Short Breathing/Heavy Breathing

I am just re pasting what was wrote by John Kenyon, CNA in Doctors Lounge.

Here is the URL: This helped me a lot to understand how breathing issue can be controlled just by right thinking.

Here is complete cut paste, it is very useful:

The second part of my thinking on this is that while you acknowlege having some problems with anxiety, you find this breathing problem happens when “i’m home relaxing.” Unfortunately, this is a very common (and extremely confusing) phenomenon in anxious people: they feel anxiety symptoms when they believe they are actually in their most relaxed state. What often happens is that anxious people sigh a lot, something of which they are utterly unaware. When one does this chronically (usually most often when “relaxing”) it throws off excessive amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2). Since CO2 is the very thing that tells the brain it should want more air (breathing is voluntary but the urge to breathe is not), if it doesn’t get enough of it (due to it being blown off due to sighing or other faulty breathing patterns) it doesn’t “think” it needs for you to be breathing so much. The result is that you, being awake, know you should be breathing, but your brain doesn’t think so, and the result is you feel as though you’re not getting adequate air in, because your brain is actually resisting the reflex to breathe. This feels wrong, so you try harder to breathe, believing you should be (and it’s true, breathing really is important — but when we become unwittingly aware of our breathing it throws the whole process into confusion).

This is a long way of saying your sense of shortness of breath is probably an illusion created by an anxious personality. Learning to be fully aware of this and trying to manage it consciously, sometimes can make things get back to normal. When this happens, try breathing slowly, through your nose. Try to consciously resist the urge to sigh when you’re physically at rest and relaxing. You may be surprised at how the feeling of oppressiveness disappears. At least that’s the idea.

I hope this is helpful to you, and if not, please don’t hesitate to follow up with us here. Best of luck to you.

John Kenyon, EMT, CCT

I (sunild1204), therefore understood it following way:–>

,  that breathing is a subconscious process, so making it conscious is something you should avoid. You must breathe without giving it any attention, and this shall help you in avoiding heavy/short breathing problem.

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