes in why those “gastroenterologist ” still want to prescribed acid suppressing drug in the first place ? I am in doubt and rather confusing , aside from that they make sure we will not get cured is there any other factor that they do this ? A lot of question arise after I read your article . Hope you can give me some answer on this.


    • steve says:

      Why? Why do doctors prescribe PPI drugs, and for that matter why for so many other drugs..?
      Some doctors are ill informed and do what big Pharma says cuz they know no better way.
      Other doctors are rewarded with gifts for promoting Big Pharmas will.
      There is much money to be made by keeping people sick and on drugs that keep them that way.
      Big Pharma massively promotes their products to patients and doctors it is a criminal circle that most doctors are not fully cognizant of. Keep us sick with chronic disease and sell us potions to insure we stay that way.
      Nutrition is the best solution I have found. “Let food be your medicine”.

    • Sunil says:

      In short Acid Blockers are badly designed drugs. Just like a good investor makes use of money to create more money, the bad pharmaceuticals (rogue is the good word) make use of drugs to create more patients. Just look at this, they have created class of drugs (PPI) which shall fight acidity, but instead are causing more acidity damaging stomach in the long run. By doing so they created patients for G/J Tube, gastric pacemakers, Stomach surgeries etc ect and make more money out of the situation. I would complete the answer by saying this: THE PPI’s are meant to create more patients. Sooner you can get rid of this class of drugs, more you will have chance of surviving the ordeal later.

  15. Alex says:

    Hi Sunil and Steve ,
    Thanks for the reply .

    • Sunil says:

      there are two types of problem faced Acidity. One is Acid Reflux where acid goes back to neck area and caused heart burn. Second is Acidosis (My case) Where after every meal you start to feel burning pain around abdominal area as if stomach is put on slow fire after every meal you consume. this causes dizziness, fatigue and also you start to lose lots of weight with each passing day.

      Now my cure mechanism works for both cases. Only if you belong to second case that is Acidosis the food habits must be adhered to tightly on 100% basis and you can not take any chances on food that must be avoided during recovery period.

      Look once you are having acidity issues, two things happen. 1- Your stomach is not able to bring out nutrition from food that you eat making you nutrition deficient in long run. This happens because of Acid indigestion meaning that, acids are present to digest food when they should not be; for e.g. acids are required for protein digestion but carbohydrate and fats require more alkaline environment for digestion and hence presence of acids during carbohydrates and fats makes the food get digested without getting nutrients out of it. 2- Another thing that happens is that because of acid indigestion stomach is not able to produce required quantities of amino acids that are essential for internal repairs.

      That is why my mechanism takes care of both Nutrition deficiency and provide externally glut amine amino acids required for internal repairs. But you must understand food behaviors and eat accordingly so as to not cause further ACID BUILDUP & FOOD BUILDUP.

      Read my blog several times and you will know how this method can resolve the issue just in few months but you must continue to adhere to safe food habits to make this cure permanent in long run.
      TRIPHALA is a natural pro kinetic HERB which helps not only stomach motility but also helps detox and other benefits while you are on this herb for few months. Similarly BLACK SALT or HIMALAYAN SALT will help cool down your stomach system and regulate digestive fires which go up with every meal. Here in India I use BLACK SALT with every meal which also has laxative properties.

      Good Luck

      • Alex says:

        Hi Sunil , thanks for your kind reply ,
        I have read your blog several times , the so called ‘doctor” just told me that it’s hard to completely cured this problem ,and tell me to keep those ppi when emergency comes , but I am very skeptical about this as there is someone out there get cured . He said that using natural method is not proven , this as expected to come out of his mouth , but his line of treatment seems to control the symptoms but not curing it , I am going to try what you have written and see if there is improvement , about amino acid , is any brand that is sold will do ?

      • chloezub154 says:

        All I need to do when I get heartburn now is take some Braggs apple cider vinegar. Sunil THANK YOU for the insight. And I finally did get a GI to admit there are indeed long term ill effects of years of taking a PPI

      • Sunil says:

        Thanks Dona for your comments.
        Any brand of Amino Acid will do. The Proof of Pudding is in its eating. So go ahead and try it out and you may see difference for yourself. But remember this is a holistic program so all steps must be taken together.

  16. ahmed says:

    hi sunil
    i have gone though the blog several times,my symptoms are same as yours.
    only thing is that i have to eat several small meals.
    please advise

  17. Allison says:

    Hi — I have read your blog and am determined to follow this. I believe I have Gastro Paresis– slow stomach emptying that is getting worse– I have lost a lot of weight and I am nutrient deficient and trying to find help. I am only taking Xanax and Zolot for anxiety as this is terrifying me. Symptoms started a few years ago—feeling ill like the flu after eating—to now being almost unable to eat solids.

    I am at a point where I can’t eat much solid food at all. If I eat anything it has to be cooked and mashed– I can have fries (I know it’s the worst thing I can do) but my diet is so limited and I am hungry and have lost a lot of weight. I can seem tolerate them a little at a time.
    I live daily on Green juice drinks– probiotic teas and chips– or potatos and sometimes green leafy salads. Very small meals though. And discomfort such as bloat– distension

    I am down to about 1 small meal a day– I can’t eat raisins—cannot eat cereal of any kind or really anything for that matter – NO way can I even try to think about meat—and my symptoms have progressed over this last year.

    With my limited ability to eat right now—will this help me?

    PLEASE HELP. Thank you


    • Sunil says:

      My suggestion is that READ the BLOG and understand the mechanism of cure first. Also please look for other answers where I explained few points in details.
      Only you can decide if the mechanism listed in BLOG can work for you provided you have identified either ACID REFLUX or ACIDOSIS as the cause for all your problems.

      • Allison says:

        I so appreciate your response. i will and have read the blog, thank you for that– i guess i was just hoping to hear that based on my symtopms– not being able to eat much of anything solid, that there is still hope with this program. i am wondering how severe your symptoms were when you started and am praying with everything I have that this will help.

        Can Acid Reflux and or Acidosis cause this kind of slow stomach emptying? i cannot thank you enough as i feel i have some hope at this point. Any suggestions you can provide will and are greatly appreciated.

        God Bless- 🙂

      • steve says:

        Allison, Hi.
        I had the symptoms of gasteroparesis and was facing gall bladder surgery about the time I read Sunil’s Blog. Mostly vomiting, bloating, pain, no digestion, elimination problims low motility, etc.
        On a general scale from reading other peoples symptoms I was pretty typical but not as far gone as people who had been in treatment longer than myself. So I was in bad shape and knew it was going to get worse, much worse.
        I read the blog over and over until I could answer questions based on it and my situation. Then I contacted Sunil who gave me the same advice… To know and understand the blog then decide.
        I stepped out in faith and did basically what Sunil reccomended. I quit listening to the doctors advice on the subject, because I saw where that was leading, and began to listen to my body.
        Along The way I found helpful people.
        The first step is to decide what you really want,then decide if you can put it in action.
        The Blog instructs, start by getting off the PPI and motility drugs.
        (If you can face that you can do it all.) ; )
        I am now almost entirely symptom free.
        My doctor told me to keep doing what I was doing.
        Everyone has to decide how they want to deal or heal.
        We are all different but we have much in common.
        I hope you begin to feel better.

      • Allison says:

        steve, thanks for your encouragement. i am NOT on any PPI’s. nothing– i don’ like medication. so at least i don’t have to go off them. i was, in the past, taking large amounts of Advil, which i stopped as i was getting severe bruising.

        i DO want to heal and will do anything– this is worrying me so much that it is taking me away from the joy of the present day. I will try all of what Sunil suggests and more so give it to God– which i have been trying to do. 6 months ago i could eat Ezekiel Toast– i can’t now. i could eat oatmeal– i can’t now– I could eat chocolate– can’t now. the progression is scaring me.

        thanks again–

  18. Sunil says:

    @Steve, Thanks for reply.
    ACID REFLUX is, when after eating you get heart burn as acid released for digestion goes back to neck area if the valve opening of neck (esophagous) does not close properly.
    ACIDOSIS is, when after every meal you start to get this burning feeling in abdomen, as if yr stomach is placed on a slow fire. Acidosis is a more severe symptom than acid reflux, and requires more disciplined (in fact 100%) adherence to eating food that does not require acid release.
    Since i see you are on anti depressant medicines and I do not know what prevents you from not able to eat food and why you are on liquid food.
    Please read the blog and understand the symptoms and then decide if this will help you.
    Also please read my posts and explanations on with id sunild1204 where I have explained in details how this program can work.


    • Allison says:

      Hi again.. 🙂 thanks again to taking the time to respond. Although i am a bit confused with this sentence you wrote?
      ******Since i see you are on anti depressant medicines and I do not know what prevents you from not able to eat food and why you are on liquid food.*****
      If you truly were experiencing Gastro Paresis symptoms and have studied this issue long enough to recommend a healing program then i would assume you would understand my difficulty with eating solids and having to rely more on liquids. This is due to slow stomach emptying.

      forgive me but this leaves me a bit perplexed.. could you give clerification?

      • Sunil says:

        @DONA/Chloezubz & Steve, Now do you understand why I come across as arrogant (or the good word is CAUTIOUS)!!.

        That is why first thing I do is to ask everyone to “read my blog several times”.
        The very first thing I mention in my blog is that, “this is my personal experience of dealing with a very complex issue”.
        Even if I know that my recovery program will work good for you I will still let all reading the blog decide what is good and bad for them. This is a complex issue and only those who apply their minds will get benefited and there is no place for those who require spoon feeding here. I am just supplying a MECHANISM which I truly feel will work for most of us.

        AND THIS IS BECAUSE OF PEOPLE WHO I COME ACROSS, who first of all, do not question their DOCTORS to whom they are paying thousands of dollars, BUT FIND IT VERY EASY to question a guy like me who just writes a BLOG which provides FREE OF COST mechanism to your stomach issues. YES, I am 46 years old and am very busy with my own career and this is just a CHARITY work I do side by side but am very CAUTIOUS recommending the mechanism as I am not here to understand individual problems on one to one basis ( I do not have a time for that).

        Without going in to more debates I request everyone reading my blog to decide for them if they are comfortable using this recover program. When doing this thankless job, I do come across people who behave and question without realising that if they had done this with their doctors too, they would not be in this medical mess they are in today.

        AND TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION, I have already listed the possible several causes/symptoms for GASTRO PARESIS in the blog, and if you belong to one of those, then may go ahead with program.
        Secondly If you are on Liquid diets or not able to eat solid food can be for other reasons too. I know common sense is not common any-more but at the moment my suggestion is that if you belong to any of causes/symptoms listed for Gastro Paresis in my blog then you can take decision to go ahead with this program.
        Finally; I myself believe that this program CAN BE taken anyway as this is mostly based on
        “USING FOOD AS YOUR CURE MECHANISM”, and even if did not WORK, still will not cause anyone any harm.

      • chloezub154 says:

        Yes sun.. I actually haven’t read the comments because I knew what was happening.., Allison.. He isn’t going to spoon feed you
        Trust me 🙂 I tried to get him to do it for me. This must be looked at in a holistic manner.. Not western medication… Think outside the box. I have GP. I also eat FOOD the idiot doctors told me I could never eat again. I REFUSED to believe canned fruits and veggies and a NO?! fiber for the rest of my life? That’s plain ignorant. It IS not an easy road… You must be you’re own advocate… But it works 😉 keep reading.. Have a friend help. I know it’s hard to comprehend. But you WILL be happy you did this :)!

  19. Sunil says:

    A Slow traffic will cause traffic Jams even if you create new lanes and new highways.
    In same way slow stomach motility will continue to cause GP and that’s why you must get on to triphala for at least 2-3 months just after every meal reducing dosage every 4 weeks finally bringing on to one once a while.
    SOME OF YOU have been skipping this important step in the misguided knowledge that triphala will cause diarrhoea. Look; Triphala acts like laxative only till the time there is some waste stuff to expel otherwise it will provide much needed stomach motility and detox. Hope this is understood once and forever.
    I know lots of you are trying to come out with your own discovery and mechanism, but I am afraid in doing so you will only be one step away from cure.
    There was this man who thought when a Kid could swim so well , so CAN he, despite he did not knew how to swim. He jumped into the lake, and look what happened, he almost drowned!!
    I hope you get the idea and stick to what is tested and can be trusted. NOT everyone has research capabilities. I would rather first try what is tested and then jump on to do more discoveries side by side if I wanted to. What is important right now is to get rid of GP and not try to do research.

  20. Shirley says:

    I have GP and horrible acid reflux. The PPi’s made me so much worse and caused muscle pain. H2 blockers make me worse too but I don’t know how else to stop horrible heartburn. I want to try your method I’m at wits end. So pray it will work. My question is when you are on soft Vegan diet what can u eat for protein that will be easy to digest and not cause more acid.

  21. Shirley says:

    Also another question if someone could answer. I have been on PPI’s or H2blockers on and off for many years. I am now bloated and nausas all the time with constant stomach and throat burning. I can hardly eat anymore. Am I to far gone to repair the damage done to my stomach due to the PPI’s/H2blockers. Has anyone else been this bad and is having progress on this method?

  22. Sunil says:

    No matter how long you suffered our bodies have amazing ability to restore back when brought in line with nature. The method listed in my blog will work for sure as long as you stick to guidelines and mechanism as described in the blog and do not go on parallel discovery. Yes, you may want to identify new discoveries but it has to be under guidelines described in the blog. If you read the blog giving it a full respect you would have found all answers to your queries.
    As far as protein is concerned , you may have to rely on vegetable protein for now till the recovery takes place.


  23. Shirley says:

    Hi Sunil. When you say cook no longer then 7 mins does that also pertain to rice. Also is quinoa ok to eat at first or would it be to hard to digest. I have started your method and have been off PPI’s/h2 blockers for 2 days now. Following your method so far heartburn hasn’t been too bad, but the gas build and bloat is tremendous making me not want to eat. Does this eventually go away after being on this program? Thanks for all your advice.

    • steve says:

      Hi Shirley.
      Often times people who have taken prescription meds , particularly anti biotics have managed to deplete the body’s beneficial flora. So in addition to the changes you have already made I would suggest that you start to restore the balance of good bacteria. You can take probiotics, preferably one with high numbers of several strains. Also eating cultured foods like yogurt and kefir can help, try to avoid the sugary varietys. And look for brands that state they have live cultures. Also you might consider adding some type of digestive enzyme to help break down food. You should be able to rebuild a level of bacteria which may ease some of your gassy symptoms.
      Good luck with Sunil’s program.

  24. Sunil says:

    Shirley ,
    YOU MUST USE TRIPHALA (Himalaya brand is what I used) after every meal & HIMALAYAN PINK SALT Or BLACK SALT with all meals as suggested in recovery blog. I hope you are following the program HOLISTICALLY.
    Since RICE is always boiled it does not matter if it goes beyond 7 minutes of cooking.

    • Sunil says:

      When stopping PPI/Pro kinetics the acid rebound and withdrawal symptoms need to be handled for 1-2 weeks. You may use OTC antacids for 1st week to counter acid rebound effect.
      Also eat just BOILED food for 1-2 weeks since you just stopped ppi/pro kinetics. Let the body system stabilize first which is used to medicines.
      I would say just hang on to this for another 1 week if you can before deciding to opt out of it.


  25. Shirley says:

    Hi Sunil. I’m on day 6 of your program. The fiber still presents a problem for me since I’m prone to rumbly gassy stomache. I have no problem with constipation. I have lose for heartburn some days are better then others but the PPI’s/H2blockers were not working for me either so I’m used of not having relief. Nausea and not feeling hungry still are a problem for me I only can eat 2 small meals a day. Losing weight I can’t afford to lose. I don’t want to go on acid suppressing drugs because I know they mske me worse so I want to do this naturally. My question is should I be better by now if your program was to work for me or is it normal to still have these symptoms. How long does it take to start feeling better if this program is to work for you. Als another question. I have been eating quinoa Some say its alkaline some say not as much. Is it ok to eat quinoa? I’m trying to get some protein and I can’t handle the fiber in lentils or eat dairy. Also is it better to eat brown rice over white? Thank you for your time you give to help others. Sorry for such a long post. Regards

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Shirley,
      Considering that you were on PPI for long time, the withdrawal symptoms of going without medicines may last around 2 weeks. See, as long as you do not feel heart burn during this program indicates that you are on right track. First month when you skip taking medicines is always a tough month as your body tries to re adjust to a natural food regime.

      As far as fibre is concerned, since you do not have a CONSTIPATION PROBLEM you may skip mucilage food section in the blog which was primarily to help those having constipation issues.

      Similarly quinoa & brown rice are good too. Look ; as long as you are eating food that is NOT Processed, is not made from white flour, does not contain SUGAR you shall be fine.

      As far as recovery is concerned the process is slow but as long as you do not get heart burns during recovery will indicate that you are on a right food regime. TRIPHALA & Himalayan/Black SALT will remain important part of this program through out.

      Please continue to eat 80% Alkaline , quickly prepared VEGAN food during recovery. In fact stick to BOILED ONLY FOOD for first 2 week since this is the time your body must adjust to eating food without medicines and hence you must eat safest form of food i.e Boiled food for 1st 2 weeks. Usually in 2 weeks the withdrawal symptoms of notbeing on medicines would have lasted.
      I feel since this is your LAST HOPE you must try everything to succeed this program and it is not difficult. Continue to eat what you can and please DO NOT worry about protein or any other such worries, What is required is that you eat food which ever comes your way without causing any heart burns and that is possible by eating more of alkaline foods for now.

  26. Ranjee says:

    Hi Sunil,
    Really appreciate your effort in creating this wonderful informative blog.I was totally perplexed not knowing where & how to start.I always believe only in natural cure and never like to take any medicines.I am very fortunate that I came across your blog with all the needed info..Thank you so much..

    I’ve some questions..If possible kindly suggest some ideas.
    I am Lacto-Vegetarian.Recently got my blood work done..My urine PH level is 5.5.I’ve acid reflux problem,constipation and also anemic..My iron level is 31..Ferritin is 12.
    1. When you say it golden or brown flax seed??
    2.Since I am anemic…I am on Floradix – 10ml twice everyday 30 mins before meal..Do I still need to follow L- Glutamine Powder for GUT REPAIR..

    My Acid reflux & constipation is really getting worse..I would like to start this entire thing ASAP..My doc recommended me to take Protonix for the acid reflux but I am not continuing with that as I believe only in natural cure.Please do reply.

    • Sunil says:

      If you have been identified for Acid Reflux and are on PPI, then you have reached the right blog.
      I would say just start the protocol listed with discipline and you shall see the benefits. Must read and understand the mechanism listed in blog and then treat yourself under strict guidelines. Flax seeds can be any gold or brown. L glutamine 5 gm may be started after 2 weeks on this protocol.
      Just remember this: You need to be on quickly prepared vegan food avoiding sugar , meat, fried, all type of processed & baked food till recovery.
      The PPI shall be quit at one go (Cold Turkey) and not gradually otherwise you will cause several acid rebounds for each PPI pill you take as after every pill after its effect is weaned off (8-12 hours after every PPI pill) will cause acid rebound.
      Just follow the recovery model as it is and you shall be fine.
      Take care

      • Ranjee says:

        Hi Sunil,
        Thank you for your quick response..Got everything listed in your blog and will start it from tomorrow.

        You are just like a silver line in the black clouds trying to comfort somebody with a problem.I m sure this HOLISTIC program will make me feel better.Thank you for ur time in helping us..Will surely let u know abt my positive changes in a month..

    • Rahul says:

      Ranji , did it help for you? Is it completely gone now. I need few people feedback so that I can start immediately.

  27. Mike says:

    I am a fellow GP sufferer, and from the sound of it, have gone down many similar roads .
    I looked into the Acidosis route, and tried using PH test strips at different times during the day to gauge my Acidity/Alkalinity, but the results seemed inconclusive. Was just wondering if you ever tinkered with that to have Acidity/Alkalinity metrics for yourself?

    • Sunil says:

      Okay Mike. There is no need to look for PH strips. Look for following symptoms:
      After every meal we start to get abdominal Burning pains as if the stomach is put on fire, we start to lose weight quickly and shrink in size. This is because of acute acidosis where Blood has got contaminated because of leaky gut. How did the Leaky gut happen? Well, I would say that I skipped the meals a lot, followed Acidic food lifestyle, consumed meat daily etc etc which causes the stomach line to be compromised.
      Just follow the recovery protocol on 100% basis eating only vegan food till recovery. Just trust the recovery protocol and go for it.
      Good luck.

  28. Nikki says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks so much do the info. I have been on Ppis for years with a worsening condition. I have been trying triphala and dietary change. My acid seems worse every time I take it…have you experienced this? Like it doesn’t agree with you? Also, did you have candida? Thanks so much!

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Nikki
      There are 2 things to consider. Acid release happen for protein digestion (meat,sugars) and also acid are neutralized by ALKALINE RESERVES which are found plenty in ORGANIC SALTS & Seed listed in blog.
      So your approach shall be to avoid protein in form of meat and sugars, and also have plenty of salts & seeds to increase alkaline reserves.
      Once you understand how you shall eat on every day basis it will be easy for you to manage it.
      Triphla & wheatgrass powder will then help you with necessary detox and much needed motility on regular basis.
      Also once you have stopped PPI which are ACID BLOCKERS and are the cause for CANDIDA this issue would get resolved. I never had candida as I stopped PPI as soon as I realized they are the source of all the problem we face during acidity issues.

  29. Nikki says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for your response! I wanted to tell you I started out on Now brand Triphala, and it worsened my acid unbearably. I switched to the Himalaya brand, and it does not do this. So the Triphala brand matters for some people! Also, I wanted to ask on the candida issue (mine is systemic after the PPIs lowered my resistance) should I be taking anything else to help kill it in Ayruvedic medicine? Just asking in case you know!

    • Sunil says:

      The candida issue shall be gone once you have stopped PPI (Acid blockers). I just hope that you are following the recovery protocol in HOLISTIC MANNERS as is requested in the BLOG. Otherwise I see no point in discussing this further. Yes I would also suggest you visit Ayurveda centres (patanjali or any other Ayurveda centre) if you have any other issues. They will guide you on howto come out of these Meds and instead follow ayurvedic approach which do not have any side effects and take care of problems from the root.
      And yes you shall continue the protocol listed in blog regardless of what other things or methods you follow.

  30. Nikki says:

    Hi there,
    I’m following your protocol, and I’m struggling with still having major acidity. I’ve been on Ppis for over ten years. I feel overall less acidic (skin was even burning when I stopped ppi). My insides are so irritated, and I just need them to heal. If there’s any way you’d talk one on one via email/Facebook, please let me know. Thanks so much!

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Nikki,
      Follow Boiled vegan food that is quickly prepared (cooked in less than 8 minutes and on slow flame) to avoid stomach irritation. You must follow Alkaline diet till your stomach is healed. Avoid sugar , meat , tea coffee, white flour e.t.c as asked in blog. Drink cold milk and natural antacids like coconut water. You must find food that does not cause flare ups and for this you must research alkaline food list.
      Please Read the blog again you will get more idea on what is happening. If you have left PPI which was the first requirement then you must strictly follow Alkaline food diet along with natural antacids like cold milk without sugar, baking soda in water, coconut water etc to get you going without flare ups. Please read HOW TO EAT and HOW to stop PPI section in PARENT BLOG. And Yes use Organic Salts (not table salt) like Black salt or himalayan pink salt with all meals for better digestion.

  31. Sunil says:
    Acidity, it is said, is worse than Cancer. It is one of the most common disease people encounter in their daily life. The home remedy for Acidity is Raw Grains of Rice.

    The Process:
    1. Take 8 – 10 grains of raw uncooked rice
    2. Swallow it with water before having your breakfast or eating anything in the morning
    3. Do this for 21 days to see effective results and continuously for 3 months to eliminate acidity from the body
    The Cure:
    Reduces acid levels in the body and makes you feel better by the day.

  32. Sunil says:

    ** You may exercise your own judgement in following some of cure below **
    Yes, as I have mentioned before that we are acidity prone Individuals hence food that require lots of acid release (Red meat, it must be banned for life for acidity prone persons) must be avoided. I had avoided it (Red meat) for more than2 years but recently gave in to temptation and started eating 2-3 portions whenever I had chance. Eventually I had a lot of Red meat one day (7-8 pieces) and that did it. I was back to same feeling of burning pain in abdomen and it became reality that DEVIL had caught me again and I must now pay the price. But since I had the program ready I instead caught the devil by head and came out of it in just flat 2 weeks, which was the fastest recovery time knowing fully well that it took months last 2 times to recover. But I am a man of 100% discipline so that always gets me out of trickiest situations that I face in life.

    What Happened
    I knew that I had done wrong by eating too much red meat so kept a watch. By 5-6 hours after meal burning pain in stomach started which was a sign that the sensitive area (leaky gut area) in my stomach has opened up again and is now signalling a coming ACIDOSIS.
    The symptoms were clear, first thing it did was to consume electrolytes (alkaline reserves) to maintain PH level, which made me feel fatigued and drowsy and also the resulting stress slowed the stomach down signalling I cannot eat heavy foods. The stomach that is slowed will cause acid release as soon as it senses that the food is NOT MOVING and if you had no meat and just carbohydrates and fats as meal, entire load of acids will need to neutralized which will consume ELECTROLYTES from your body making you feel weak and fatigued.
    Remember, acids are needed to digest PROTEIN but if your food did not contain PROTEIN (Meat) the acid release (which would not have happened if stomach was NOT SLOWED down) will cause ACID INDIGESTION meaning Acids have got released in absence of protein (meat) thus to neutralize so much acids (which would have otherwise be consumed by meat in normal situations) alkaline reserves (electrolytes) are consumed on daily basis making you fatigued and weak all along.
    So if you think why NOT HAVE meat with all meals? Well this is a Paradox situation for you. Your Leaky stomach will not survive if acid is released frequently to digest the protein and hence you must avoid eating meat. And to avoid acid release during other meal you must EAT MEAL that is LIGHT, VEGETARIAN and is cooked on slow flame for less than 8 minutes or just eat boiled meal so that it is light to stomach and can move easily.
    Then why do people with NO LEAKY GUT also suffer with high acidity? This is because of ACID REBOUND effect of PPI (ACID BLOCKER medicine) that you took that has created a lot of ACID WASTE in your body system thus slowing down stomach. Once stomach slows down it causes ACID RELEASE after meal because it assumes that since FOOD is NOT MOVING acid must be released to destroy the food.
    In fact when ACIDOSIS struck; the first one week the meal shall be just boiled without even a TRACE of oil, with lots of CAYENNE pepper to heal the burned part of stomach. Also L GLUTAMINE powder along with MULTIPLE AMINO ACIDS powder to heal the gut which would take at least 7-10 days.

    Steps I took to immediate remedy
    1. 2 TSP of baking soda dissolved in water immediately after sensing burning pain in stomach. Also drink COLD MILK WITHOUT SUGAR to sooth stomach.
    2. Next if you are NAUSEATED and cannot eat food despite hunger, HAVE CAROM SEED’s boiled water. This shall take away NAUSEA soon.
    3. Immediately switched to BOILED VEGAN FOOD (boiled RICE/plain yogurt MOSTLY avoiding all kinds of flour).This Veg food must be prepared on low flame and shall not contain even a trace of cooking oil for first one week. Avoid curried food here.
    4. Take steps to cleanse the ACID WASTE by having daily twice Wheat grass powder in water , Black Raisins soaked water , 1 TSP Cayenne pepper water to heal the stomach of all ACID WASTE.
    5. All snacking MUST BE ALKALINE only beet, carrot, cucumber etc.
    6. L GLUTAMINE Pure powder and also MULTIPLE AMINO ACIDS powder in water TWICE A DAY to enable fast healing of stomach along with cayenne pepper with water.
    7. Sprinkle ORGANIC SALTS like Black salt/ Pink Himalayan salts and Red Chillies powder on all meals for faster healing and drain acid waste.
    8. TRIPHLA (HIMALAYA brand is my choice) AFTER EVERY MEAL to cleanse stomach of acid waste and support MOTILITY which is now affected as stomach is stressed after a lots of burning due to acids. The TRIPHLA is initially hard on stomach and you may feel that it is causing acidity but that is not the case.
    9. After 7-10 days you would have started on regular Vegetarian meals slowly increasing STRONG food contents. You must gradually add strong content in food.
    10. Food can now be cooked with 1-2 TSP oil if required after 1st week of eating light food.
    11. Strictly avoid SUGAR, MEAT, PROCESSED FOOD, and FRIED FOOD. All other strong food like white flour must be gradually added to meal. Fried food shall be tried one BITE at a time till your stomach is able to accept it without any stress.
    12. MEAT to be avoided for next 8-12 weeks. RED MEAT MUST BE BANNED FOR LIFE. I have learnt that sticking to moderate eating of RED MEAT in real life IS NOT POSSIBLE and you do not want to take chance of ACIDOSIS RETURNING again.
    13. For me after 3’rd time I have learnt my lesson and have banned the RED MEAT FOR LIFE.

    • jitendra yadav says:

      Sir you have advised to sprinkle red chilli powder on your food. isn;t the red chilli powder acidic in nature? would not it irritate the stomach lining or cause diarrheo? please help in this regard.

      • Sunil says:

        (Cayenne Pepper) Red chilies powder is a healer and may help repair damaged tissues. You are free to take your decisions on something you do not agree to. Thanks

  33. Seeme says:

    Hi Sunil
    If I understand you correct. I had acid release this morning a couple of hours after breakfast because of motility problems. My breakfast was oats, banana and almond milk so no red meat, chicken, or fish but still got acidity after breakfast because my stomach was not able to move the food down to the intestines. is that right? Same thing happened after lunch: rice and tofu (no fish, chicken or red meat)? Am I along the right lines now? Does this mean, at some point my stomach will understand it does not need to produce so much acid as it is producing? Or will my stomach just get better at neutralizing the acid that it produces? All this is terribly interesting and complex. Your insight would be most appreciated. Many, many thanks. Seeme

    • Sunil says:

      Seeme , That is why Triphla is needed to move the food further for first 8-12 weeks. Triphla is an excellent motility herb. For once I would like to remind you that all this is already explained in the blog if you read it. I am sure you understand that there are hundreds like you who are following the program and If I have to explain the same thing again which is already there in the blog, means it does make me go bonkers. I guess you have already surpassed number of replies I normally reply to a one person. Please use your time and energy to understand the blog and follow. Thanks

  34. Sunil says:

    *** How to survive without PPI when prescribed by DOCTORS ***
    Okay; Whether you like it or NOT your doctor may prescribe PPI /H2 Blockers(Acid Blockers) along with Pain Killers drugs or whenever there was some sort of surgery etc. But; as we know that they (PPI) are the worst kind of drugs and cause Acid Rebounds and worst type of acidity issues along with slow stomach (Gastro Paresis); so How do we ask Doctors NOT to PRESCRIBE THESE?
    Look; If you fight with your doctor or argue with them, they may find an excuse NOT TO TREAT you any-more.
    So the best way to handle this situation is as follows:-
    1) You may REQUEST your doctor NOT TO PRESCRIBE PPI/H2 Blockers and INSTEAD ASK THEM to prescribe ANTACIDS; and your excuse would be that your are ALLERGIC TO PPI & H2 Blockers or they don’t suit you.
    2) Let DOCTORS prescribe PPI & H2 blockers but you would either ignore purchasing them or have option NOT TO USE. This way you avoid all sorts of fights or differences on this subject with your doctor. You may use ANTACIDS INSTEAD.
    3) But NOT TAKING PPI or H2 Blockers does NOT MEAN that you do not need to take care of your prevailing situation. Look; Doctors prescribed these drugs for a REASON and you are going to avoid these for certain reason and it does not mean that you do not take care of this situation through other means. Use of Painkillers may cause ACIDITY and that’s why these PPI are prescribed by doctors.
    YOU MUST USE NATURAL means to avoid acidity issues during this period (as prescribed for PPI) and use either or all of the method like having Coconut water, Organic Sea Salt / Black salt /Himalayan salt WATER, Baking soda dissolved in water, (NOT BAKING POWDER), COLD MILK [without sugar] every few hours in a day.
    4) Also during this period when your are on Painkillers and antibiotics you must be ONLY ON ALKALINE FOOD (Quickly prepared VEGAN Food).
    Never consume MEAT & Sugar during this period to avoid acidity issues (duration as prescribed for PPI / H2 blockers).

  35. Seeme says:

    Hi Sunil
    I have been on this dietary programme now for just over 2 weeks. So far so good. I had given up eating my evening meals as I felt I was not digesting them at all. Now I am eating all three meals again except of course they are strictly vegetarian/vegan. I wanted to ask you a question: as it has been two weeks now, I decided to add a small piece of brown bread (gluten free) but after eating that, I got an attack of acidosis. I felt weak and faint and had to sit down for about 15 minutes while I normalised. I then had a glass of water with electrolyte. Not sure, what happened exactly. Did you find that after two weeks of being on your programme that you had short moments of acidosis from time to time? Also, I find that I want to eat every couple of hours – prompted by the burning feeling in my stomach rather than hunger. What are your thoughts? Did this also happen to you? All in all though, I have felt improvement – I have more energy than I had 2 weeks ago so it is going in the right direction. I just need to continue to build my alkaline reserves with the right food. What do you think?

    • Sunil says:

      All type of processed food must be avoided during recovery periods. Bread is a processed food. You must avoid Processed foods, SUGAR, MEAT, White flour , Fried food during recovery period. Just stick to Rice & vegetables during recovery , the food cooked on slow flame for less than 8-10 minutes. Please avoid temptation to eat food that shall not be and stick to guidelines in the blog. Yes my symptoms were same as yours but now I can practically eat everything that is available in the world except that I have shunned red meat and stick to sea food only most of the times. Also Please read the blog again and again as practically all your queries are answered there. Do not experiment un necessary as it is important that your stomach is at peace during recovery. If you stick to Wheat Grass powder twice a day, Raisin soaked water twice a day, stick to vegetarian food and avoid experimenting with other restrcited foods you would be recovered in around 8-12 weeks. But this will required 100% discipline and understanding of guidelines listed in Blog.
      Also please restrict your queries and try to understand the guidelines yourself.
      Also if you feel like eating in between then strictly stick to Alkaline only snacking in moderate form like Eating figs, raisins, cucumber and other listed in my blog.

    • Rahul reddy says:


      How are you feeling now after few months into this plan

  36. Rahul reddy says:

    Hey sunil,
    i recently started gas buildup and chest burn and will wake up in middle of nights last 3 weeks i was on ppi but they dont seem to be much helping. I had my blooad work, endoscopy,ultrasound everything shows normal. My doctors didnt tell me any reason at. As iam at early stage of PPI want to try this. As this blog is long just want to make sure this plan is still looking good for you. And any other success stories from other users boost my confidence to start.

    • Sunil says:

      It works good. PPI are drugs are designed to keep you on them forever. SO the best option for you is to go AYURVEDA way.
      Another thing is that NONE of the doctors know how to treat this issue as they start with a very wrong and faulty line of treatment as they have no other option and have no drugs or method available to cure this issue. I suffered but came out of it after quitting PPI and learning to cope with it using FOOD as MEDICINE method explained in Ayurveda. PLEASE READ THE BLOG SEVERAL TIMES TO UNDERSTAND THE GUIDELINES and follow to cure for permanent recovery.
      Also PPI class of drugs cause ACID REBOUND when you quit them making sure that you are never allowed to quit them for life. Thus the drug created to deal with acidity is actually causing the acidity when you quit them after being on them for some time.
      Good Luck.

  37. Rahul says:

    Thanks for quick reply sunil. I read your blog couple of times. Thanks for the good onformation. Can you just provide 2 days of what exactly you ate i just try to replicate and change to similar pattern for rest of the plan. Sorry for bothering you. But i think you might already have gone thorigh this and how rhe pain is. Spending sleep less nights and making me firther week

    • Sunil says:

      TRy to eat just boiled food for few days.
      Morning: Eat either poha, upma , Idli or cold milk without sugar with muesli , banana
      lunch: Just rice + any vegetable cooked lightly in low flame for less than 8 minutes and not more than 1tsp oil during preparations. The food shall be light to stomach hence least amount of oil to be used for cooking:
      Nights: Just rice + plain yogurt or Spinach rice (Palak khichdi) . remember food shall have least amount of oil (not more than 1 tsp)
      Take himalaya triphla capsule after large meals specially after nights & Lunch
      Also take coconut water daily if available and avoid SUGAR MEAT all types of processed foods, fried & baked foods till recovery. Also for first few days you can use ENO or baking soda dissolved in water couple of times in days or whenever you feel heartburns. Cold milk without sugar will sooth your stomach. Also include lots of red chillies powder in all your meals. BEfore I forget; use BLACK SALT with all your meals.

    • Sunil says:

      Also remember that if you continue to take PPI class of meds while following this recovery program you will FAIL and will never come out of your acid reflux or acidity issues. Stopping the PPI Class of drugs is first and very important requirement for continuing with this program. Use your discretion to follow this and be responsible for your actions. You must take care of your acidity issues by going Ayurveda ways and not with PPI class of drugs. Use pinch of KAYAM CHURNA after meals also for few days if you are unable to use triphla.

      • Rahul says:

        Thank you very much sunil. can i drink butter milk instead of curd and also this is good for any kind of reflux right may be either acid or bile reflux.

      • Sunil says:

        Yes you can drink buttermilk. Add pinch of black salt into it. Also avoid curry for now. if the food is with curry remove the contents and leave the curry. Okay please follow the guidelines henceforth and no more questions please.

  38. Joshua says:

    My wife has gut paresis…as a result of having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 3. She has lost SO much weight and cannot eat much as she is then very sick, nauseas and suffers extreme abdo pain. The doctors are not sure what to do with her but the possibility of her having TPN (total parenteral nutrition) is probably the next stage….

    Would following your diet help her? Cure her? Desperate, worrying times for me and her family and I would really appreciate a response advising but please be honest as we have tried so many things and have built our hopes up on so many occasions. Thank you.

  39. Sunil says:

    Please try it and see it for yourself. You must follow the guidelines by understanding the blog. I am very sure it will help. Good Luck.

    • jude says:

      Hi, 1st of all.. I would like to thank you for taking out your time to share this information. Thank you, you are appreciated.
      I am experiencing the same issues.
      I just have a question about the program. For the “seeds” must all of the seeds you mentioned be taken together, or do I just pick one? Also, I’m already avoiding meat and oily food. What else can I have in form of protein? Can I have boiled eggs for breakfast? Can I have all wheat bread? I just want to know what’s good to eat to add a little weight because i’m skinny already. Hope to hear from you soon.
      Your response is very much appreciated. Thanks

      • Sunil says:

        Nop; You can not eat any form of bread for now as all type of processed foods are forbidden during recovery.
        Similarly all type of meat & protein in form of meat is forbidden so you can NOT eat boiled eggs or egg white for now.
        As far as seeds are concerned you can have all of them or whatever you can get hold of.
        Your first goal should be to get cured and they will happen with two pronged approach. 1) By eating food that does not cause further damage.
        2) And by following a cure protocol with help of Triphla, wheat grass powder , raisin water, & either Black salt or himalayan pink salt with all meals.
        Also you must stop All medication required for acidity including stopping PPI; pro kinetics and follow natural cure protocol as listed.
        And don’t worry about protein right now. L-Glutamine supplement will take care of building of lean muscles on your body.

      • jude says:

        Ok, Thank you for your fast response. I believe I’m on the right track then.
        I am on day 4 of this program. So far so good.
        Could you please confirm that my diet is right…
        1) Every morning I have a spoon of flaxseed mixed in some water. I also have it at night after dinner.
        I also take a spoon of wheat grass powder mixed with some Himalayan pink salt and some water. And then a spoon of Glutamine powder mix in some water. And also over raisin water.

        I take all these a little before I have breakfast.

        MY BREAKFAST since i started the program have been regular Kellogg’s corn flakes with organic milk and some banana and strawberries on the side. I have oranges sometimes.
        MY LUNCH I have boiled basmati brown rice with some steamed veggies. I know to NOT steam more than 8 minutes.
        MY DINNER I have some boiled organic Potatoes. NOT sweet potatoes! But the regular ones. With steamed veggies. I add the sea salt on lunch and dinner.
        And for snacks I have fruits mainly. Sometimes I have nuts. I mainly drink water for now. Are there any fruit juices you recommend? And P.S I have been off the meds, I always knew they don’t help but the doctors always say to try it for some weeks. I thank God I never relied on the meds. And thank God for your blog. I have been searching for answers for over 3yrs now. I believe this is it. I just want to make sure I am doing it right. Thank you again.

  40. Sunil says:

    Yes you are pretty much on right track. Just remove NUTS from your food for now. Remove sugar, all type of processed food , white flour & fried food for now.

  41. Sunil says:

    How to survive without PPI when prescribed by DOCTORS
    Okay; Whether you like it or NOT your doctor may prescribe PPI /H2 Blockers(Acid Blockers) along with Pain Killers drugs or whenever there was some sort of surgery etc. But; as we know that they (PPI) are the worst kind of drugs and cause Acid Rebounds and worst type of acidity issues along with slow stomach (Gastro Paresis); so How do we ask Doctors NOT to PRESCRIBE THESE?
    Look; If you fight with your doctor or argue with them, they may find an excuse NOT TO TREAT you any-more.
    So the best way to handle this situation is as follows:-
    1) You may REQUEST your doctor NOT TO PRESCRIBE PPI/H2 Blockers and INSTEAD ASK THEM to prescribe ANTACIDS; and your excuse would be that your are ALLERGIC TO PPI & H2 Blockers or they don’t suit you.
    2) Let DOCTORS prescribe PPI & H2 blockers but you would either ignore purchasing them or have option NOT TO USE. This way you avoid all sorts of fights or differences on this subject with your doctor. You may use ANTACIDS INSTEAD.
    3) But NOT TAKING PPI or H2 Blockers does NOT MEAN that you do not need to take care of your prevailing situation. Look; Doctors prescribed these drugs for a REASON and you are going to avoid these for certain reason and it does not mean that you do not take care of this situation through other means. Use of Painkillers may cause ACIDITY and that’s why these PPI are prescribed by doctors.
    YOU MUST USE NATURAL means to avoid acidity issues during this period (as prescribed for PPI) and use either or all of the method like having Coconut water, Organic Sea Salt / Black salt /Himalayan salt WATER, Baking soda dissolved in water, (NOT BAKING POWDER), COLD MILK [without sugar] every few hours in a day.
    4) Also during this period when your are on Painkillers and antibiotics you must be ONLY ON ALKALINE FOOD (Quickly prepared VEGAN Food).
    Never consume MEAT & Sugar during this period to avoid acidity issues (duration as prescribed for PPI / H2 blockers).

  42. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for this detailed instruction! Have you ever looked into Real Salt (this is what I have)? They claim that their salt is as good as Himalayan salt, but is derived from the US. Any reason not to replace the Himalayan salt with this?

    • Sunil says:

      As long as the SALT is unrefined has MINERALS in tact it can be used. Usually it should have around 8-10 minerals but Himalayan salt has around 30 minerals is what I read…I have used BLACK salt which is what i got in India when I had the issue.

  43. Sunil says:

    I was prescribed drugs similar to both these drugs and I chose not to take them.
    If you are on recovery program you must follow guidelines 100% after understanding the protocol.
    Everything is listed and all that is needed to understand the protocol and follow it 100%.

  44. Sunil says:

    Okay Guys
    Those with Acid re-flux issues must do following on regular basis at least few times a week.
    Take 1-2gm of Hot Cayenne Pepper powder (Hot Red chilies powder) and add it to half a glass of water.
    Now,Use this water to GARGLE the throat thoroughly with this mixture.
    This shall keep the corrosion of throat lining in check and prevent throat ulcers.
    Cayenne pepper is well known for healing all types of ulcers whether on stomach or throat or on skin. Cayenne pepper is capable of rebuilding damaged tissues thus helping rebuild the ulcer area.

    NORMALLY I use Cayenne pepper grounded using WHOLE RED CAYENNE PEPPER cloves in grinder. If possible avoid using processed cayenne pepper but if not available then use the best quality(Organic if available)

    I have also used this mixture to drink it during Sensitive stomach stage to cure it of ulceration.

    Usually for detoxification once a week we Add Lemon Juice + Cayenne pepper + Water and drink it to flush out all the toxin and if you are constipated this solution works very well to get you relief from all types of buildup, flushing it out completely.

  45. Victoria says:

    Hi. I believe I am hyperacidic, but im not 100% sure. Immediately after I eat a meal, I feel hungry again, as if I never ate anything. Is this something you experienced? Thank you in advance

    • Sunil says:

      Yes Hunger always remain however much you eat. It is because the internal PH state is so acidic that it craves for protein but then we can not eat protein as it requires acid release for digestion so this is the paradox situation. We need to bring this low pH back to normal and hence the need to eat ALKALINE FOOD in abundance along with Himalayan pink Salt or Black salt and also Triphla (Intestinal cleanse) with all meals. But the Major requirement is about not taking PPI/H2 Blockers class of medicines as they are the main culprit making you acidic inside.
      You may follow recovery protocol only after fully understanding it to get you rid of your acid reflux/acidosis issue in roughly 8-12 weeks.

      • Victoria says:

        Thank you. Have had various alternative practitioners telling me my stomach acid is too low and I believed them for too long. Their advice and supplements (hcl) only make me worse. I started shaking and bloating after taking hcl. I intend to start your protocol asap. Two years I have been unable to work or think straight because if my stomach issues. I have had severe bouts of depression and have ended relationships because of it. If this works I will be forever in your debt.

      • Sunil says:

        Yes , The low acid is a myth which I have tried to clarify several times but looks like dumbness wins the logic always. Look first you take Acid Blockers (ppi) to reduce or suppress acid and then cry hoarse about low acid and then again you take HCL pills as alternative, so my question, why did you then suppress you Acid (HCL) in first place. This is just like this: first you close your water tap and then cry hoarse about no water and then you go and bring water in bottles from Walmart/KMart!! does it sound logical to you? why did you close the water tap in first place then?
        Okay ,Just follow the recovery protocol after understanding it and also look for how to stop PPI section in my parent blog.
        Good luck

  46. Sunil says:

    Constipation cure mechanism (NATURAL WAYS)
    While the issue is ON:
    Use master detox method, 1/2 spoon or more of HOT Cayenne Pepper (Red Chilies powder HOT) + 1-2 spoon of Lemon/lime juice + Water Fill it in Big glass.
    Drink this mix 2-3 times a day. Along side continue to have 2 spoonful of PURE COW GHEE till the issue is resolved.

    This method always works. For permanent solution continue to have 1-2 spoon of pure cow ghee daily morning and night just before sleep.
    Drink a WARM milk before sleep also if you not lactose intolerance or do not have acidity issues.
    If you have acidity issues then only have COLD MILK without sugar.

    If you have regular constipation issues follow master detox method once every week but also continue to have pure cow ghee along side daily.

    • Rahul says:

      Hi sunil,

      I have gastritis, and small gall stones when ever itry to take ghee i get pain in galblader area? Do you have any altrernative tips for constipation. Does caynne pepper and lemon hurt gastritis?

      • Rahul says:

        Hey sunil,

        Do you have any sugesstions for me?
        I have gastritis, and small gall stones when ever itry to take ghee i get pain in galblader area? Do you have any altrernative tips for constipation. Does caynne pepper and lemon hurt gastriTis

      • Sunil says:

        Cayyene pepper shall help heal the ulcer or damage in stomach so my belief is that cayenne pepper does not cause any harm. Also Rahul I think the recovery post and other explanation in my blog are enough for you to take it further and use guidelines to recovery. I hoping that you are able to avoid acid blockers or h2 blocker but if not then nothing can work. Just imagine , can you drive 1KM forward and then 1KM backward to reach home? This is what Acid Blockers do. They will pull back all the efforts to recovery that you make. Please take an informed decision and follow guidelines listed in blog to recover yourself.

  47. aoife says:

    Hi I have functional dyspepsia. Food is making my symptoms worse. I’m very worried about it now. Every time I eat. It hurts my chest and I get so tired after it. My quality of life is ruined from it. Please help? How do I start this diet from scratch? I’m a little bit confused.

    • Sunil says:

      Aoife, Do you take Acid blockers medicines (PPI & H2 blockers) if yes then there is a bad news for you. The drugs are designed to suppress the problem while you are on them and aggravate the problem when you are off them. these medicines create acid release Roller coaster making your acidity problem permanent. Please visit sites that tell you about acid rebound effects of being on these medicines.
      So quitting these medicines is the first step always and then you follow food protocol that is listed in blog. I cant say more as I have answered similar queries 1000 times which you read yourself on my blogs. Please take an informed decision after understanding the blog and follow your best judgement after understanding the blog. Thanks

      • aoife says:

        Hi thank you for your reply. No I don’t take acid blockers or medicines of any kind. I did at the very beginning for a couple of months. I took every type of acid blocker. I have recently been taking Artichoke and a probiotic but I am not feeling any better. I am so confused now on what to eat, as everything I am eating is making me feel worse. Do you know anyone that has functional dyspepsia cured themselves with the blog? I don’t have acid reflux. Food makes me so ill. And I don’t understand why as I have lived a healthy life. I had a look at your blog it sounds great but I just don’t know what to eat and how to start off with it.

      • Sunil says:

        Heh, You have a person writing the blog who has cured himself of all these symptoms which resulted from taking acid blockers. Even 10 days on Acid blockers create acid release roller coaster so there you are because you had these meds for several months. Now only things that will save you is to detox the blood and your body water which is almost 70% of your body weight is by going on diet which is ALKALINE and does not require ACID RELEASE. If the food makes you ill then there in lies your answer too. You must eat food that is alkaline , does not require acid release (avoid meat , sugar , all processed food) and parallaly you must cleanse you blood & water inside body by following methods listed in recovery posts in my blog along with Triphla after every meal for few months. Have Alkaline water (PH > 7.5) daily along with raisin water every day and you shall see the difference and also as I tell everyone “use your own judgement to follow what is best for you after reading the blog” Good luck

      • aoife says:

        Hi will I soak the raisins over night in warm water or just drink it normally. How much raisins do I use?

      • aoife says:

        Hi sorry for asking you again. Do I need to take all the items listed on your blog for functional dyspepsia. I will start taking triphla after each meal, Is it one glass of raisins water in the morning ? Do I need to take the wheatgrass and L-glutamine first thing in the morning too ? Im just worried as I have a very sensitive tummy, taking all these would it make my condition worse ? Has anyone cured themselves by using this method for functional dyspepsia. My illness is so chronic I just want to be carefull ?

      • Aoife says:

        Hi do ya have any cure for burping ? When I eat food I have the urge to burp and drinking water makes it worse. I don’t drink with a meal. Don’t understand where this is coming from. I’m currently waiting on a gastric emptying test. My bowels are effected too I only go maybe 3 or 4 days at a time… not sure if i have gastroparesis I’m ruling that out. Currently taking ACV apple cider vinegar. I’m on no medication. But I was previously.

      • Sunil says:

        I would first try “triphla” after meal for 1 week first. Triphla helps in rejuvenating the digestion which may be hampered as of now. Please try to visit a Ayurveda center as they help cure the issue from the root.Thanks and dont forget to use yr best judgement.

  48. Sunil says:

    Yes you are right ..start gradually with each of items. Look; it is expected of you to take your own decisions and use your best mind to follow the guidelines. Mine was the MOST CHRONIC as I suffered practically from everything you can think of. L glutamine is needed only for a case where your tummy has suffered immense load of acids and is now under categrory of “SENSITIVE STOMACH” …so combination of cayenne pepper and L glutamine would take care of that. My suggestion is that you read the blog several times , understand it and then follow it. Please do not ask me same questions which I have already answered 1000 times before. Either you trust the blog and follow it after understanding the guidelines. You are the best judge to decide whether you want to continue with recovery protocol. As far as I know you actually do not have a choice. Trust me. The present allopathic system is designed to keep the ailment ON forever and do not provide cure to it. The Ayurvedic methods at least have a simple and root cause elimination method which cures most ailments if you follow them rightly. Try going to nearest Ayurveda centre /Patanjali center to get more idea.
    And yes, no more questions please. I do not reply more than 2 queries to any person.

  49. Dusty Miller says:

    Hi Sunil,

    I am a 25y/o woman from NZ who has been healthy up until recent months – I started taking PPI’s about 4 months ago for about a month & found that they did a lot of damage – I was unable to eat any solid food for a month, could only drink a limited amount of liquid, felt full after one bite, had incredible abdominal pain especially under the rib cage & intense nausea. I had a gastroscopy & my stomach looked healthy, so the Dr. put me on domperidone for what he assumes is gastroparesis. A few months down the track I am now able to eat solid food (1/2 the amount I used to) but still have intense nausea & a sensitive stomach (things like coffee, chocolate, milk & greasy foods upset me). Now when I take the domperidone it sends my stomach into overdrive, feeling insatiable hunger (but it does help with the nause… sometimes), so I have decided to stop taking it (especially after reading your blog).

    My stomach still flares up & I have days where it’s hard to eat & it is very sensitive so I’m keen to give your theory a go! I just have a few questions –

    – How often should you drink the wheatgrass & raisin water? & how long should this be done for?
    – I don’t have any constipation so should I bother with the fenugreek/chia/etc seeds & will it be okay to take triphala?
    – Do you think any kind of tea is okay to drink?

    Thanks so much!

    • Sunil says:

      The Insatiable hunger is because these PPI class of drugs create hunger for Alkaline reserves which have depleted because of long use of these ppi meds (DOmperidone etc) , so as per the required recovery protocol getting rid of ppi class of drugs is the most important thing. Please use your discretion to follow the protocol as it is written and use your proper judgement in following it.
      – How often should you drink the wheatgrass & raisin water? & how long should this be done for?
      ————– Every day morning and before sleep till the issue is resolved
      – I don’t have any constipation so should I bother with the fenugreek/chia/etc seeds & will it be okay to take triphala?
      Yes take Fenugreek seeds Grounded at least once a morning 1 tsp with water.
      ——- ALSO TRIPHLA (Himalaya brand) and Black salt or himalayan pinks salt IS MOST IMPORTANT part of recovery protocol and you must take them till the issue is resolved.
      – Do you think any kind of tea is okay to drink?
      Tea can be had provided you do not have a sensitive stomach. Start drinking tea AFTER regular use of triphla for at least 2-3 weeks
      ALSO GETTING RID OF PPI CLASS OF MEDS IS MOST IMPORTANT part of recovery protocol so Look for how to stop ppi class of drugs section in parent blog.

      • Dusty Miller says:

        Hi Sunil,

        Thanks so much for your reply – I’ve started on the diet today & I’m feeling positive!

        Just one more question – Is there anything further you would recommend for nausea & sensitive stomach symptoms?

        Thanks & look forward to hearing from you.

      • Sunil says:

        REgular use of TRIPHLA after every meal along with alkaline food and no acidic food consumption would get you rid of sensitive stomach in 2-3 weeks. Consume cold milk without sugar every day alongside. For Nausea Carom seed boiled water every day. Read The blog as every question you asked is already answered there. Thanks

  50. Jen says:

    Hello Sunil,

    Thanks for the great blog. I have had pain under rib cage, burping & fullness problems from being on PPI’s for a few months. I am now completely OFF them & have been following your suggestions for about 4-5 days. Since starting I have noticed an increase in little acid bubbles sneaking up the throat, acidic/sour taste in mouth & the most troublesome being intense what feels like hunger growls even after a descent meal (today for example I had a bowl of muesli & a banana at 9am & then at 10:30 the growls where incredibly loud & almost painful like I hadn’t eaten in days). Just wondering if this should be exptected? I did have a swig of ACV & a glass of water & it subsided a tiny bit. Look forward to your reply.

    • Sunil says:

      Being on PPI causes this condition as the motility of stomach is affected. Thats why TRIPHLA after every meal is a MUST since this is a natural motility agent for you till you recover. I hope when you say you follow the blog then you do it as it is said in blog and do not skip certain important things like Black or himalayan Salt, Triphla, wheatgrass powder and raisin water etc. Thanks

  51. Sunil says:

    Please make sure that Cayenne pepper (Red chilies powder) used, preferably not be processed one, but whole cloves of cayenne grounded manually in a mixer or bought freshly grounded to get the best results. The processed cayenne pepper must be of hot quality and hotter the better.

  52. Sunil says:

    pH10Max Alkaline Water Drops | Infused with Natural Alkaline Trace Minerals & Fruit Extracts | Electrolyte pH Booster | Helps Neutralize Acidity
    About the product
    BOOST YOUR pH: Clean, Refreshing Taste. Add to normal drinking water to safely boost alkalinity. Shake well and add up to 10 drops (0.5ml) to 8oz glass of water or sports bottle for desired pH level. pH10Max can be added to your favorite beverage, and offsets the acidity in coffee/tea. Stir before drinking. Do not exceed 8 glasses a day without consulting with a physician.

  53. Ninth says:

    Hi Sunil…..what a clear concise ,and cogen blog.on a very difficult and widespread problem in these United States …thank you ever so much and may god bless you

    • Sunil says:

      Thanks. The problem of acid reflux was caused by PPI class of medicines as just 10 days of being on these medicines the acid release roller coaster imbalance starts and then body does not know how much and when to release acids. The medicines are designed to cause the acid release imbalance for life. Just like Diabetes medicines cause blood sugar roller coaster and you must take them for life similarly the pharmaceuticals tried to play the same game with acidity issues but since the acid reflux is not a silent disease like diabetes they have been caught pants down but still you will find these pharmas and doctors feign ignorance wrto PPI class of drugs because when ever these pharmas or doctors declare the issue to be IDIOPATHIC then most cases it points to the issue caused by the drugs themselves which they can not agree.

  54. pamela Isenberg says:

    Thank you so much for your detailed plan for healing. My 20 year old son has been sick since birth with reflux. He now is only able to eat lean protein and even with those goods he has acid reflux. He just started domperidone and iberogast. I will stop the domperidone when he starts this protocol. My question is can he continue with iberogast? This is suppose to be a natural supplement. My son’s illness has been life altering for him and our family. Thanks again for taking so much time to help people like yourself.

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Pam
      Yes you may ask you your son to try this protocol asap, but take your judgment on this matter. The problem of acid reflux was caused by PPI class of medicines as just 10 days of being on these medicines the acid release roller coaster imbalance starts and then body does not know how much and when to release acids. The medicines are designed to cause the acid release imbalance for life. Just like Diabetes medicines cause blood sugar roller coaster and you must take them for life similarly the pharmaceuticals tried to play the same game with acidity issues but since the acid reflux is not a silent disease like diabetes they have been caught pants down but still you will find these pharmas and doctors feign ignorance wrto PPI class of drugs because when ever these pharmas or doctors declare the issue to be IDIOPATHIC then most cases it points to the issue caused by the drugs themselves which they can not agree.
      I do not know anything about ibergost but you may start the recovery protocol as listed in blog but take it you must to come out of it and not do it in ad hoc basis. You must exercise your option and judgement on whether to go ahead with the recovery protocol or not? but I know you have no other option but to go for it or otherwise you must take these meds for life as doctors would tell you. Take care and Good luck.

      • pamela Isenberg says:

        Sunil my son gas been on the protocol for a week and is now is no longer having any constipation. He is however having some heartburn at times. He is living on vegan meals, oatmeal raisins and watermelon. He is also making green smoothies with just green veggies bbq avocado and almond milk. Should he omit any of these tho vs or include something he is not having? He tries milk but it made him sick. He is drinking alkaline water and coconut water. He put on about 7 pounds in a week and is working out and playing basketball so he has energy. Thanks.

      • Sunil says:

        I hope you gone through “how to stop PPI section in Parent blog” Stopping of PPI is a protocol that must be followed along with NO SUGAR , NO MEAT , NO PROCESSED FOOD of any kind, NO WHITE FLOUR products. Just stick to vegan food , rice and Alkaline fruits as listed in blog. For any heartburn I would quickly drink Chilled cold milk without sugar or almond milk as in your case as long as it does not have SUGAR ADDED as sugar and meat cause acid release for digestion and you do not want you son to have any food that requires acid release (sugar, meat) or any food that long to digest (all processed foods, white flour , fried foods)
        For heartburn I would try baking soda added to water (not baking powder), coconut water etc as listed in blog. I think he is on correct path as you listed in reply and acid rebound effect will last few weeks so for that period u must continue to ask your son to drink cold milk, coconut water, or baking soda etc. Look for how to stop PPI section my parent blog for more details. MIlk will make him sick only if has sugar added. The regular plain cold milk shall provide sooting effect mostly.Other thing he can do is to eat lots of PLAIN yogurt no sugar added.(fresh preferably). Also ask him to take Black salt (or himalayan pink salt with every meal) as that helps flush out acid accumulated. He is just 20 years old and you need to monitor him for few weeks before he understands the food protocol that he must be on to make him free from acid Issues. Simply speaking he has to avoid all food that cause acid release (sugar,meat) and all food that take long for digestion (fried,white flour, all processed foods) for next 2-3 months minimum.
        LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST the REGULAR 1 dose of TRIPHLA (Himalaya brand is what I use) after ever meal will provide him with most required MOTILITY of stomach which is affected as of now to move the food forward.
        You may also LOOK FOR PATANJALI or any ayurveda clinics if they are available to take their help on this issue. They provide a ritual of pancha karma which rejuvenates the body from inside.
        Good luck

  55. pamela isenberg says:

    Sunil, here is an update on my son. He has been following your protocol for a little over 3 weeks. As I mentioned before, his motility has improved and actually he is going to the bathroom a few times a day and his stools are very soft. Should he cut back on the triphala or the seeds? He is taking L-Glutamine in the morning and GI-Revive at night. He just had 4 days in a row without acid reflux. He is only eating one type of frozen vegan meal (vegetables, brown rice and ginger sauce), watermelon, pumpkin seeds, raisins, oatmeal, figs daily. He feels very good on those few foods. Today, he made the mistake of having a vegan meal that had dairy and he got very sick (heartburn and burping). Once he gets sick, he stays sick for about half a day. Baking soda and water will just relieve him for a very short time. I did look for a ayurveda clinic in orlando, and have left a message with one. I guess my question going forward is, will he continue to get better on his limited diet?

    • Sunil says:

      Panchakarma is the ultimate mind-body healing experience for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance and well-being. It is one the most effective healing modality in Ayurvedic Medicine. It promotes Detoxification and Rejuvenation.

    • Boyer Bob says:

      Just a word of encouragement. I was in rough shape, the doctors told me it was going to be gasteropsresis for the rest of my life. All The usual motility issues, with horrible pain, nausea ,vomiting, food was killing me , and was going to get worse with time. The. Doctors were pushing gall bladder removal. Today i am symptom free. My gut now runs like a train , even better than when I was young. All I did was follow sunild1204’s protocol, and I weaned off the Rx drugs.
      I did use Braggs vinegar if it flared up.
      No doctor I have talked to had any knowledge of triphalla all but one was skeptical to say the least. Only one doctor encouraged me. Now they all say “huh his body just got well ”
      But will they inform the next patient? not likely.
      Keep at it, let the setbacks come and go just follow the protocol as best as you can and avoid the Rx drugs
      It does get better. I got my life back ! Your body can heal with a bit of help.
      Thanks sunild your advice was always spot on and available.
      You really are a good guy. You have helped quite a few people

      • Sunil says:

        Hey Bob/Steve,
        thanks for your reply and I am so glad to see you come back and encourage others to take up this protocol to recovery.
        I am so happy that you are again living your life gastro paresis free.
        Also I have updated few blogs on BREATHING EXERCISES , they have brought a new life and energy to me, so I would request you to try them at least for few weeks.
        Thanks again to come back and reply.

  56. Sunil says:

    During recovery the vegan meal shall be softly prepared (quickly prepared in roughly around 7-8 minutes) since he has yet to improve his motility and digestion. He need not just eat frozen food. You can make rice and other vegetables quickly prepared with not more than 1 tsp of oil. Plain yougurt (fresh) along with every food will sooth his stomach. Other thing I suggest every one is to take as much very hot CAyenne pepper (preferably non processed) with every food as cayenne pepper is heals ulcers and damaged tissues and also helps detox the stomach. I hope he is taking black salt or himalayan pink salt with every meal. For acid reflux to make it go away quickly keep cold milk without sugar, or baking soda handy. Yes triphla is taken after every meal just to provide motility which is damaged right now which can be reduced for major meal only like lunch later after 4-5 weeks. Teh recovery time is the most crucial time hence you must monitor your son if he ate anything processed food outside since that will quickly cause him reflux issue. A Grilled chicken once a while (gap of 5-6 days) in moderate quantity will not harm him but Pork and Beaf must be avoided at all costs. During recovery time it is good to be on vegan meal only.
    VEgan meal does not cause the problem , it is either the way it was made causes the issue. Like I said any vegan meal that is lightly prepared on slow flame and quickly prepared will not harm him.
    Look for Ayurveda center that offer “panchakarma” and you may seek their help to detox the body from inside.
    THE REAL ISSUE IS ACID BUILDUP that has changes the profile of BODY FLUID and it takes quite a time to change that. DRINKING ALKALINE WATER and Black Raisin water everyday will help bring alkalinity back to body fluid and blood and eventually curing him of acid issues. Please apply your best judgement and continue to follow what is best for your son -Thanks

  57. Sunil says:

    Why the term Gluten Intolerance is misleading as coined by Pharmaceutical or Doctors
    There are cultures and countries like India with 1.2 billion population where eating wheat floor chapati or flat pancake like bread as they are called in English is a way of life (we eat wheat roti / chapati 3 times a day ), then there would be an epidemic of Gluten intolerance but it is not.
    Now GLuten which is a form of protein and hence requires acid release to digest as all protein require acid release to digest this type of food. Fats & Carbohydrate do not require acid release for digestion.
    Hence if you have a sensitive stomach or a leaky gut then acid released for digestion of GLUTEN which is a form of protein that comes from wheat, then you will have acidity or acid reflux issues including pain in stomach if the protective mucus that lines stomach is thinned or has depleted.

    That’s why the term Gluten intolerance which is misleading since it is the acid released to digest gluten is the actual issue on account of depleted mucosa that protects stomach from acid released for digestion.
    So when you follow the stomach recovery protocol as listed in my post you would forget the gluten tolerance and start eating wheat in no time.

    Definition of Gluten
    Gluten (from Latin gluten, “glue”) is a composite of storage proteins termed prolamins and glutelins found in wheat and related grains.
    Gluten is a general name for the proteins found in wheat (wheatberries, durum, emmer, semolina, spelt, farina, farro, graham, KAMUT® khorasan wheat and einkorn), rye, barley and triticale – a cross between wheat and rye. Gluten helps foods maintain their shape, acting as a glue that holds food together.

  58. Miller says:

    Hi Sunild,

    I took a a high dose PPI for one month a year ago & haven’t been the same since (I stopped after the 1 month & haven’t touched since). I had gastroparesis for a couple of months following, but now just have a severely acidic/sensitive stomach.

    As soon as I wake up my stomach is super acidic (I can feel the acid gurgling/bubbling/growling & I have to eat straight away!) I have started eating vegan & it seems to help a little.

    One thing I have noticed.. Is whenever I take L Glutamine, which you recommend, within the next hour or so my stomach is severely acidic again (this also happens with probiotics). The only way to settle it is by eating a massive meal. Do you know why this would be happening? It’s only a regular pill size. Only ever happens when I take the L Glutamine.

    I had a gastroscopy & my stomach looked healthy.


    • Sunil says:

      I hope you are following the recovery program to the hilt. Stop L-glutamine for a time and see if it helps. Usually we start L glutamine after motility issue is resolved after being on triphla for few weeks. Stop the glutamine and see if it helps you. Continue with rest of protocol but apply your best judgement. If you have followed recovery program NOT ON AD HOC BASIS but as listed, then you should have been free from symptoms in roughly 8-12 weeks.
      Continue to apply your best judgement and follow the protocol as required.
      I am off to VIPASANA for 10 days so will not be accessing internet for next 10 days.

    • Polly says:

      Hi! I seem to have very similar symptoms to you and feel so alone in this. I have the hungry growling stomach too. Feel free to email at and let me know how you get on, or just email anytime to discuss things. I’m not a weirdo honest, just trying to figure this out. Haha. P

  59. Miller says:

    Hi Sunil!

    I am slowly transitioning to your protocol, so far I am doing everything (vegan, raisin water, chia seeds etc etc) besides the l-glutamine (due to issue of acidic stomach I wrote of above) & triphala. I have not yet began the triphala as I am experiencing the opposite to constipation! Since beginning the vegan diet I have been having very loose bowel movements. This has been lasting about a week & I know that when I do take triphala it tends to be more loose. Should I hold off on the triphala? I am also still experiencing a very acidic stomach when I wake up with heartburn. Thanks in advance.

    • Sunil says:

      Just amazing when I see people following the protocol without understanding the logic. TRIPHLA is the most important part of this program and you want to skip that !! Look; all the acid problem is because MOTILITY OF STOMACH is affected by PPI class of meds, and triphla will help move food forward along with correcting the digestion, till the recovery has happened. I just dont like it when people just stop something important part of protocol and then complain that they have issues. I have already WARNED IN RECOVERY POST THAT WITHOUT TRIPHLA AND BLACK or himalayan SALT this program shall not be taken up.

  60. Sarah says:

    Is this protocol safe if you also think you have gastritis?

    • Sunil says:

      Gastritis means inflammation somewhere in stomach lining and only one thing will help here. That is to have “UNPROCESSED cayenne pepper (Red chilies powder)” along with water in a sitting /sleep on back position. The frequent use of cayenne pepper will heal the stomach lining or ulcer. If you are not sure that cayenne pepper is un-processed then buy WHOLE RED CLOVES of cayenne and grind them in mixer and then use that powder daily for few days. Also continue to drink chilled cold milk without sugars few times in a day.
      1 large tsp of cayenne pepper powder, along with water will do. Select the most hot type of cayenne pepper when buying. Once the inflammation is gone after a week of intake, you may then start the rest recovery protocol as listed in post.
      STICK TO BOILED FOOD when dealing with gastritis. Usually a week of cayenne pepper intake is enough.
      Also continue to drink chilled cold milk without sugars few times in a day.

      Always continue cayenne pepper during recovery period and also you MUST NOT eat any acidic food in this period. Avoid all type of meat , Sugar, white flour, fried food during this period. Only eat Alkaline vegan food during recovery or otherwise acid released for food that you ate would continue to cause GASTRITIS.
      STICK TO BOILED FOOD when dealing with gastritis. Usually a week of cayenne pepper intake is enough.

  61. Sunil says:

    Panic attacks are sadist in nature, More you succumb to them more they will engulf you. Better way is to confront them, show them that you abhor them. Stare @them as soon as they begin to arrive or show symptoms, show disgust AND THEY (Panic attack) will DISAPPEAR. Come out of your mind and live outside your mind and body is another way to handle them. But confront them (panic attacks) as soon as they show arrival symptoms.

    The PRINCIPAL OF LOOKING AT A Sensation (panic attack in this case) RATHER THAN GOING IN AN EXPERIENCE MODE usually kills the sensation (Panic attack in this case).
    When panic attack arrives look @it directly and scold it rather than experience it which cause further damage to psyche.

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