Coping With Panic Attacks

The panic attack will cause you to do repetitive actions (OCD) which are danger to you.

The solution lies in doing just the opposite which means that recognize what OCD you are
performing and just stop or do not do it. So calm Down, don’t be Hyper, Cool Down, Hold or Stop your OCD Or do the OCD in relaxed way. In my case I just Instructed myself that I am no longer going be ANXIOUS or PANIC about anything, but instead will be bold and learn to take pain as part of my life and thus wait till the stress symptoms are lowered. Key here is to continue INSTRUCTING yourself not to panic and that all is going to be well soon.

Remember, you have probably forgotten how to behave on certain fear/panic Situations. You must note down the situation and the panic attack scenario and action that you do on those occasions. Ask yourself that what if you were normal person then what would be your reaction. Or take help of others (normal healthy people) to find what they would do if they faced same fear/panic Situations.

I did following when ever I saw panic attacks fore coming. Instructed myself to Cool Down, Do not be Hyper, Relax and then think of a normal reaction that I should give to the situation.You must prepare beforehand by visualizing your situation. It is best to confront your fears by simulating conditions.

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