1) Stray Incident of Short Breathing/Panic Attack

I had gone for a Interview to downtown and I decided to eat as there was plenty time remaining for interview. The Interview process had already created ANXIETY which was really a part of my personality since my childhood. After the Interview was over I took an elevator to come down and I guess this was first day when I got my first panic attack unknown to me till it became chronic later.

Here is what happened when I was coming down elevator. The Lift got  stuck in between.  I suddenly felt suffocated enough to cause me breath heavy/Short. I felt as if I was not able to breathe enough which caused heavy breathing.  The reaction of this behavior was enough to cause me panic and I felt I might just die if I can’t breathe enough. This caused me to try and open elevator doors with  my hands, and surprise surprise, I was somehow able to open the door with pressure of my hands and soon I came out.

But the damage to my mind and psyche was already done. Suddenly I was having fear of going through the elevators with the fear what if next time it happened and there is a delay in coming out. The thought was enough to cause fear /Phobia inside me, but soon I forgot it only little realizing that I have already started the panic attack button inside my body the reactions of which will be detailed in later Incidents.

2) Series of Incidents after I used the Ear Bud a little strongly

Later once using an ear bud (did not use it gently), I caused one of my ear to swell inside. Now as I had mentioned in my previous topic,  I was back in panic mode causing me to breathe short /Heavy. This resulted in my chest and throat muscles to go tight (or whatever is medical terms) resulting in not being able to eat anything. I could only eat tiny meals and could only drink water in small quantities.

Going to ENT specialist (I could only go 3rd day as my ear pain started Saturday evening and Sunday being closed for general physicians) I asked why ear pain had caused Short breathing?

The ENT specialist was clear that ear pain had nothing to do with my short breathings.

Next my ear pain was gone but my Breathing problem was still there. I was already feeling as if I was going to die because of this problem.  This issue almost made me think suicidal thoughts as it was not easy taking heavy breaths all day along. The strangest thing was that the breathing issue happened only when I was in relaxed mode at home but not during walking, running or sleeping modes. Next I went to Hospital to see if general physician could handle this issue and if not what specialist to see? But I guess I had found a perfect physician who could easily understand the issue and he  just asked me to buy LONAZEP MD 0.25 pills  (place under tongue) which would give instant relief to me. I then could eat my food as the pills instantly relaxed all my chest and throat muscles resulting from heavy breathing. I was very much happy that the issue was not bad as I had thought it to be.

Next after 2-3 days I felt I was still not able to eat despite being hungry and my breathing problem suddenly returned again. I went to same physician where I was told that the issue was because of Acidity for which he wrote me Razo-D pills. And I was also told that my breathing issue was not real but was caused because of my ANXIOUS behavior. The physician suggested some therapy sessions for removing anxiety issues. I had now to instruct myself that I must separate the breathing issue from all other problems like ear pain/acidity.

Also as it turned out I was completely able to get rid of this Short/Heavy breathing issue in just few days as you will see later below.

Short Breathing/Obsessive compulsive Disorder (OCD):- The repetitive Stress and Anxiety will cause panic attack resulting in OCD (in my case short breathing).  The Panic attack will cause you to do repetitive actions (OCD) which are danger to your own.  The solution lies in doing just the opposite which means that recognize what OCD you are performing and just stop or do not do it. You must exit yourself and stop monitoring yourself. The solution lies in stopping/holding the OCD for some time, Or otherwise trying to do it (OCD) in relax manner. So calm Down, don’t be Hyper, Cool Down, Hold or Stop your OCD and do the OCD in relaxed way. Say to yourself that you are not going to panic or be anxious all the time.  In my case I just Instructed myself that I am no longer going be ANXIOUS or PANIC about anything, but instead will be bold and learn to take pain as part of my life and thus wait till the stress symptoms are lowered. I just needed to be mature and bold. This realization that the breathing issue was in fact only perceived (fake to be precise) and caused by our own behavior (panic attack in this case) , I found out the best mechanism after some careful thinking’s as follows:-

I felt that the panic attack issue is because of solitary lifestyle and when we are leading completely relaxed lifestyle.  This could be when we start to monitor ourselves/our bodies too closely.  I followed these steps and got 90% results within 1 day of realization.  Rest 10% was resolved in 5- 7 days after following steps below. So the good news is that the issue is completely curable and that too in short period of time.

1)      STOP BEING ANXIOUS. Put complete stop to anything that causes you to be anxious.

You may think that it is not easy but trust me I was anxious personality since childhood but when it came to this issue I was able to control/stop this anxiety immediately. I knew either I must stop this trait of anxiety or die breathing heavy.


Key here is to continue INSTRUCTING yourself not to panic and that all is going to be well soon. Remember, you have probably forgotten how to behave on certain fear/panic Situations. Ask yourself that what if you were normal person then what would be your reaction. Or take help of others (normal healthy people) to find what they would do if they faced same fear/panic Situations.

Also admonish yourself for getting panicked so easily, and show unhappiness with yourself for panicking so easily over nothing. This also helps lower panic attacks. Tell yourself that there is no need to panic.

3)      EXIT YOURSELF, What I mean is that just forget YOURSELF. Stop monitoring or looking at yourself too closely. Too much self monitoring is not really good. Just Stay Away from Yourself. Take it easy.

Also remember that breathing is a subconscious process, so making it conscious is something you should avoid. You must breathe without giving it any attention, and this shall help you in avoiding heavy/short breathing problem.

Similarly there are other subconscious process/activities e.g. gulping, but whenever we bring these subconscious activities of our body and make them conscious they start to bother you and affect your psyche. The best you can do is to bring them back to your subconscious and perform them without giving attention as a normal person does.

From now on you will look at everything around you but not at you. Go out and make yourselves busy. Just forget yourself and you should be fine. Remind yourself consistently that this short breathing is in fact a FAKE and is not real in fact. If it was real then it would be affecting you all time and not only when you are relaxed. Remember that it does not affect you when you are in motion or busy.

4)      Learn to take pain as part of your life, also you must instruct YOURSELF  to give your health issues enough time to cure them. Do not haste or panic et al. Wait for issue to get resolved. Or sometimes you must accept that issue is probably your part of life from now on.

5)      OCD are resolved when you just do opposite of them. Just stop doing them and you will realize that it was as simple as that. The solution to repetitive behavior is just ignoring them and putting a complete stop to performing them.

6)      Any repetitive behavior that starts bothering you is defined as STRESS. You must try to put a stop or hold it to see the results. Normally just stop doing it will give you desired results.


Again this is another form of Obsessive compulsive Disorder  (OCD). OCD are resolved when you just do opposite of them. Just stop doing them and you will realize that it was as simple as that. The solution to repetitive behavior is just ignoring them and putting a complete stop to performing them.

In my case I stopped this behavior just by looking at other people who were less fortunate than me but were still happy and never depressed. That caused me to think that I in fact had no reason to be depressed. This thinking was enough to cause me lose this OCD in few weeks. Just imagine I had this symptom for almost 10-15 years! But  I could get  rid of it just by thinking right.

PHOBIA/FEAR of unknown/Feeling of being trapped

Here is what happened when I was coming down elevator once. The Lift got stuck in between.  I suddenly felt suffocated enough to cause me breathe heavy/Short. I felt as if I was not able to breathe enough which caused heavy breathing.  The reaction of this behavior was enough to cause me panic and I felt I might just die if I can’t breathe enough. Suddenly I was having fear of going through the elevators with the fear what if next time it happened and there is a delay in coming out. The thought was enough to cause fear /Phobia inside me of using the elevator. Now, either I should wait for this situation (stuck lift) to happen and worry in anticipation or I create this situation myself (Simulation) to resolve the issue. Idea is to go through this situation in mind and then executing the solution you have devised to kill the phobia.

Here is what did:–>

I just decide to confront my fear/Phobia. I knew that next time lift was stuck it will cause panic attack and breathing issues in me. I decided to live that fear by simulating it.

I just went to the small toilet at my home, imagining it to be the lift. Now I had to imagine that the lift is stuck so what should be my reaction.

1)      Instructed myself not to panic

2)      Instructed myself  to Just relax and cool down.

3)      Stop thinking about yourself in order to  NOT start breathing issue. Just ignore yourself.

4)      Look at possibilities of what to do next in order to start rescue process. For e.g. Press alarm button or use yr cell to call security.

5) Once I had followed all steps above I came out and slept tight knowing that I had killed my phobia. It was as simple as confronting the fear and re living it in controlled simulated conditions.


After careful examination I realized that anxiety and panic attacks happened in my case when there was any type repetitive obstruction in my body.

Anything as little as causing repetitive sneezing, a hair stuck in my eye, or an OCD where I did repetitive actions, constant pain, constant chest cleaning through mouth by spitting etc.  any health /body issue that took time to resolve caused panic attack making that issue aggravate.

You must follow steps 1-6 as mentioned above to rid of your anxiety issues.

Excessive coughing-mucus after eating/mucus after meals


During Hyper Acidity I faced another issue. After each meal I started to spill out these small thick spits/or mucus which would last for around 1 hour after each meal. Guys this is really strenuous, as I was facing one problem after another.

I called up my doctor to find why this was happening and her first question was, did I had cough/cold recently?. I remembered yes just 1-2 days back I had this cough issue which has subsided without taking any pills as I was already on treatment for Hyper Acidity. Now this is what happened as per my observation. During Acidity treatment I had developed constipation problem which had caused my bowel movement to shut down and hence it looks like there was no way the excess mucus could get out of body so it was trying to come out through mouth. This can be also cured by taking triphala thrice daily after each meals.     ”     ”

My doctor suggested following antibiotics which would kills the mucus.

1)Tablet ZIFI 200 Mg (CEFIXIME tablets)    1-0-1
2) syrup Alex (Nasal,decongestion,Antialergic)  1-1-1 1-2 Tablespoon after meals

Guys in order to get rid of this issue you must make sure that you have good bowel movement. Other natural method will be to use “Cayenne Pepper Detox”. Just Squeeze lemon + Add Hot cayenne Pepper (Hot red chilies powder) ¾ spoon + Luke warm water in a glass, and drink this every two hours 2-3 times a day. Drink plenty of water also in between to help detoxicate well.

Acidity/Acidic  stomach/Dyspepsia


Guys, I am still on Antacids and Razo 20 Pills. As soon as I have come to know the solution to this, I would definitely come out with my experience, for now it looks like I have got to wait long time to see results.

Following exercise has given me lots of relief and I am now able to eat large amount of food. This exercise is called KAPALBHATI (Search for it in YouTube please), look at video link here

I do this exercise empty stomach first thing in morning for around 400 times.

Here is the cure / experience as i understood:

“    “

“   “


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42 Responses to ANXIETY / PANIC ATTACK /Acidity/Acidic stomach/Dyspepsia/MUCUS AFTER MEAL/SHORT BREATHING / HEAVY BREATHING/ PHOBIA (Imaginary fears)

  1. I appreciate, cause I found exactly what I was looking for. You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  2. ruben says:

    thank’s for your time & effort. i will try some of this therapy some i have started working on thank’s

  3. sherilyn ladaga says:

    nice one i wll try this because i also suffer what you suffered and i really dont know what to do,thank you so much!

  4. Panic Attack says:

    People experience anxiety as a normal human emotion which becomes a disorder when panic and anxiety symptoms escalate into anxiety attacks and panic attacks. However, everyone can learn natural methods to treat panic attacks effectively in minutes.

  5. Gaurav says:

    Thanks man… can you tell are you an indian or from some other country… can we just have a chit chat somewhere like yahoo or something as I also have the same fear..anxiety and panic attack problem with me.. may be we can discuss and share our views and experiences..My email id is

  6. Abhi says:

    I started having sudden panic in 2011. Upset stomach, stressed relationship and peer pressure triggered it, more importantly the 7 months that i was out of work really filled my mind with all sorts of scary thoughts and brought all unknown fears out. It was very horrible initially but later i some how managed to cool the panic down. But i haven’t been able to get rid of it completely. I was afraid of traveling and afraid of eating before traveling because of the fear that i might get an upset stomach and end puking in public. The thought of that happening would be embarrassing i felt and this thought amplified my fear. Going to a psychiatrist gave me doubts about my sanity so i haven’t tried that. I still socialize but now my confidence feels declined and the guy who once entertained the group has become more reserved and quite and stopped eating outside, because of that fear of upset stomach or puking. Although my stomach hasn’t actually been that bad ever neither have i ever puked but the thought of that happening keeps lingering in my psyche. I hate it being like this, i want to get rid of this for good and permit myself to enjoy more and stop holding myself back. All of this has made my stomach out of sync and i have a bit of acidity problem due to that. Now after one full year of panic, fear, upset stomach and stress i feel i might have found a cure, i will try this one out. I do not want to be stuck in a hell hole which actually doesn’t exit but is only a figment of my imagination. I know i am sane and i do not need assurances of that, i need apt guidance. I feel i found the solution here, i want this to work and solve the root cause and finally everything else as well.

  7. Sunil says:

    Thanks for sharing your ordeal. As you know that most of these fears are nothing but imaginary fears. You should confront your fear and try eat and travel short distance to assure yourself that nothing happened. Just ignore these thoughts and be brave. Good thing is that you are dealing with only a perceived issue (which is not real) so it guarantees complete success when you deal with it like a adult.

    • Abhi says:

      Thanks. I’ll follow the advice. I had forgotten that fact that, I control my life and not the other way around. I’ve decided to get rid of imaginary thoughts for good. Will yoga or physical exercise work best in this case. This fear made me loose lot of meals and i lost lot of weight. I am planning to use a good weight gainer to regain my lost weight, so will it be feasible to take the gainer now or should i wait for my acidic stomach to settle down first?

      • Sunil says:

        You can follow Acidic stomach diet as listed in my blog. I have also added what/How to eat in acidic stomach /Hyper acidity and you can visit that part of my blog too.
        Good luck.

  8. Nate says:

    Dude, throughout reading this I couldn’t help but just burst into strange fits of laughter ,which was odd because when I started the search that lead me here, I was in the middle of having an anxiety attack. The reason for my laughter was because I just couldn’t believe how perfect this entire thing was, every aspect was 100% relateable… Your insight really just made my day and I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate it… Ive only just read this and I already feel much better, thank you so much!

    • Sunil says:

      Hey, Thanks for comment. It will help if you could describe your problem and what you propose to do to resolve this.
      Thanks and Namaste from India.

  9. Aqif Nadeem says:

    I am also patient of the stated panic attacks. These specially effect my tongue very much. But now I hope will get well soon by acting on the suggestions. Insha All I appreciate this work and pray for writer and his team.

    • Sunil says:

      I certainly hope that my story helps you. Panic attacks manifest in to several types of repetitive actions and I guess in your case it has affected your tongue. But also, they (OCD) go away as soon as we learn to deal with them as mostly they are just fake problems and not real.
      Good Luck.

      • yashvir singh says:

        Hi Sunil, I need your help. Can you send me your email id. Need to discuss somthing with you. Thanks

  10. Sunil says:

    Hi Yash,
    Please state your problem here so other can also benefit. If I can help then I shall give a reply.

    • yashvir singh says:

      Sure problem is same but in different symptoms. you were facing breathing trouble.. but in my case many thing is going on with me like if i have to go to market or some other place, before moving up i suddenly seems that something (thoughts) start in my mind in a negative way about that.. and head got stucked in it further i feels that my eyes gets blurred vision and loose body and fast heart beat then acidity begins and feels tight stomach and some pains in different points of chest. It feels very worse. I cant understand that what and why is this happening. Sometimes headache starts in some points of head then vision of eyes also gets effected, at that time if i was talking to some one or watching something i feel many kind of troubles in talking and watching..
      Firstly when i felt that i am having acidity problem i that other things are happening because of it.. so i went to the physician. He gave me many kind of medicine like antacid and some for pain some for anxiety (Solopose Beta, and one more med. with it)… i felt relaxed in the initial stage but after some time problem started again as it was before. I moved to different doctor he prescribed some test like ultrasound, ecg, cbc, lft etc. In ultrasound roundworms were seen and loops, bowol were effected by it. In cbc mild infection in blood was seen doctor gave antibiotics deflon 500mg with pecetane, serance, domisec, and zentil and many more. When i started the course after 2-3 days i felt that my hands, legs and other parts of body were getting weak and lazzy. I was unable to move my hands and legs it is very difficult to describe in few words. After that doctor prescribed a tb mx test, he told me that i have a Starting stage TB. He started a trial course of medicines for it. I went to another doctor to cross check it, he told me that i dont have tb so stop medicines. and wrote two medicines for acidity and bowels system one is Rebkind DSR and second is Librax. This is all which i faced in few months. I lost 8-10 kg weight. Need you help. Mind is not calm, always feels that many thoughts are going on.

  11. Sunil says:

    Okay. Although I am not a specialist but you may take following steps. It looks like your problem is more of fear for something for which you may trace back and try to understand what is causing you to have these thoughts. This fears further create anxiety and so acidity etc starts as Acidity can happen when your fears are also affecting your stomachs.
    1) Very first step is that at no cost you shall panic.
    2) Look what I did, I just confronted my fears by being brave. You can visualize your fear situations beforehand and try to be prepared when they struck next. See what I did when I had that fear of getting stuck in a lift. you can try to relate and find some mechanism to deal with it.
    4) Stop thinking too much. when a thought starts try to restrict it to a point and then divert your attention.
    5) Good news is that most of what you are experiencing is imaginary and just dealing with your fears head on shall resolve this. all other problems like Acidity etc are because of anxiety that you create yourself by thinking too much so they shall stop once you have learn to deal with your anxiety.
    6) also since Acidity issue has started because of this you shall try to eat a light vegetarian diet till you have learnt to control your anxiety and Imaginary fears. Also read my blog on how to cure acidity issues.

    Just read my blog again and you will get clues to deal with your problem.
    Good luck.

  12. Thomas says:

    Hi Sunil ive recently been short of breath and my upper stomach feels like its either empty or bloated im not sure which one its hard to describe i also want to burp alot / yawn , ive never felt like this before and its only started to happen for the last 3-4 days , for the first 2 days i tried to forget about it and hope it would go away but unfortinally it wont , when it comes i can be breathing heavily for hours which is really worrying me. So i went to my Gp and explained my situation , she then sent me to A&E were they carried out a urin test , blood test , x ray , and some other tests which all came back fine , i was given some Lansoprazole 30 mg capsules to take , ive to take 1 a day , ive only been taking them for 1 day but it dosent seem to have done anything for me. I know your not no doctor but you seem to know what your talking about and all your information ive read really makes sense.

    If you could get back to me with any suggestions i would greatly appricate it

    • Sunil says:

      Okay, Here is what I believe I would do:
      1) Immediately switch to boiled only Light food diet (vegetarian & Salads)
      2) Avoid all kinds of meat consumption for next few weeks.
      3) If snacking then only use these:- dried raisins, Figs, Dates, cucumbers, carrot, papaya, banana, water melon etc. Make Beets, Spinach, cabbage, broccoli part of all your daily meals.
      4) Avoid White Flour products.
      5) I would also use Triphala capsules after every meal for couple of weeks.
      6) The breathing problem may be because of onset of acidity issue.
      7) Last but very Important, I would also avoid ProtonPumpInhibitors (PPI)/H2 blocker drugs as they themselves feed delayed emptying thus
      making sure that problem never goes away. Just antacids are sufficient. In your case Lansoprazole is also a PPI drug.
      Acid neutralizing is preferred than acid suppression.
      Read Discussion section here:
      Effect of gastric acid suppressants on human gastric motility
      Acid neutralizing is preferred than acid suppression.

      8) Also please read this to get more elaborate help:-
      Hope this helps.

  13. Sunil says:

    Why Proton pump inhibitor (PPI) & H2 Blockers should be avoided ? because they continue to support delayed STOMACH emptying rather than curing it !!
    Please Read below:
    This extract below is from DISCUSSION Section in above URL:

    Effect of gastric acid suppressants on human gastric motility
    Dr H P Parkman, Gastroenterology Section, Department of Medicine, Parkinson Pavilion, 8th floor, Temple University Hospital, 3401 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19140, USA.

    This study has shown that therapeutic doses of ranitidine, famotidine, and omeprazole, which suppress gastric acid secretion, affect both gastric motility and gastric emptying. All significantly delayed gastric emptying despite an increase in postprandial antral contractility as assessed using antral manometry, electrogastrography, and dynamic antral scintigraphy.

    If required, Acid neutralizing is preferred than acid suppression. This is one important aspect of managing this issue (Not taking PPI) if we want to
    cure this Acidity/gastro paresis/Delayed emptying symptoms.

  14. Sunil says:

    Yes Ayurveda does work. Believing that there is only one form of medicine that works (a.k.a Allopathy) is just like believing that there is no country outside of USA or U.K. I never went to ayurveda for any cure till I suffered something known as gastro Paresis or delayed emptying causing acute acid buildup resulting in Acidosis. Now there is no cure for this in Allopathy but a chance visit to Ayurveda and subsequent improvements made me do further research and the result is that today I am a cured person. Yes, I would also add here that, allopathy guidelines did make me understand the problem better but it was ayurveda route that cured it.
    here is my blog on this:

  15. Prashant says:

    Hi sunil which ayurvedic medicines you took for acidity/panic attacks?

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Prashant,
      I did not take any medicines for panic attacks. Panic attacks are resolved by taking steps to control your anxiety and imaginary fears. For Acidity I already have written the blog post which you may refer for more.

  16. Ravi says:

    This is really really encouraging as I have been going through the same problem,,,, this will help me a lot …. thanks a lot

  17. Ravi says:

    Hi Sunil .. thanks a lot for the blog and your recommendations are really motivating and courageous…
    I am 34 yrs from Gujrat, Ahmedabad, I was suffering from acidity from a long time say 2 yrs… for which I was taking omeprazole and getting relief instantly and ignored the problem… Lifestyle was late night eating, eating out often, socializing , coffee lover.. all life moved on and suddenly from last 15 days I got severe acidity/ Gas for which I went to Doctor he gave me pantoprazole+ itopride and also metaprolol 50 for my BP which is from a long time… Infact taking these medicines I was not totally cured as the stomach pain on left side occurred sometime for which I got disturbed… Now the real thing comes… before 2 days and yesterday I got panicked suddenly and thought have got something dangerous and suddenly got perspiration and got panicked as if life has come to end… felt severe warm all around the body which I still fell sometimes. But my wife told me that its nothing to be panicked and all is ok and than I got normal in some time… I am now afraid of such attacks as that upsets me the most….
    Also I fell that my stomach is not ok so not to eat or eat little and some confusions come on again n again requesting your guidance and help thanks for encouraging

  18. Carla Ivy says:

    I’m going to try the techniques and prayerfully everything will turn out alright.

  19. Priya says:

    Hi! I am a 35 year old women shifted to Germany from India about 8 months back.i have 2 kids..everything was fine for about 6 months but last 2 months have been horrible..I started having headache everyday day and when consulted a Doctor he made me go for a MRI of brain which came out normal.the pain went for almost 40 days now I don’t have headache but I vomit everymorning and have palpitations feel sick.i have been operated on my gal blader 8 years ago but have a lot of acidity..i feel weak, sick, no energy.unable to cope up wid daily activities…I really don’t know what to do…can you help me….

  20. annabel boholano says:

    i have a big prblem.everytime i gt hungry..i became nervous.palpitate.hard to breath muscle tension..sweating numb.if i eate my scary moment gradually but it happen sick and tired of this situation

    • Sunil says:

      Yea. Panic attacks come in several forms, and your situation is one of them. Since you already know the EVENT (HUNGER in your case) that causes it, all you need to is to cancel that event. What this means is that prepare yourself for next such event (HUNGER) and come out with steps you need to follow so that panic attack does not happen. Tell yourself to relax and not panic just before when you see the event coming. Once you have learnt to cancel the event you would have resolved the issue.

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  23. scrollofy says:

    Thank you sir, this article gave me some relief.

    I want to know is it acidity causing Panic attacks or Panic Attacks causing acidity.

    • Sunil says:

      Acidity in my case caused short breathing and hence panic attacks. Also later I found out that I had shifted my breathing pattern from Stomach (DIAPHRAGM) to NOSE which was wrong and hence was causing frequent cold cough and added panic attacks also. I just followed the recovery program I listed for curing asthma and cold cough issues and have controlled my panic attacks. All you need to do during a panic attack is to CONFRONT THE SYMPTOM HEAD ON and it will disappear as soon as it came. Do not PANIC et all or it will grip you. Please read my blog on Panic attacks and Asthma cold cough to understand more. Thanks

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